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Tzafrir Rehan
Musician, Software Engineer
Musician, Software Engineer

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Possibly the best bar toilet sink ever

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Haifa at Sunset

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[FACEBOOK LIVE TIP] How to get started live streaming to Facebook using

A great tip from +Krishna De on how to make Facebook Live better - use instead.

Advantages: enables you to bring comments from your audience onto the screen AND you as a host can also post messages and calls to action on the live stream video interface on Facebook Live.

Read Krishna's full post to learn more

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A great story about what we built at :D

For those who need to know:

* I will not install PokemonGO
* I will not play PokemonGO

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Watching +Robert Scoble​ present

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Hearing the one and only +Paul Adams​ live

You may know him as the inventor of Circles which became Google+


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Maidan Nezalezhnosti, Kiev

I asked and it turns out nuclear explosions don't register in #LIGO :(

On 6 January 2016 at 10:00:01 UTC+08:30 North Korea set off a nuclear device.
Did this event register in your data in any way?

Dear Tzafrir,

Thanks for your very interesting question.

Indeed, this event (and all events involving rapidly-changing distributions of mass and energy) will produce gravitational waves. However, it is straightforward to calculate that the GWs from this event are many, many, many times weaker than anything LIGO could possibly detect.

However, this event also caused ordinary seismic waves (violent ground motion), which was picked up by seismometers around the world:

Whereas GWs travel at the speed of light (30,000 km/s), seismic waves travel much slower (a few km/s, depending on the type of wave). They probably arrived at our Hanford detector 38 minutes later and our Livingston detector 52 minutes later. However, our seismometers did not register anything significant at that time, and our detectors were not in observing mode at that time.

I hope this helps.


Alan Weinstein for LOSC
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