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Tzafrir Rehan

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It's here!!! Global Citizen asked me if I could write a song to help spread the word about The UN Global Goals... In about 48hrs we wrote it, recorded it and filmed this music video at YouTube Space NY!

I am so honored to be in the company of Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, Beyoncé, Pearl Jam and all the other musicians, creators, artists and filmmakers using their voices to amplify the message of these wishes for the world!!

Oh and just so you know, I fit all 17 Global Goalsin order – into lyrics and made it into this song! Crazy, no!? Also huge shout out to +RAM Rich for the insanely cool track! And to +Liann Kaye for being the coolest director! 

I hope you love it G+niuses! Please share it! Tweet it! Post it! Comment and like the video! It's all for such an important cause, literally for every single person on the planet. And for the planet too ;)

XO, Daria

#NewSong   #MusicVideo   #GlobalGoals   #GlobalCitizen  
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one cannot see the wood for the goals
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Tzafrir Rehan

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I need help

With my startup AweVid and the cooperation of hundreds of protesters and event organizers, we will be live broadcasting #EuropeSaysWelcome  events happening in 100 cities across Europe and the world

What you can do to assist is to please go over at the other social network to my post and share it with as many people as you can in Europe and beyond

Also please share the broadcasters signup page at with anyone who'd be interested in taking an active part in these event's media coverage
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+Tzafrir Rehan​ thx, for clarification. This was what I've expected. I wish you best luck with your start-up
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Tzafrir Rehan

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A gazelle lies slain on your heights, Israel.
How the mighty have fallen!

Rest in peace +Joe Philley 
We only got to talk a few times, but you gave me kind words to hold on to

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This is exactly how I will remember him
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Tzafrir Rehan

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After publishing my quick G+ post last night, I also published it on Medium

Recommends and Shares appreciated
While I’ve been spending the past few days trying to reach refugee activism groups across Europe (to offer help via my c…
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+Meg L spot on!
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Tzafrir Rehan

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I'm looking for people involved with refugee assistance in Europe, to offer assistance in media coverage.

Who can connect me with people who can appreciate this offer?
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Tzafrir Rehan

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My Cardboard almost made my house burn and I blame everyone!

#GoogleCardboard   #VR   #Fire   #OculusRift  
A song of technology and fire
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They need to put "Do not leave in direct sunlight. Store in a non-sunny area when not in use." on it. 
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Tzafrir Rehan

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People all over Europe are organizing resistance and solidarity in their towns and cities. We want to let all the refugees know: You are welcome!
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Tzafrir Rehan

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Dust update from the middle East dust crisis

The large Brown sand particles mostly sank, but light dusty particles are still in the air which shifted color from orange to white.

We can start seeing the adjacent neighborhood but visibility is still a long forgotten dream.
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*tiny shards
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Tzafrir Rehan

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...and another domain goes up
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המערכת הבנקאית אינה מופשטת. יש לה פנים, שמות, כתובות, ילדים, הורים, משפחה, סביבה. אנחנו נגיע אליהם. ראשי · אודות באים לבנקאים · וידאו · המספרה – לא רק לטייקונים · טלפונים וכתובות · הרשמה לעדכונים · קישורים · צרו קשר / מסרו מידע אנונימי ...
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Tzafrir Rehan

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Israeli courts ordered Google to remove an organization from its search results. The court also sealed the order from being seen by the public.

Who is this dangerous group you ask? Why must they be removed from the internet?

They are fighting the banks. Apparently that's a big no no.
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problematic in so many levels.
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Tzafrir Rehan

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While I've been spending the past few days trying to reach refugee activism groups across Europe (to offer help via my company +AweVid), Syria and Iraq sent some love my way in the form of the most horrible dust storm I remember ever seeing.

At high noon I was not able to see buildings 200 meters away at all.

Scientists "have no explanation" as to why this happened. Opinions range from extreme conspiratory weather engineering, to the ground being extra loose because of the wars in the region.

The latter probably isn't that far off - Turkey is holding back much of the waters of the Euphrates and Tigris great rivers (both visible in the attached satellite photo) and a lot of previously processed earth is now dry and loose, ready to get picked up by stray winds, travelling hundreds of miles in the air only to fill my lungs with dirt.

This could be the beginning of the region turning into a re-do of the "Dust Bowl" period at the American prairies during the 1930's, similar to the reality depicted in the film "Interstellar".

So if the dust didn't make it clear, if the hundreds of thousands of refugees risking their lives to reach Europe didn't make it clear - wars affect everyone. Stop the wars.

Further reading:
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Wow +Tzafrir Rehan thank you so much for sharing. I hope anyone who has to be outside is able to do so safely. My heart goes out to everyone searching for a new home and freedom from danger in this.
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Tzafrir Rehan

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This is way too good

don't blink
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OK; that's just freaky.   So many different films smashed together!   Amazing.
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