Have you ever thought about the value of your heritage?
Whether it is represented by places, objects, customs, values and creative expressions, our heritage defines us.
Unfortunately, for Syrians and many other populations, the loss of their heritage is a reality. Protecting culture today is essential for building peace tomorrow.
Get involved! Visit http://www.unite4heritage.org/ and http://en.unesco.org/syrian-observatory/
* Video produced by the UNESCO Beirut Office in the framework of the Emergency Safeguarding of the Syrian Cultural Heritage project, funded by the European Union and supported by the Flemish Government and the Government of Austria.
*To activate the subtitles, just click on the CC button (on the lower right side of the video player). To choose the language of the subtitles, click on 'Settings' button (gears icon).
More info: http://www.unite4heritage.org/…/video-launch-value-of-herit…
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