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BREAKING: Oscar Pistorius, an Olympic and Paralympic track star charged with premeditated murder in the death of his girlfriend, will be released on bail, a South African magistrate has ruled:
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no way, i thing he is guilty 
Innocent until proven guilty by a jury. It's not just what we think we might know from what the media has been saying about the case.
No jury in the South African legal system - just a judge. However, the South African legal system is notorious for being lax on assault cases on women, so he'll likely get away with murder which is something that he did commit.
He certainly killed her - no doubt about that. I do think that he should
spend time in jail for that. Whether he intended to our by accident, that
poor woman is gone and he should have to serve time.
send him to south get him wet and put him out and fly away amen
no good to much tax money wasted to house him throw trash away for life
Bob Coe
OJ Simpson all over again. predicting this scumbag will get off.
Bob Coe
Fame trumps Justice!
regardless from what we know about this case no one has the right to end the life of another human being. its sad what this world has come to were its all about money because of money there letting lowlifes scumbags get away with MURDER. They should cut his arms off at least do some kind of justice. Is he going to get an Olympic medal for this.   Wow the Olympic Murderer has a nice ring to it..... 
I hope that scumbag of judge enjoys his life time supply of rice pudding. 
Lets give the man a fair trial, we can not judge him by what the media says.  He and god only know the truth.  If he did it he will have to live with himself. We need to pray for his girlfriends family.
Sorry sir your just making excuses for that half man scumbag. Like i said NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO END THE LIFE OF ANOTHER HUMAN BEING.  
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