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After successfully guiding England through to the UEFA EURO 2012 quarter-finals as Group D winners, Roy Hodgson believes his side have as good a chance as anyone of going all the way in Poland and Ukraine -

How far will England go? 
Parachuted into the England job barely a month before the start of UEFA EURO 2012, Roy Hodgson talks to about his impact, Steven Gerrard and Sunday's quarter-final against Italy.
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I think the UK does not get into the finals,because I believe the Spanish and German coming into the final....!
I think you're stupid. The 'UK' has 4 teams. Its England that are in the Euros.
I believe that there is only one way England can possibly beat Italy is more defensively....and more defensively.  Good luck to both teams even though I am not your fan!
I think England for the first time have a chance to win the tournament as long as it doesnt go to penaltys :)
England mesti menang...dan lakarkan sejarah baru euro 2012
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