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Hey fam! I'm auctioning off 8 of my custom and couture outfits from Cycle 19 College Edition of America's Next Top Model to support The Tyra Banks Tzone at The Lower East Side Girls Club! You're gonna have to see them to believe them!

Two days left to bid! Take a look:
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Their is more important things in life to worry about to pay attention to such waste.
yes that is her. she has a TV show .
Ms. Banks. I'm very interested in connecting--can't seem to locate a solid point of contact after quite some time now. Can someone email me details? Thank you. getnocola at gmail dot com. 
Tyra is beautiful women et i love top model USA kiss Sandra 
your so pretty! im a huge fan!
you arr sooooooo.....................
Photogenic indeed. Hope yu will get the heighest bidder.
I know anything your in would be incredible because you are one of the most incredible woman in the world.
My wife would love to help your girls club! 
put alittle more fear and facee into iit member tyra always gives her opion
Yhea, its really amazing and exciting!
i love her ive watched all of the show of Americas next top model 
Конечно ничего не поняла :-) но фото суперское, да и вообще Тайра самая красивая модель.
vc e linda 

eu sou sua fâ
Tyra u are the best. A real lady. 
Wow! I have been watching ANTM since cycle 1! I can't believe its already cycle 19!!!
love your hair!!! wish i could figure out how to do it to me...well then agai  u are AMERICAS TOP MODEL!!!!!!!
Lol u r so funny..... ur power isn't really out right? Tyra can pay it for u
Ric Lav
Jolie la madame
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