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LETS PLAY PHOTO SNAP! We're starting something NEW to G+! It's a new theme called #photosnap If you'd like to play along this is how you join in... (since this is a new theme, this information may change as the game develops)

If you see a photo in your G+ stream shared by someone you follow (they might follow you too or they might not) and you think to yourself - "I have that exact same picture" OR "I've been there too and took a picture like that - from that exact spot (even better!)"

get your picture uploaded to G+
add the tag #photosnap
while you're posting, don't forget to plus mention the person who's picture you spotted that looks like yours - include a link to their post if you'd like to
- you can plus mention the +UK Photography Community too if you'd like to, although this is not necessary

IF you should spot a picture that already has the #photosnap  tag and you decide to upload your own photo - when you post your image try to mention everyone in the original post associated with the images that SNAP! .

You even start a Collection with the #photosnap  images from the posts you spotted - example -
This is just a fun theme - it can happen at any time, any day - it's up to you to keep your eyes peeled!

Further examples of possible #photosnap 's
and an example post

* A picture of a dog - post either the same breed or in a dog similar pose

* A picture of a location i.e a castle - post either a photograph from the same spot or in the same area as the location

* A picture of a red rose - post a rose or a red flower

The more accurate the #photosnap  the better!

Have fun and meet new people with similar photographic interest - discuss places you've been with people who have been there too!

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You might enjoy this from +Mark Wallace​ & +Adorama​ - if you are new to studio lighting. 😉 
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Mayo AN
Hy you kwn me
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We're still looking for a special cover image for this collection of intentional blur photography if you'd like to nominate your image plus mention me +Heidi Anne Morris​ and tag your picture #covercollection
thank you 😁 
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Could your photograph be the 2017 National Trust Handbook cover?
+National Trust 
Win your photograph on the cover of the 2017 National Trust Handbook - and a Panasonic camera.
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With the release of The Photographer's Transit 2.0, yesterday, both our apps now support both iPhone and iPad.

Our "Photo Planning Apps" bundle includes both TPE and TPT.

If you already purchased TPE at full price, you can save over 50% on The Photographer's Transit using the "complete my bundle" option in the App Store.
The Photographer's Ephemeris and The Photographer's Transit are a highly complementary pair of planning tools for outdoor photographers. The Photographer's Ephemeris (TPE) helps you plan outdoor photography shoots in natural light, particularly landscape and urban scenes. It's a map-centric sun and moon calculator: see how the light will fall on the land, day or night, for any location on earth. "Head and shoulders above the crowd is The Photogra...
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Canary Wharf Station (Crossrail)

This located on top floor of the station, lucky it was closed, so no body around , I can get the clean shot, but the downside you can only take a picture outside the gate :-)

#London #LoveLondon #photography #photographer #fujifilm #fujixt1 #HDR #nightphotography #Cityscape #travel #travelphotography #Tourism #Tourist #crossrail #canarywharf #station #stations #garden #gardens #rooftopgarden
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If you enjoy engagement on +Google+​ and you just happen to have a photo with a circle in it AND it just happens to be a Monday... 😉 you might like to join in with +Circle Shapes Monday ☀​💙 
If there's a circle in your picture, share it on Monday #CircleShapesMonday
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Thanks very much +UK Photography Community! 
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