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“There are other conflicts elsewhere, but this country is so neglected and so abandoned.” 

Our Goodwill Ambassador Mia Farrow recently visited conflict-hit Central African Republic for the fourth time. She met with mothers and children who shared their haunting stories of survival and despair. Watch her video diary:    
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Very sad this happens in this day and age...
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Where’s your favourite place to play football?
For these young monks from Bhutan, the higher the better! Check out their skills in this video they filmed on a GoPro camera. ‪#‎TeamUNICEF‬ ‪#‎WorldCup‬
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When children get the education they deserve, they can build a better future for themselves and for their communities. Why we need to #FundEducation:

Find out more about the progress the world has made on children’s rights and what still needs to be done: 
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Hoffend ch 
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We’re thrilled to welcome the All Blacks and New Zealand Rugby to #TeamUNICEF! They’ll be helping us improve the lives of the world’s most vulnerable and excluded children. Find out more about about our partnership: #AllBlacksforUNICEF © New Zealand Rugby
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Si, Dios es el sr, dice que el que sabe hacer lo bueno y no lo hace peca, x eso hay que ayudar al desprotegido, al hambriento, no leeo ingles pero para una misión como la de ustedes el idioma no es barrera...!! Google +1
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Today is Day of the African Child! It commemorates the children who were killed while protesting for a better education in Soweto, South Africa in 1976. 

The road to quality education for all children is still long. Here’s one girl’s story, from northern Nigeria: 
On Day Of The African Child, take a look at what it takes for a girl to go to school in one of the most challenging places for any child to get an education.
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Mashalah may Allah protect n guide u through inshallah.good wook unicef I salute you
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Events in Iraq are a timely reminder of how children’s lives can be shattered overnight in conflict. In times of such violence children can find themselves in serious danger - including of rape and abuse. Today, at the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict, countries around the world have committed to tackle rape as a weapon of war. We cannot stop here. Read more:
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All true, but as long we write declarations, petitions etc., the atrocities won't stop. Make action, now!!! Start putting fair, but determined pressure on politicians, demand answers, immediate actions. Start prosecuting lords of war, don't let them get away!
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Have them in circles
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"Reaching children, making an very rewarding." Meet Ibrahim Conteh in latest Faces of UNICEF, from UNICEF Sudan  
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If i will be given a teacher i would like to teach in the remote areas to educate children....
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How do we get quality education to all children? Our Deputy Executive Director Geeta Rao Rupta blogs on why we should focus on the most vulnerable. #FundEducation
Since 2000, we have celebrated increases in the number of children enrolled in school worldwide. But now, the hard work really begins. New research released today indicates that progress has stalle...
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Play and sport are EVERY child’s right! Learn more at: #TeamUNICEF
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Evry child hs to play,its his or her hobbies
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From pain can come strength. One girl’s journey to #ENDviolence against herself, and against her community, set to music by Four Tet and created by UNICEF Tanzania. 
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Excuse , I think this music is wrong in this video .
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ALL children have the right to play. But 168 million children can’t play because they are working.

Despite progress, the world has a long way to go to eliminating harmful child labour. As we approach the 25th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child in November, find out more about the progress we’ve made and what still needs to be done: #NoToChildLabour
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Itz true
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ALL children have the right to play, no matter their background! Learn more at: #TeamUNICEF
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For these children this is the time to play. Their future disgracefully is sometimes uncertain. So, now play and play the most. 
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UNICEF promotes the rights and wellbeing of every child in 190 countries and territories, with a special focus on reaching those in greatest need. We have the global authority to influence decision-makers, and the variety of partners at grassroots level to turn the most innovative ideas into reality.  That makes us unique among world organizations, and unique among those working with the young.

We believe that nurturing and caring for children are the cornerstones of human progress.  UNICEF was created with this purpose in mind – to work with others to overcome the obstacles that poverty, violence, disease and discrimination place in a child’s path.  We believe that we can, together, advance the cause of humanity.

We advocate for measures to give children the best start in life, because proper care at the youngest age forms the strongest foundation for a person’s future.

We promote girls’ education – ensuring that they complete primary education as a minimum – because it benefits all children, both girls and boys. Girls who are educated grow up to become better thinkers, better citizens, and better parents to their own children.

We act so that all children are immunized against common childhood diseases, and are well nourished, because it is wrong for a child to suffer or die from a preventable illness.

We work to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS among young people because it is right to keep them from harm and enable them to protect others. We help children and families affected by HIV/AIDS to live their lives with dignity.

We involve everyone in creating protective environments for children. We are present to relieve suffering during emergencies, and wherever children are threatened, because no child should be exposed to violence, abuse or exploitation.

UNICEF upholds the Convention on the Rights of the Child.  We work to assure equality for those who are discriminated against, girls and women in particular. We work for the Millennium Development Goals and for the progress promised in the United Nations Charter. We strive for peace and security. We work to hold everyone accountable to the promises made for children.

We are part of the Global Movement for Children – a broad coalition dedicated to improving the life of every child.  Through this movement, and events such as the United Nations Special Session on Children, we encourage young people to speak out and participate in the decisions that affect their lives. 

We are active in more than 190 countries and territories through country programmes and National Committees. We are UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund.