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- Write and share your Google+ posts
- Bring out your inner author with a distraction free rich text editor
- Save a draft now, edit it into a post later
- Create a post, and schedule it for later - Do Share will automatically send it
Created by +Tzafrir Rehan, designed by +Joel Califa
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Looks good but one major problem. I don't see where I can find posts that I've scheduled so I can edit them before they go back out. Is there a queue? I see "drafts" and "scheduled" when I go back to the extension but nothing shows up.
If my Google+ Page is the open tab, will it post to the page or only to my profile? +Tzafrir Rehan
Wonderful work buddy +Tzafrir Rehan.
This is heavenly help for me who love to give thought on what I am posting and saving my future posts in WORD document with schedule date of the post.
Thanks for this help..!!
+Rehan Ahmad Thanks!

By the way, copy paste of rich text (from Word, etc.) will preserve your formatting.
+Tzafrir Rehan still don't get drafts or scheduled items :( I tried to save a draft and it disappeared. :( I wonder if it's part of the reason the extension still says it's "initializing" ?
+Dan Soto please upgrade, Chrome stable version is currently 18 or 19.

I made a note to add a minimum version requirement in the web store.
This would be really use for pages! Would that be possible? Maybe by using the page ID?
+Phillip Olsen Pages support is definitely planned for the future, but has some API dependencies to be met before it can be possible.
+Tino Kremer I hope to figure out a way to use the Picasa API to get around uploading images, but didn't want to delay launch for that.

Drag and drop will definitely be supported though once that's done :)
+Tzafrir Rehan Thanx for this great extension. Was wondering as I read in people's comment, is DoShare can NOW change +names in links to the names or not yet?
Thanx for sharing & keep up the great work :)
You can +mention someone on Do Share by typing a + sign same as in Google+.
+Tzafrir Rehan How well does it work with multiple google accounts / multiple sign-in?
+Joltrast . sadly those are currently not supported due to missing functionality in the underlying API.
So this extension is really awesome! Nice work :)
...I have one feature request that would be tremendously helpful. Not sure how hard or easy this is but I'd like to be able to build a draft and instead of schedule the post I'd like an option to export where I can get some sort of plain text code that I can email to someone and they could paste that code into their do share extension and it would retain all the +mentions etc.
So currently it will only post to the default account - I'm guessing?
Oh another able to drag +mentioned names around within the post so as to rearrange them if desired
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