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What do YOU see in the fierce knowledge tree?
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Yeah,with God all things are possible.They can grasp the unattainable.
I see a house, besides the rest of the beauty that surrounds the entire painting. It's breathtaking. I love it!
people hanging on, a house, books, tree, river, 
You can not know everything, God knows everything. But we mere mortals will have to be consoled thought "I know I do not know .."
I see you and I in the future.
Omega girl where is that loo so. Cool
i see u nxt 2 the picture n the beauty of nature
Colourful children playing crossing over from their playful world to a real living tree, yet an outstanding paragon on the brink of a world that was once our playground when we were all go lucky young children. "well u did ask T"
In a way I see cyanide and happieness...😉
I see a lot of books and a lot of people grabbing for the books but what I also see is one of the most beautiful women in the world there and it's you. Looking damn fine girl and I love that top and those sweats your wearing looking so damn fine like you always do, damn your good girl. How was your weekend? Did you have fun? With someone as stunningly beautiful as you with that stunning figure you should have no problem finding someone to have fun with. Your such a gorgeous sight with those perfect curves and that perfect face of yours you sure won't have any trouble finding a guy. That clueless cluck of an ex doesn't see the perfection you are is a little low in brains but a chicken brained fool like that would never see what a great package you are. You sure don't have to feel bad about losing that fool hen he was an idiot to leave you behind I guess his idea of a women was another clueless cluck like him. lol. I just love those gorgeous curves of yours and I  love the way you show them off, fantastic girl, just fantastic.
excitement and joy of learning!
i see people made of pages of books reading books
i see peeps made of pages and reading books looks like school
+Tyra Banks ! I see people involved in various activities but the snake which tempted Eve in the garden of Eden is hiding in the tree !!! :) D
i see people and a large tree
I see a house built inside of the tree...
i see a girl, sitting and pointing at a house in the trees,
I see a house and little paper people trying to reach for books and/or reading? I don't know too tired and new to all this and supposed to be doing homework! LOL!
I see people of all races reaching for books...knowledge-the way to succeed in life is with knowledge.
I see people interested in books, which are fruits of the house of wisdom, choose a story to be part of it and live every moment of this experience to let your imagination with each page read.
i see a house river and people hanging on books that are growing off the tree
buen mensaje para todos los que gustan de ver;criticar;y  jusgar
people reaching for books and loving the knowledge that comes from them
i see beauty <3 jk i wish i did all i see is that random stuff haley sisk said :P
I see uh ppl putting books inside the tree of knowledge xP
I c a girl followin a good path to knowledge

i can see a people climbing this tree
I see some weird square people taking books from a tree...
I c the way we as a,people should b holding on to knowledge that is at our,finger tips also showing how beautiful the world is all the colors reflect that and the step that r taken in order for the tree to grow ,water to grow tree ,tree to build house and make paper to and oxygen for us to breath and obtain knowledge for us to grow.

Distant childhood memories and dreams. Aim high with knowlege and see how much you grow.
Truly beautiful. Diverse cuz it speaks to everyone
childs playing also lots of memories and also how much u grow and more knowledge what are they doing in the picture
I see joy peace, love and life.
Life without pain to bring it down.
Life without danger all around.
Joy is in the air.
No hatred or despair.
Life is moving,life is free,
Life is something that I want to be. ;)
i wish my school had that for my mural at my school library
I see knowledge that is accessible to and for all
Blank slates looking to fill themselves with "the word", of any type.
Do you like watermelon? I do.;-) 
return of life the way it was intended to be... and the ability for all to take part in it.
people in the photo making the photo a photo and making it evn more beautiful.       B-)
Reaping a harvest. Happy is the person who gains wisdom & understanding.
Children playing reading having fun...
I see some one who has a lot of things she like to think about
myself wondering how this got on my page...
extraterrestials swing by their ears.A house or two built into the tree w/ books,conviniently hangin off the branches, some chinese guy's sitting @ a table studying and some mexican's working, some black ppl takeing a walk and some other race ppl,laying around trying to get a suntan cuz they need it so bad.
Lots of colrs. Reminds me of rainbow
reminds me of life u can color it how u like.
thats very pretty
In the tree, I see life, and everyone should be able to enjoy it
What I see is that it is saying that we are all made up of and are bits of knowledge in Life.
I see a tree providing paper for books and children happily running around with excitment because they have wonderful books to read.
I see that the nation has obama so tight down with nonsense Controversies and political stupidness That he cannot focus on what's real and what's needed and to seek the lord first and pray about what is next move is concerning our nation. He's willing and he is able but we must pray for him and our nation So he can all ride the stupidness Of the society that want him to fail Because of his collar and his heritage I tried to the nation and google to pray 1 nation under god indivisible Amen
She is by were i live but bot sure when that was
j sree
i see tyra
I see numbers formatted in measurements/ time ..etc.. i. e. the clock, the ruler, the calendar in the picture . I think and believe numbers are the connection through space and time and knowledge of them is more powerful than lack thereof. Could u live in a world without numbers? 
i see a world of knowledge and experience handed down to us from those of greatest honor and wisdom from above..... <3
Home age growth beauty and power of life as it really it is
Sun K
A woman admiring a painting.
These scenes are very common in India and particularly South India. Those are hanging there as a sign of their prayer to GOD according to their faith
tree on the street  is part of the art...
I also see a house between the branches and a man with his legs like brandhes and blond on the roof. Kind of crazy
That's some impressive art. Wheres it located?
I see books,people or kids playing on the tree, White gate, home, and someone looking at everthing that's going on around him
Ange B
A shelter of opportunities :-)
a home which is full of kbowledge and happiness..!!!!
i see a place thats full of stress [if that makes scense]   and a face on the tree thats blended in
People are similar and they remember that always to understand each other.   
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i c a library and ppl with books
What A Nice Paint....... Very artist.... Where is it?
Love the Picture, wouldn't it be nice if there was art work like this around our city instead of graffiti........
I looks like somebody drew it straight from their imagination. Very interesting picture.
hay  q tener mucha pasiensia para ese tipo de pintura
I see that tree has grown as you did in ur career. Positive in every way!
i see a good future where there is some thing for everyone
Wat am I supposed to see because I see many things
Strength. & knowledge of what's here now. Where I went wrong & what I need to do to fix it
awsome... no other word... just pure awsomness!!!
I see the pwoer of reading  growthbuilding a foundation for the future as long as it is watered(othersput back in) it will flourish forever!!!!
brain power from the roots to the tip of leaves...
A house and paper people wtf was i supose to see??
i see a tree house people with books hanging from the tree like the tree is monkey bars and a river with a person and a paddle!
cats, dogs,frogs,faces of people,number 39
I see different races with a common thirst for knowledge. Hanging out together. Realizing we are one common species that learn from one common factor one tree of knowledge. It must mean we are all equal learners. And we thirst for knowledge no matter who we are.
people swinging from branch to branch... homes.....books.... life
nice colorscheme ,style nd the theam
i see many different books and people from different races that use the books to read and learn.
I see many talents coming together in a happy community
I can see some impressions on the bark! :-)
if u agree post a comment on my profile
what kind of a name is the "fierce knowledge tree." i mean come on.
i see paper people picking books off trees and a house in a tree and tyra banks leaning on the this a trick question or????
Lucky sayings on white strips of paper - like at a Japanese Shinto shrine!
Ok.......what I'm I missing? 
a picture of an ideal but impossible world
if it is a fierce tree u sould see fear and a tree
I see me, you... all colors combined. I see pieces of all making a puzzle tree to become "WE".
i see shelter,,knowledge and affection
Dee S.
Life and its many roads
I see my block having a partayyyy ^_^
tu pagal hi or black bich girl
a tree(: and paper hanging from everywhere!!
at first, i didn't notice her :)) 
but when i do, she's so awesome 
it's as if she really belongs haha :))
read widely in order to gain a lot of knowledge.
It's hard to make the right choices if we don't have a vast option of choices...Knowledge offers us those choices.
I see people giving back their books and saying "We have computers now."
Mar Len

Knowledge is power
I see a wretched urban world created by sick polluter mafia criminals that needs asphalt and concrete REMOVAL. Grow vegetables and fruit. Boycott and expel polluter mafia from government.
I see an image of a beautiful woman posing by a beautiful picture!
Papers reaching for trees filled with books.
People wanting to become a part of a story and reaching out for knowledge.
There's like a couple holding hands in the bottom on top of the water next to the little book type of looking character...
Read books to gain more knowledge
I can see a beautiful lady on the right
A series of books and people hanging on to it and never letting it go
I see tree of knowledge and survival

I had to cheat, gonna go with ( house) and a giant carrot above it.
NO REST... Alway saying/reaching for more, More & MORE till Death comes!
I see..... paper like people holding onto a tree. Huh, figures
Well it has stick figures reading books everywhere a house built in to a tree a man under a table standing near a doorway plus 
I love u Tyra!!!!! U r so cool!!!!! And so pretty!!! :D
it shows the importance of paper.. which is made of tree
wow, wish i could paint like that
two People Struggling to make the  whole family happy even it looks good from outside but the pain inside the stress taken is always visible. 
nice painting.......................................
All men gaining from it.
tyra  banks. joking! i see team work.
Ya um er what am i meant to see??????????
i see the Keebler elves striking for a better living wage....
hay how many people r there
I did not see this tree.but this is very beautyful.
i see a house but nothing called "beautiful"
within the tree of life :   its is equal as showing the stage of  a learning experience as seeking knowledge and  wisdom in books as written by man. People are clinging more to books than knowledge and wisdom  given by God himself.  The female on the right is seeking answers as looking into wanting understanding of the tree within itself,..   That is what Glenda Curlee is seeing of this picture.
really like this art - I collect  trees.
i see a beautiful house on a beautiful tree n some people are having fun on there 
Gostei e você tem um bom gosto para artes. Beijod..
i see a cute black strong woman touching the tree that maybe I'll meet one day.
some got educated with comfort, but some are struggling to get educated
I see beauty and I ser bright colors that repusent ur personality mrs.Banks

Books let your imagination sore . . . 
a home with children ready to learn aroung it
aldy vj
What area of the world is this photo taken from???
I see "Knowledge " floating around like feathers. When "YOU" walk around in every day life..."YOU" can feel your skin vibrate....feeling the love..peace.. empathy..understanding..hope..wisdom..kind heart and "knowledge" filtering in the air and against your face. AMEN.
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