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Now if only most jobs offered breaks long enough to leave and return without penalty.
I'm more productive when I skip lunch and take a break for "siesta" instead. No kidding.
Why do we really need offices at all? Why do we still need a building to go to? Coworking spaces are one way to get projects done closer to where you live.
Despite living in the digital age, too many of us still require physical copies of signed paperwork.  Thus I have to work in the same location as those who have the authorization to sign.
I don't believe there's much of a difference. Actually, I think at times I'm less productive because if the weather is good, I would love to stay outside rather than return to work. Further, it seems I eat a bigger lunch when I go out which makes me a bit lethargic.
Japaneses go for lunch then have siesta for 20 minutes, they restart working very lively
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