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Want to know all about USANA? We've put together a fantastic resource for you over on our Ask the Scientists website. You'll learn all about USANA; our history, our accomplishments, our products and so on. We also put together a shareable infographic to help you have a quick reference. What are you waiting for? Go check it out!
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USANA Products

Resolution Reboot - USANA's Top 10 Products to Rekindle the Fire

So, you’re looking for realistic ways to get back into the fitness game? We can help. First, we need to get honest with ourselves. Second, we’ll take a look at some ideas to stash in your repertoire. Third and last, we will talk about some of USANA’s products that can assist you significantly.

Think About It

It’s April. Four months have gone by since that first day of the year, and they’re not slowing down. Your resolutions were solid and noteworthy, and you had great reasoning for them. Maybe you did really well and kept them up throughout the winter. But with summer coming, your focus has shifted, you find yourself exhausted, and simply uninterested. Dreams of summer vacations, family and friends, boating and barbecuing fill your head. And then it hits you. You realize that the summer season is around the corner and your winter bod hasn’t come the distance you had hoped.

OK, so you’ve heard a million other posts with similar introductions—the point is life gets hard and we miss out on some of our goals. That’s how life is, so stop dwelling on it and move on!

We all know the scenario. You either come home from work, you worked at home, or home is your work and you’ve got a list of things to do. You make dinner, start the laundry, and you’ve just finished the dishes when you see you’ve got an hour to spare before you have to crash so you have the energy to do it all again tomorrow. You can use the time to go to they gym, but simply leaving the house seems daunting enough. You could spend the time in your home gym, however equipped or not-equipped that may be. Or you could find yourself a comfortable spot on the couch with your favorite snack and TV show.

So What Do You Do?

I’m sure I haven’t even gotten into all the things you have to do, especially if you add kids or major events into the equation. But the truth is, we often sacrifice any valuable physical exercise or healthy eating just because we can’t do the workout or dinner we know we should. And in turn we throw the baby out with the bathwater. We give excuses like, “I’ll just do my workouts in the morning now,” and find that when the morning comes we sneak the last wink of sleep in we can before hitting the shower.

Yeah, I get it. Have I painted the picture vividly enough? It’s hard. So let me offer up some advice. Stop setting yourself up for failure with unrealistic expectations. Lets introduce some reality to the situation and take small steps, but steps nonetheless.

Some Advice

While I am no exercise scientist, personal trainer, or long-time “bro,” I am an observer and a believer in being healthy. I’ve talked to a lot of people and have heard many variations of similar discouraging excuses. Let me give you some food for thought you can munch on. Here are a couple of items to think about.

1. Start small. Keep telling yourself this, so that when the alternative arises (because it will) it’s not about working out or watching the TV. It won’t be about cooking the perfect healthy meal or grabbing the pizza on the way home. No, it’s about compromise and not throwing out all good intentions just because you couldn’t come to terms with the best option. Say it to yourself over and over, remind yourself as often as possible, “start small,” because it is a mantra that works in several situations.

Let’s look at a few examples of situations that might seem bad bad: you’re family is going out, and they’re going to a buffet. Start small. Grab an otherwise smaller portion than you may have initially thought out for yourself, and then increase if you find you’re still hungry.

You only have an hour before you go to bed and you’re exhausted. Start small. You could work in a 10-minute jog, or try for one set of push-ups or pull-ups.

Finding the right lunch that fills you and is healthy is hard, so you often bring something quick that doesn’t serve a great nutritional purpose. Or maybe you just go out too often. Rather than making some claim to yourself you may never keep, start small. Bring a boiled egg every day to give yourself protein and satiate your hunger.

The reason starting small is so important is because ideally you will shift your thinking from doing everything right, to doing something right. You will notice that your thinking changes from how much you did or did not get done, to how consistent you were. Which brings us to the next point.

2. Consistency is key. So you have a friend who seemingly goes to the gym. That friend has a gym membership, shaker bottles, protein shakes, and the works. But let’s say this friend goes twice a month or maybe even less. While we don’t want to discredit any effort, the other friend who has slowly progressed from taking a daily five-minute walk to a daily 10-minute jog, will find more success coming their way than those who make sporadic efforts to go to they gym.

So, to hope for the biggest muscles or the best running time may be good motivators for some, many people feel overwhelmed by the distance of those goals and simply drop off. I would suggest making smaller goals, keeping consistent with your efforts, and watch as the results come as a bi-product.

This leads us to the third piece of advice.

3. Modify your goals. Don’t drag yourself through the mud. If you find that you’re falling behind, or you’re drowning yourself in unrealistic expectations, take a step back and re-evaluate. There is no shame in going back to five minutes a day, or fewer reps or sets, especially if the alternative is stopping completely.

We need to stop thinking that it’s everything or nothing, or we may find that six months or even five years of nothing have passed and we’re no better for it. So modify your goals, but make sure that when you do you complete them. Stop giving yourself ultimatums that result in the same answer everytime, and start making a difference. Take the stairs instead of the elevators once on Mondays, until you can do it Mondays and Tuesdays, and so on.

And finally. . .

4. Don’t cut out all the goods. Allow yourself some guilty pleasures. Many exercise coaches will often say “reward yourself.” If you don’t have things to look forward to and love in life, you’ll find yourself unmotivated to do the things you don’t love and look forward to.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, as I promised, let me provide some additional help to getting you back on track.

The Reason You’re Here

If we plan our meals right and strategize our vitamin and mineral intake along with proteins, fats, and carbs, we can generally get the nutrients we need to live a healthy, balanced life. But the truth is, we often don’t.

Now, I’m certainly not saying we should give up. In fact, I am advocating that we spend a little more time and effort on the subject. However, harder is not always smarter.

Before you shudder and leave the page, I’m going to say the words: dietary supplements. See, not too hard. But believe it or not, there are many who would say “don’t waste your time.” To them I answer “to each their own.” However, you may want to hear me out if you’re looking to make some significant changes, with little effort. Remember, “start small” and “consistency”?

Dietary supplements are not to be used as a replacement to your meals. However, they can help take the strategy out of needing to think through every meal and making sure your body is getting all the nutrients it needs everyday. Remember, if we can get into positive habits that require little thought, we’re more likely to keep them. Just like the negative habits, but now we’re able to start routinely impacting our bodies for the better.

And that is the great value of what I have to offer today. Here is the list of USANA’s top 10 products that may only be small, but can be the sparks that can help ignite the extinguished flame, and give you the edge on getting back on track with your new year’s resolutions. While I may be biased, I encourage you to do your homework and look around. I am confident that the products I am about to share are the top of the line and will blow most of their competitors out of the water, and give a run for their money to anyone else.

1. Core Minerals


USANA is focused on the science and nutrition of your body at the cellular level. We believe that if you feed the cells in your body exactly what they need, your health will benefit. USANA has released our base dietary supplements, Core Minerals™ and Vita-Antioxidant™, which are the key players utilizing USANA InCelligence Technology®. Check out this video to learn more on the InCelligence Technology™.


You may have wondered, which multivitamin is best? “Bears Beets Battlestar Galactica.” It’s a good question, and there is valuable truth in our answer. USANA’s Core Minerals is a top-rated, broad-spectrum daily mineral supplement. Used with the Vita-Antioxidant, explained as product number two—it acts as your base multivitamin. The beauty of the USANA experience is you can personalize your nutrition on top of the essentials.

Don’t forget why you’re here. You’re looking for a quick tag back into your fitness goals. To do that, you need to target the most basic level of nutrition to start to feel true health benefits take place. Core Minerals is designed to provide an essential foundation of optimal nourishment with essential minerals. It is high in zinc, which is involved in normal carbohydrate, fat, and protein metabolism, and it supports healthy DNA and RNA replication. This product is also rich in copper, which is essential for collagen synthesis, and, thus, plays a role in connective tissue formation. Core Minerals is a good source of manganese—which is important for protein and glucose metabolism—to support normal brain function. Recently Core Minerals has been given increased Iodine. Iodine is crucial for the production of thyroid hormones and dietary surveys have shown that many people are becoming increasingly deficient in this important mineral, especially those limiting their salt intake.

It doesn’t take a scientist to see how important having a solid nutritional foundation is to helping to make your fitness goals more reachable. And, as you can see, Core Minerals couldn’t be more equipped to give you that foundation.

Follow the link* to learn more about Core Minerals.


2. Vita-Antioxidant


As we said in Core Minerals, there is a second product that works in tandem to give you you best foot forward on getting back into your fitness game. Vita-Antioxidant is also formulated with USANA’s patent-pending InCelligence Complex, and is essential to providing you a foundation to build the rest of your personalized nutrition on.

As you learned in the short video above (if you didn’t here’s another chance), our bodies need antioxidants to fight against the oxidation process that takes place from so many factors. While we can get antioxidants from certain food sources, we often don’t get enough of them, or don’t take the time to strategically plan out every meal. This is why we’re talking supplements in the first place.

And we can’t forget to mention all the B vitamins included in Vita-Antioxidant. Because so many of the B Vitamins are essential for health and well-being, this product contains generous amounts of B1, B2, B6, and B12 vitamins as well as Niacin, and Folate.

You can trust that Core Minerals and Vita-Antioxidant are an excellent choice for a comprehensive micronutrient supplement to nourish, protect, and renew your health every day and optimize your health span with normal aging.

To learn more about Vita-Antioxidant, follow the link.


Moving forward, the next eight items are what we call optimizers, which is the true kicker in USANA products. Unlike any other supplement experience, USANA gives you what your body needs, and then lets you choose how to optimize your supplements specifically for your personal needs.

3. MagneCal D™


MagneCal D™, like chocolate and milk, is a stellar combination of nutrients working together to optimize your health. It contains a great balance of magnesium and calcium, fortified with vitamin D. If we’re going to talk about making sure your body is getting certain nutrients you may be missing out on, this couldn’t be more important.

Your bones are the foundation of your healthy lifestyle. They are your structure, your solid base for the rest of your body. If you’re looking to jump back into your fitness and health goals, you cannot overlook the fundamental nature of the role your bones play. Support them with our perfectly balanced MagneCal D™. The benefits of MagneCal D go beyond bone health—it also supports your heart, muscles, healthy energy metabolism, and more.

While many have increased their consumption of calcium, most people fail to get even minimum daily requirements for magnesium or vitamin D. This means even if you’ve been doing well on your daily exercise and salad lunches, you could be kicking yourself down without this fundamental nutrient.

You can see how quickly we can undermine our own fitness and health efforts. If we are not giving our bodies what they need, we may feel more tired and incapable of completing all the goals we initially intended to.

Find out more on MagneCal D™ by following this link.


4. Procosa®


Next on our list is Procosa. While the name is certainly fun to pronounce, the product is top of the line and specifically aids you in your particular health needs. This unique joint-support supplement, with vitamin C and the InCelligence Joint-Support Complex, supports optimal joint health so you can maintain an active lifestyle and do the things you love.

While this is not a cure-all—no vitamin is—you can kiss those excuses goodbye as you start to work on supporting healthy joint function.

The combination of vegetarian glucosamine and Meriva in the InCelligence Joint-Support Complex helps to influence the signaling pathways that proactively promote an optimal response to restore normal function after exercise. It also helps activate autophagy to remove damaged organelles in joint tissue to support normal renewal of healthy joint-cell function and preserve healthy articular cartilage.

Follow the link* to learn more on Procosa.


5. Proflavanol® C100


OK, so now you need something to support healthy circulation, cardiovascular health, and healthy skin? Our Proflavanol® C100 utilizes bioflavonoids, which can be found in dark chocolate and wine, giving the health benefits to those of us who don’t ingest these items, or simply don’t get enough of their positive health influences.

This groundbreaking bioflavonoid and advanced vitamin C supplement is the next on our important vitamins list because of the significant value in the unique formulation. The Proflavanol bioflavonoid supplement combines the highest quality grape-seed extract with the free-radical quenching power of vitamin C, giving you an important tool in the quest for lifelong good health.

To learn more about Proflavanol® C100 and the health benefits involved, check out this video, or follow this link.


6. BiOmega™


If you haven’t learned of all the health benefits you can get from omega-3 fatty acids, I suggest you do some additional homework. You may know that fish oil is really good for you because it contains important omega-3 fatty acids, which contribute to brain development, cellular function, and immune, joint, and cardiovascular health. But storing fish and cooking it properly is a hassle. And when you have a busy lifestyle, eating fish out every night can get pretty pricey, pretty quick. Not to mention many people just not like fish. BiOmega is a fish-oil supplement that’s easy to take every day, especially when you don’t feel like you’re getting enough fish in your diet. And the beauty of it is because it has been infused with lemon—the only thing you’ll be tasting is a lemony reminder you’ve been healthy today.

BiOmega is exceptional because it has all the benefits of fish oil in a convenient gel capsule, and it is essentially free of harmful contaminants like mercury because of USANA’s double distillation process.

It also contains concentrated doses of DHA, a beneficial fat that supports memory and learning, and is greatly recommended for pregnant women. And BiOmega contains an additional dose of vitamin D, a nutrient found deficient in the average diet.

It’s quite clear; if you’re looking for some help getting back into the groove of things, BiOmega™ will help support some pretty vital needs.

Here’s a video to give you a little more on this valuable little gem. If you don't have one minute and 55 seconds to spare, you can also learn more by clicking this link.


7. Vitamin D


Our next helping hand comes in the smallest pill we offer. But don’t let it’s size fool you—this supplement packs a serious punch. A punch that you definitely want fighting on your side.

Recent reports show that certain populations around the world are suffering from vitamin D deficiency. The problem is widespread and increasing, with potentially severe repercussions for overall health and bone-fracture rates.

If you’re having a hard time getting off that couch and working on that summer bod, you may be having some serious deficiencies working against you. There is evidence that suggests vitamin D deficiency increases during the winter months because of decreased exposure to sunlight, although vitamin D deficiency may also occur during the summer months. While we need sunscreen to protect us from harmful damages the sun can cause, it can also reduce the vitamin D made in our skin.

The answer? You may be interested having USANA’s Vitamin D in your corner next time you decide to take on the fight against binge-watching your favorite show with a bag of whatever it is that gets you. Our Vitamin D supplement is formulated with an advanced amount of vitamin D to ensure you get the vitamin D you need in one tiny tablet.

Click this link* to find out more on how you can obtain vitamin D and have it work in your favor, getting you back on track with your resolutions.


8. Proglucamune™


Let’s be honest, you’re not you when you’re sick. If you thought getting out there to work on those healthy habits was hard before, the minute you become under the weather, you’ll be out another month or so for sure!

Another longer name ,but don’t be fooled—this supplement comes in at no. 8 because of the support it plays off of other optimizers. Stress, who needs it? Unfortunately, the question is more likely posed, who doesn’t have it? Well, for you who “stress yourselves to death” or “stressing yourself sick,” you may find that this supplement is exactly the upper hand you’re looking for. Prepare yourself for some science.

While no vitamin can simply “keep you from getting sick”, there are particular supplements that can certainly support immune function. USANA’s Proglucamune™ daily supplement combines ancient wisdom with modern science to support robust immune function. By combining antioxidant-rich, organic reishi and shiitake mushroom extracts with a unique strain of baker’s yeast, Proglucamune is a powerful supplement that helps your immune cells work effectively.

Made with USANA InCelligence Technology™, the beta glucans in the product bind to receptors on immune cells to prime their natural protective responses. They also help reduce the negative impact that stress or strenuous exercise can have on immune function. Zinc complements the InCelligence activity in the formula by supporting healthy signaling between immune cells. Proglucamune is a superior product for helping immune cells adapt to your unique needs.

Follow this link* to find out a little more on how Proglucamune could be the missing link you need to get back into the fitness game.


9. Visionex®


You think about the health of your heart, brain, and bones, but what about your eyes? How important is your vision to your overall health? If you’re taking care of your eyes, you may find that many health benefits will follow. As priorities go, being able to see should definitely be at the top of them, yet many of us take our eyes for granted. We work them hard all day, and come home only to strain them some more with screen after screen. Well, working out and keeping those fitness goals aren’t going to come any easier if you find your eyes are causing any additional problems keeping you from being your best self.

Ophthalmologists recommend adding antioxidant supplements to your daily diet to help maintain long-term eye health. Fortunately, USANA formulated Visionex with lutein, zeaxanthin, and bilberry extract to work together to help the retina. Visionex also contains vitamin C along with other nutrients to help maintain the structure of the lens. Your eyes are made of delicate tissues that need protection. Don’t take your vision for granted!

Again, if you’re looking for more info, you can learn more by following this link.*


10. Ginkgo-PS™


And last but certainly not least, we bring to you one final name you can take a swing at. The final product to make our top 10 items to help you get your health back and keep it. Our Ginkgo-PS™ is one of a kind.

Looking for brilliant nutrition for your brain? Well you should be. For centuries, many cultures have supplemented with ginkgo biloba to promote mental acuity. USANA took the highest quality ginkgo extract and paired it with phosphatidylserine, another unique ingredient with an important role specific to brain function.

With its unique ginkgo biloba formula, this product supports acute memory function and cognition.

Keep yourself sharp, and you’ll find the battle against the lazy becomes not just easier but less common. This advanced formula helps you stay on top of your game. From remembering where you parked to focusing on that big project, Ginkgo-PS can help support brain function.

If you’d like to find out more information on this product and how to get it, check out this link.*


*Links to the USANA shopping cart are intended for U.S. and Canada use only.

Wrapping It Up

So, there you have it. Maybe some of this information was no news to you. Maybe you learned quite a bit about how you can help yourself out. Regardless of your position, I can’t stress enough to do your homework. If you’re serious about your health, and you’re looking to achieve those goals you set out for at the beginning of this year, you need to look into giving your body what it needs to be healthy.

The truth is, we’re only going to get out what we’re putting into our bodies. If you’re looking for success, strength, speed, or simply to look and feel better, you’ve got to quit making it harder on yourself. Simplify. Plan ahead. And most importantly, take out the extra work by methodically including good habits in your everyday life.

Supplements may not be the only answer out there to help you live happy and healthy, but the truth is our lives our busy and we often forget to do the good things. So I say, make those good things easier, and put them into easy routines you just do. You’ll find that as you do some of these things, the fight to get off the couch gets easier.

You will find that being healthy no longer is a fad you start once a year and watch fade out over a couple of weeks. But it will become a lifestyle that makes you feel happy, confident, and proud of being you. Be your best self. Give yourself the best chance.

For a more comprehensive list of all of USANA’s products, check out our Ask the Scientists page where you will find complete explanations of products as well as keep up to date on everything healthy.

Feel free to comment below on your experience with one of these products. How have you fought against the lazy? Also, ask any questions on topics or products you feel we may not have covered adequately.
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