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I am getting cat 6 cable run through the house but I still have WiFi devices. I have a hall that runs the length of the house and is in line of sight, with minimal sources of interference, of most rooms. I was thinking of mounting an access point on the ceiling, any advice, pitfalls, or brands to watch out for?

I am finally getting around to trying to digitize my excessively large cd collection. I have a small media pc with windows and an optical drive. What I would like is a tool that when I put in a cd it:
*Looks in up in a database, (or 3 and uses the most agreed on info)
*rips it to mp3 (or some lossless format)
*saves to the nas
*ejects the disk on success
*on failure sends me a notification (maybe using iftt?)

Any suggestions on apps that could do this? Or at least have sufficient hooks that I could script something like this with powershell? 

Looking for advice on a new phone.  For years I have been using the Motorola Photon Q, since it seems to be the most powerful android phone with a physical keyboard.  I do a lot of typing on my phone on mass transit (I live outside Portland and commute on the MAX), I am also 6'3 so "laptops" are not really an option.  And since most of what I write is pseudocode and markdown digging through symbol menus is not ideal, and I don't seem to have the accuracy for swype to give me anything but garbage (also, using non-standard vocabulary probably doesn't help).  I stuck with the slider form factor because it is one piece I could hold firmly with one or two hands while standing in a moving train and not taking up much space.

But, all things must end, the photon is not keeping up, even a lightweight  text editor stalls and hangs. Half the time the screen goes into power save while waiting for an application to load.  So I am looking for a replacement.  I am soon to have a kid, so a good camera is going to be a must.  I was looking at an Iphone 6 with a BoxWave Keyboard case ( as it looks like it will meet all my needs: backlit, symbol set, about the right size, doesn't obscure the camera, solidly connects to the phone so I don't have to worry about being jossled and it knocking loose.

I really don't want to go to an iPhone, but I am having a hard time finding a comparable android solution that meets my needs.  Any suggestions? 

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So this is cute and all, but of course ir is just invoking a 5.25 floppy, not actually fitting in one.  What archaic media do you think you could fit a raspi3 or something of similar power in?  I'm thinking you could hide a mini Display port and a usb slot under the slide of a Zip disk, and it may even be thick enough to be an enclosure.


So I got a new Synology NAS (yay!) and have moved my video and photo collections to it and they are serving up to the house and backing up to Glacier just fine. But now I want to expand out a bit.

I really like carbonite and crashplan, is there a way to set up a client on my desktops that will do version controlled automatic syncing of specific folders to my NAS? We had a CryproLocker problem a while ago, so mounting a folder for backups problematic. And the auto backup on change is really convenient.

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Just wanted to share this.  Thought it turned out really well, I bought chicken thighs not realizing they still had the bone in.  So with that, the last of the asparagus so it wouldn't go off, and some Kikkoman Marinade made for a tasty dish.  The wine was sweeter than expected but I guess that is what Moscato is like.

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Don't know if anyone saw this,  it looks like a pair of heavy lifting quadcopters, but I cannot tell from the vid.

I have a question about the state of in-home DC power. We are looking at potentially remodeling our house in the coming year and beyond running cat6 everywhere I am looking at incorporating home automation and possibly (waiting list willing) a Tesla Powerwall. And I am noticing a lot of converting from AC to DC to AC to DC going on.

I have heard from my server admin friends that there has been a move away from individual power supplies in servers in favor of two big ac to dc adaptors feeding a rack of servers instead of each server having 2 power supplies each. And I was wondering if there has been any developments along those lines in the home. Even with moving all the cell chargers to belkin power stations I still count a dozen wall warts and half dozen computer power supplies in the house. If I start getting home automation equipment I can only assume the amount of ac to dc adaptors will skyrocket.

And with the powerwall and solar in the mix I am looking at multiple conversions before I hit a device. Sure ac to dc and back are fairly efficient these days, but those efficiency losses multiply as they move down the chain, and even 5% loss per conversion amplifies after 3 or 4 times.

Are there any good solutions out there? Just for the household network I have 4 wall warts (modem, nas, wifi router, smart hub) with more coming (itus shield, rasberry pi, etc). Are there power busses that put out multiple 5v feeds I can use to replace multiple wall warts? Is there a wiring and outlet standard that I could just bypass the dc to ac transformer of the solar and battery rig and just feed dc to my devices?

Or am I overthinking this and trying to eke out slight efficiencies for efficiency's sake?

Tapping Unread under the ... menu does not mark an article as unread.  The popup "Kept Unread" comes up, but when I go back to the list of articles it is still marked as read.  I am using Version 24.0.8 of the Ipad app on a 3rd gen ipad (MC705LL/A) running IOs 7.1.1 and when I am moving through articles in Title Only view.  Sometimes when I go back to the article list the article will show as unread for a second but then it dims and is marked as read.  It is making the Ipad app pretty unusable since I scan the articles on the ipad, marking those I want to look at on the computer as unread, so they are right there when I can read in depth.
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