If you're circling this page for the first time and based in the UK, don't forget to let us know where you are from so we can put you in the appropriate circle!
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Hey I've just circled the page... I'm in east anglia round colchester in essex.
Thanks for adding; Following 6 years in Canada I've just returned to the UK and am based in Devon, although will be creating elevated perspective images across the UK.

Circled. I live in the Medway Towns in Kent, though I don't really want to. =o)
I would normally say Anglia or South East.
Not really London or Midlands. It's the bland area in-between!
I've just circled the page, I'm from Birmingham, West Midlands.
I'm in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire :) I do mainly landscape and wildlife
I don't mind, you can put me in either/both if you like. I'm in an awkward position really, close to south Wales too.
Midlander here! (Well, just outside Coventry).
I thought I added myself to this circle, but I can't see my profile in the lists. Can anyone else see me in these lists?

How do i get myself added?

Can members then post up on this page in their own right, instead of only commenting?

I'm based in Cambridgeshire.Looking forward to seeing some fine work from all the other members.☺
Hello - just added to my circles, based in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, so I suppose Midlands and Wales?
Landscapes, LE along with some underground stuff from my caving exploits.
+Martin E. Morris I've put you in Anglia circle.
+James Clegg done!
+andrew Joseph Hi Andrew, you won't be able to post - only Admins can do that, but you will be able to comment on posts as per profiles and other pages. Let me know where you are from and I will put you in the appropriate circle.
Hi +UK Photography Community I oscillate between the Channel Islands (Alderney) which is in Great Britain, but not in the U.K. and Winchester in Hampshire, which is firmly affixed in the U.K. :)
Hmmm +UK Photography Community , I am not from around these parts, but I would guess that Hamshire is not in "t'North", but more likely in the South or South East... They say "Poooonds" around these parts instead of "Pounds"... :)
Hello, I am based in Doncaster South Yorkshire
Yep +Neil Howard Hampshire is for sure the South East as it's my neighbouring county here in Berks :)
just circled, I'm in Fort William, Highlands (Scotland, in case your geography really is bad!)
Hello +UK Photography Community -- As suggested here is my personal profile -- Elevated perspective photography is my speciality using a Mast System, also aerial work with gyro stabilised cameras and following you as FOCUS Britain.
+UK Photography Community What a superb idea this is :O)) I'm in the South West. Will share this page with my UK circle (of which quite a few of your are already in). See you all in the slip stream. All my best Heidi x

ps (thanks to Martin +Martin E. Morris for mentioning the Community page to me ♥)
Just circled - and in Northamptonshire :)
Jimmy S
Hi Uk ,im from sunny Suffolk,East Anglia.
In South Yorks... Close to the Notts/Derbyshire border...
Hi All ... based in Bristol, just got my first DSLR so looking to experiment and learn as much as I can......... catch you all later
Hello there, I'm in Exeter, Devon. Thanks for setting up this page.
Hey all - am all the way over in 'sunny' Newquay, Cornwall - would be great to meet up with other local SW togs :)
I'm in Coatbridge, Scotland - 10 miles east of Glasgow.
Hi - I live in Kingston upon Thames and can often be found in London and Brighton so it would be great to hangout. Also I host and produce a podcast called Photograhy 121 which focuses on the photographer rather than kit, technique etc etc - maybe one day you would like to sit in the Photography 121 guest chair?
Hi all! I am based in London. I do mostly travel and landscape/cityscape photography, though I like flirting with almost every other kind. Except weddings. No weddings, no babies :-/
Portsmouth, Hampshire, so SE I'm guessing.
Hey! I'm from Devon but live in Liverpool... Put me wherever you want ;)
Still getting to grips with G+ myself, its all pretty new to me! I'm now in North Buckinghamshire but spent a large part of my life in London.
Hi, I'm from London, North East of London..

excellent idea on creating this page... Should be a good resource for UK Photog's
Circled - I'm in Hadleigh, near Ipswich, Suffolk.
Bristol, the South West. Landscape, portraits & virtually anything that I can get in front of my lens
Hi Everyone, I'm based in Paignton, Devon presently but moving to Purley, Croydon in around June/July!!! :) Great to see a page for all of us UK Photographers. :D I love all types of photography, from Landscapes to events to product photography anything goes. www.adrianaskewphotography.com
I'm in the Chilterns, but in easy reach of London
Circled.... I am in the South Wales Valleys :)
Circled - I am in West Mersea , Essex.
I'm from Lancashire, but travel all over England with work
Hi All, from Dundee, Scotland and can cover a wide range of Scotland
Hi everyone, I'm from Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Will keep checking back here to see what is happening.
Hi thank you for including me, it's looking great. But I think I have been put in the wrong area. Surely Cheshire is in the North West.
+UK Photography Community Any chance of creating and sharing region based circles.. this would make it easier for us to follow the people in the above lists..

just a thought..
I'm from the Midlands and have been running a photography web site ePHOTOzine.com for the last 10 years.
This is a great group of UK togs, I am based in Richmond, North Yorkshire and cover the North East regions. Happy to be part of this page.
Hi, i've circled the page. I live in Trowbridge, Wiltshire...
Hi, Circled the page, am also from Wirral, Merseyside
Hello, I've circled the community. I'm in Gwynedd in North Wales.