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Remember Mercy Kennady? After losing her mother to #Ebola, the 9-year-old now has a new life in the care of a loving foster family. Check out our photo essay on Medium.
Orphaned by Ebola, Mercy starts anew in the loving home of a foster family
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Oooh that's beautiful
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Great news from Ethiopia!  57% of the population has now access to safe #water as the country achieves one of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). 48 million people have gained access to safe water supply since 1990. What this means for children and communities.
Today, we’re celebrating something special in Ethiopia - reaching the water Goal 7c of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). What does this mean? Put simply, it means 57 percent of the country’s...
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Well done to the Ethiopia government and the Ethiopian people for such an achievement.
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“Everything looks sad, filled with dust, destruction and despair.” Juliette Touma from UNICEF Middle East and North Africa reflects on her visit to Syria’s conflict-battered city, Homs.
The highway from Beirut to Damascus is lined with brightly-coloured billboards, depicting some of the landmarks of this historic and beautiful country. There’s one from the souks in the Old City of...
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Many many thank you . 
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When Yenal, 12, came to Jordan from Syria she thought she had lost her future. “Today, I can dream again, of becoming an architect one day.”
Za'atari refugee camp is a place that’s become famous in Jordan and abroad. I remember the day it opened, in the summer of 2012, when it was no more than a desolate patch of sand close to the borde...
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Thanks UNICEF 
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Brick by brick. That’s how we’re building a better future for children. Check out our gif - and learn more about our new partnership with the LEGO Group and the Lego Foundation: 
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Sorry for posting here, but I wasn't sure where was appropriate. Hi. I am Ishika and I am 12 years old. This is a website I made for a project at school, but I want to share it with everybody here, and I would really like to hear what everybody thinks about the idea. Here is the link to the website: With enough support, I think we could bring this idea to life, and help those in need.
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Nearly 60,000 children are in urgent need of assistance after #CyclonePam devastated #Vanuatu. What UNICEF is doing - and how you can help. 
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I am with UNICEF.......Save  Children
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“No job is too small if you really believe it will help you grow as a person.” Meet Faye Balanon, Child Protection Officer at UNICEF Philippines in the latest Faces of UNICEF. 
Faye Balanon, Child Protection Officer at UNICEF Philippines – Tacloban Field Office What does the average working day look like for you? I usually wake up at 7am and I’m at the office by 8am. On any...
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Thanks for showing Faye love!
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“During the winter months with no water, I was so desperate that I melted snow to get drinking water for my children” How we’re responding to the urgent need for safe drinking water in eastern #Ukraine. 
In my home country, Pakistan, the lack of access to safe drinking water is a constant problem in rural areas. However, when I came to Ukraine, I was really surprised to discover that in this countr...
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j'aime 7 ls nations unies
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“I thought that all was going to end,” said nurse and #Ebola survivor Adiatu Pujeh of Sierra Leone. 

After being successfully treated for Ebola, Adiatu now draws on her experience to empower patients. 
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Yesterday I got message in netword Linkedin  from Mr.David Pollard. Is it real event or just spam?
Best regards,
Inese Barbare
Dear Maam

The purpose of this letter is to formally invite you to an once-in-a-lifetime charity event that supports the international non-profit organization United Nation Nonprofit of the World.

The theme of the benefit is For Syria: A Celebration for the Children of Syia. The event will take place on the 1st of April 2015 at 7:00PM at the 
This eclectic event will host dance, keynote speakers, music, and other artistic celebrations of the Syian spirit. The performances will be followed by a silent auction square held at the downtown. Accouterments will be served and there will be live music during the community social hour. Additionally, there will be a small Syian market which will sell authentic goods brought over by staff from all over the world 
We anticipate over 500 people in attendance the night of the benefit including prominent figures from Virginia Commonwealth University, Director of the Social Work Fieldwork program Joe Smith, and the co-director of Sovereign Global Mission, a well-renowned non-governmental organization here in syia. Your role in this community as Consultant for social justice is iconic and we would be honored to have you in attendance at our event.

Our community is very socially conscious and compassionate towards serving marginalized populations both domestically and abroad. It’s of this notion that Unicef Nonprofit organisation of the World seeks to empower underprivileged communities in syria to become self-sustainable and eliminate the need for aid. Our intention is to raise awareness for the plight of these people and we are eager for you to join us.

Thank you for your time,

regrads David 
Director Unicef
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Alice Clements of UNICEF Pacific found herself in the eye of #CyclonePam sending real-time updates before and during the devastating disaster. Pam tore through #Vanuatu last Friday, leaving 60,000 children in urgent need. 
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Thanks for sharing +UNICEF 
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Health. Family. Education. For the 9 million children living in affected areas, ‪Ebola‬ has touched just about every aspect of their lives. Of the 24,000 infected since January 2014, 1 in 5 are children:
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Thank you for your comments and kind words everyone!
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“While we may not be able to prevent floods, drought and earthquakes, we have learnt that steps can be taken to reduce the risk.” Risk Reduction and Resilience Specialist Antony Spalton on what’s at stake for children at Sendai. 
By the end of the 1990s, climate-change related disasters affected about 66 million children per year. In the coming decades, this number is expected to triple, to 200 million children annually. Sa...
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There is still many we have to be ready.
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development, emergencies, health, education, protection, children, global, sanitation, water, poverty

UNICEF promotes the rights and wellbeing of every child in 190 countries and territories, with a special focus on reaching those in greatest need. We have the global authority to influence decision-makers, and the variety of partners at grassroots level to turn the most innovative ideas into reality.  That makes us unique among world organizations, and unique among those working with the young.

We believe that nurturing and caring for children are the cornerstones of human progress.  UNICEF was created with this purpose in mind – to work with others to overcome the obstacles that poverty, violence, disease and discrimination place in a child’s path.  We believe that we can, together, advance the cause of humanity.

We advocate for measures to give children the best start in life, because proper care at the youngest age forms the strongest foundation for a person’s future.

We promote girls’ education – ensuring that they complete primary education as a minimum – because it benefits all children, both girls and boys. Girls who are educated grow up to become better thinkers, better citizens, and better parents to their own children.

We act so that all children are immunized against common childhood diseases, and are well nourished, because it is wrong for a child to suffer or die from a preventable illness.

We work to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS among young people because it is right to keep them from harm and enable them to protect others. We help children and families affected by HIV/AIDS to live their lives with dignity.

We involve everyone in creating protective environments for children. We are present to relieve suffering during emergencies, and wherever children are threatened, because no child should be exposed to violence, abuse or exploitation.

UNICEF upholds the Convention on the Rights of the Child.  We work to assure equality for those who are discriminated against, girls and women in particular. We work for the Millennium Development Goals and for the progress promised in the United Nations Charter. We strive for peace and security. We work to hold everyone accountable to the promises made for children.

We are part of the Global Movement for Children – a broad coalition dedicated to improving the life of every child.  Through this movement, and events such as the United Nations Special Session on Children, we encourage young people to speak out and participate in the decisions that affect their lives. 

We are active in more than 190 countries and territories through country programmes and National Committees. We are UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund.