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We asked for words that best describe the State of the Union and compiled more than a hundred words into a graphic. 

Take a look at the words that were mentioned the most.
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i'm surprised +USA TODAY  didn't censor the results and turn screwed into "fair" or "share"
We'll never work together in the current climate.  When the public gets too interested in something real, like drone assassinations or the financial crisis, we will be distracted by some other emotionally-laden issue such as gun control or abortion that they throw at us like meat to dogs.  And, no offense, but the media laps it up because emotional topics sell papers.

The real problems are too hard to fix for politicians that are worried about being reelected, so thus they never will be.

Just my opinion.  I didn't use to be this cynical.
Pretty right on. Notice hope is not on there because there is pretty much no hope for the US right now
This is just stupid, I would use none of those words.  Obama is doing a great job, he didn't get elected twice for nothing
I agree bill nothing good with come out of the last ten years for the usa. Only more restrictions on civil liberties and more debt inflating the dollar to nothing.
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