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United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
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Hello I am Mohammed from Syria Homs lost my family and my father and my brothers in the war and live with my mother now in Turkey accompanied me hit him in the neck of my foot instep calcification I now have hobbled in the knees and I do not have a specific non- mother is aged 49 years, I hope to help and conductive to the Office of the United Nations in
I went to Qahdd by not be accepted from the outer door They told me you go in Syrian Organization lesions are serving you
But the question I have been gone for my rejection of all camps for completion number . In the inside . And I suffer from a disability for not help me at work and stand my mother works and help me so it's framed to take off the veil of acceptance in the work I wish to consider and help I want to resort humanist in Europe , treatment and attention to me and by my mother and will inevitably Ward known to work and offer nothing in return to take care of any country European me please, I do not want drowning 
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ouhai!,c est normal pour des vraix humain,l assistance
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+Mark Freeman
As someone who was a refugee from eastern Europe back in the late 80's, I can tell you right now, those people have no voice. Their voices get drowned by politicians who promise too much and do too little or nothing, or they get attacked in their own homelands. I applaud her for using her status to speak up for the voiceless.
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They are so cute
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Follow us as we provide vital aid and protection to the forcibly displaced around the world.
UNHCR, commonly known as the UN refugee agency, is mandated to lead and coordinate international action to protect and assist displaced people around the world and to help find lasting solutions for them.

Set up with modest goals in 1950, UNHCR has since helped tens of millions of people, picking up two Nobel Peace Prizes along the way for its vital humanitarian work.

For those forced to flee their homes, normally because of war or persecution, the UN refugee agency is often the last hope for a return to a normal life. Today, a staff of around 6,300 in some 120 countries help some 43.3 million people in need.