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Former Chelsea defender Celestine Babayaro will be joining us for our second exclusive hangout today (17 May) at 15.30CET. If you want to ask them a question face-to-face post it in the comments section below.
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can i ask jay jay a question tomorrow because back then he played in frankfurt , i am a big fan ????
Have you seen or experienced egyptian football? And have you guys met each other?
Feel free to leave as many questions as you like in the comments and if you are selected we will get in touch!
Please select me, I am a big fant of Jay Jay Okocha
Hi all, this is +Lanre Aina from Nigeria. I'd like to ask the superstars - Jay and Celestine - how they are using their success and experience to support the development of a new generation of soccer players in Nigeria.
uefa forever......i willbe in Poznan/Poland when Croatia plays against Ireland at em2012 ---- will put my pics and vids here - stay tuned peace to all soccer fans outthere....jay jayyyyyy
Question for Jay Jay and Celestine do you think Super Eagle will do well in South Africa 2013
ALADE you never forget all this your skills i love you bros
#uefa How conifident do you and your team feel going into Saturday's game? Do you plan on using Torres as the go to weapon?
what is Jay Jay doing now and how will he assess Chelsea chances of lifting the Champions League trophy?
jay jay u dey ,
still the don best for Africa
Jay jay we all love you,we know you are the best player in africa ! With your style and skills in football. 
Jay Jay and Celestine, you have both had many great moments in football. I would like to know your greatest ever footballing moments
jay jay.why did you retired you are the reason why i support Nigeria football and you are the reason why they play good football.but since you left the country football has died can you please come back and pay once more? we miss your magic touch we love you
Keep the great questions coming, and don't forget you need to add us to your circles for us to be able to invite you to the hangout.
Jay Jay, pleasure to have the chance to ask you a couple of questions - Who was the biggest influence on your career? Who was your toughest opponent and why?
Celestine, although you were a blue, you were a great left back. Having experience playing there myself, it is one of the toughest positions to play. Who was YOUR toughest opponent and why? Who inspired you the most in your football career?
I'd like to be involved with this one. The Steffi Jones one was great and this one looks even better.
I would like to know their greatest ever footballing moments and also their views about the upcoming Champions League final! Thanks.
jay jay how do you manage to stay so fit after leaving the game
jay jay you have had the chance to play in germany, france and england. if u come back in another life (if theres any thing like that) and you have the opportunity to chose among those three countries where would you chose to play first? and why?
Nigerians did not hear about Rasheed Yekini until he died. What do you think NFF should do about ex footballers who once represented the country? CC Jay jay
Where does the problem of Nigeria football lies and what are the solution?
celestine in europe and the americas we see young players graduate into their countries national teams, but in africa thats not the case why? what is africa and especially nigeria doing to support this trend knowingly/unknowingly and what must we do as a country to stop this problem?
What roll did you make in rasheed yekini's life, before He died.
You finished your career in the States Celestine. What persuaded you to link up with the Galaxy in the MLS? How big can soccer become out there?
wetin make your Indian Premier Football plan no work out again?
You must have been saddened to see Bolton relegated Jay-Jay. What was the key ingredient of survival during your time at the Reebok?
How you feel wen Naija no qualify for 2012 AFCON for the 1st time in 25 years?
#thetrend would love to ask the guys - what's life like after football?
Some people say you no dey active as member for NFF technical committee how true dat one be? Jay jay
Which countries produce the best footballers and how can African countries do more and more to support future football stars?
why is that most nigerian players that make so much money during their playing days die poor i mean very poor? is it governments responsiblity to take care of ex- internationals? at least in europe i know most players that retire make themselves relevant, they take up roles in their clubs or go into business. why is africa and nigeria different? jay jay and celastine
Oga Babayaro...all of us dey wonda for Naija 102.7 fm why u neva Marry. any particular reason?
We've seen up and coming Nigerian talent Ahmed Musa play in the Champions League for CSKA Moscow this season. Who should Nigerian football fans be most excited about? Musa, Joel Obi, Victor Moses ?
Would Jay Jay or Celestine consider the prospect of managing the Nigerian national team in the near future?
Do you think Keshi can take the Eagles to the next level? Babayaro
Chelsea/Bayern who do you think will win? Babayaro
At which team did you enjoy to play and why? :)
Do you still own Turkish citizenship? Please come to Sukru Saracoglu Stadium to watch a game. Regards from Turkey.
What is the best and most important game you have played in?
I am a super fan and would like to ask a question.Please pick me
does chelsea have great defenders like babayaro that can stop the furious attack of FC Bayern???what will be the result of the match according to Mr.Babayaro?
+Paul Odero and +Ariel Vasili have just been invited to the hangout as have a few others, not too late to join, a few minutes and we'll be starting!
Who will be named man of the match during the Ultimate Champions Match this Saturday?
how can I log in to the hang out?
How can I join the hangout as the link is not connecting. Any chance of an invite to ask Jay Jay and Celestine some questions?
JAY JAY,one of my favorite players ! what does he do right now,he was out of sight for a long time !
Do you think Stephen Keshi is the right man to coach Super Eagle....And do you guys think of becoming Super Eagle's coach someday?
What do you think NFF should do to console Rasidi Yekini's family?
see, do u believe he can do it, why not give him the chance i think.
I promised to make it up to you guys a year ago. I'll be having my first Google+ Hangout on Thursday, May 9 at 1pm (WAT). You can RSVP at 
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