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Gettin' swept up in a lil' Random Act of Modeling!

Dress: Strapless Junko Yoshioka gown
Earrings: Forever 21 earrings
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik heels
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she always look sexy in clothes,lyk she was born with them sup gel
you are so pretty ans i want that outfit
me add? PLZ ♥____________TyRa_____________♥
you are so stylist girl.
wow wat a sexyyyyyyyyy
My studio needs swept and you are welcome anytime. 
Broom: Salvatore Giantolucci black label vintage
Lovely dress Tyra))) and u r lovely too, as always:)
О хоть нормальным чем то занялась!)))
that is a very hot dress u got on ~ WORK IT ~
what a dress::;;..............(job)
I love yhu tyra!! I hope to see yhu soon wen I start my modeling career!!!!!<3 xoxoxo... U inspire me ALOT.. #1 fan...:)
please clean well :-) :-*
is a great foto,tou are fabulos
if it were only that easy.....lok's gud tho
Eleni P
is there ever going to e another season of antm
do it with victoria's secret sw8y.. :)
Totally Tyra, as usual, working hard for the money. But truely, no one deserves better, not to me anyway.
i would so laugh if she got her dress messed up and smeared her makeup
I tried to be 19 forever............and it lasted until I almost turned 39!
Who doesn't wear a dress like that when is doing chores?
Beautiful of course. The only thing that makes me go hmmm, is the setting. Straight flash (hard light), long dark hallway, trash can with trash showing. Not her typical professional set.
Of course if this is how she normally sweeps the floors then I'm all for it.
In the end she's so attractive it really doesn't matter. ;)
beutiful but u look like rly skinny eat
You look beautiful. Hi Tyra I love you and I am you biggest fan! I'd give anything to meet you one day. You are so beautiful and some day I hope to be just like you. Smart and Pretty. I wish I had your looks, style personality and "XYZ." Have fun and I love you!!!! Love, Tarina E.
Stunning! Gorgeous! I love u Tyra ur my no. 1 Model i watch all ur shows ANTM... 
yu look nice and yu look good in tht dress..i big fan haha <3
Luv da pic! Random?, looks really nice! :-)
umm...uumm....uuummm,don't blame i'm speechless.
Would have looked better with out the " Broom" ... Just Saying !
The thing that sets off the dress, earrings and shoes is you and I really like the comedy of the shot, that's really great and you can sweep my floors anytime you want. Your the sexiest, hottest, most gorgeous janitor I've ever seen. You could charge $300 an hour for cleaning up people's places and you'd have work for the rest of your life too. lol. So how are you doing? Are you getting over Mr. Dim Wit? I would imagine so somebody that dumb probably has trouble trying to figure out how to breath, I sure hope your getting over it and I'm sure you will it'll be tough but it's not tougher than you. I still can't believe how much of a dork the guy is for leaving you. Love will bloom again but you have to get over the old feelings so the new ones can grow, hang in there girl it'll get better.
b-e-a-utiful gotta look good while cleaning
I love how even a top model can wear forever 21
got to look pretty when cleaning !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Goddess of modeling <3 Try a when it comes to modeling I have ALOT of respect for you
u wore this for america next top model , British invasion
Hotness! With an industrial broom in hand... go girl!
thats right darling we can look good n still clean!!! lol
Elegant host, TYRA, poise in fashion pomp.
woohoo i bet everyone wants u to sweep their are gorgeous
Boy, our janitor never looked like this!
jac jac
Em qualquer situação ...........não esquecer o charme !! gostei .
I am looking for a beautiful house girl.... would you. :) ...
When The super model want to take photo with some thing...
Im not a lesbian but i think you look very sexy in this picture.
ja, i may not be famous, for now, but i can see a beautiful queen. U're the one.
ey u look a million dollars
dam! im loving the dress! u look FIERCE diva! (^^,)
u r looking such a diva in that spectacular black shiny gown but what r u doin with that broom .................ha hya ha
hi,you a christian?never mind-love your gown,was that taken at your house?love the expresion of your arms, but i think your face should have been less fierce and you standing in the doorway opening the door,same stance anyway,try it?
that broo big as day we all do see that!!!!! but hello tyra banks
Now you know you don't sweep in those shoes
keep the floor clean :D wanna clean up my floor ?
big ink
tyra looking saucey
Didnt u wear this on ANTM? I love this dress but then again..I love all yr stuff

Kaity Vitale
6 days ago · Desktop · Limited
i love tyra and antm it is my favorite!!!!!!! only im going to have to convinse tyra of doing a petite season when im old enough

beautiful pic tyra.... i am one of your biggest fans! i ANTM all the time and i hope i can be on your show one day, im working with La Bella Marie Talent Agency right now .... i love modeling and always have since i was like 7 years old , and ive been watchin your show since i was that little and have been using some of ur tips that you give the girls on there ... u inspire me soo much i love you tyra ! :)
this is actually how i picture Tyra doing housework
the broom is just so beautiful!
<3 u 2 tyra!
u working that sweap it is the swagger sweap in MIAMI go hurricanes
Luv da earings. i'd wear them if my ears were pierced but im too scared to get them. ^^'
It looks amazing on the one and only amazing!
WOW!!! That floor looks Great!!! J/K your strapless compliments your personality and your figure. Just lovely
Only you can make a broom look good! 
u n tat broom,.............. pls tell me both of u are from different worlds!
lol you so funny,still sexy my sister
Love that dress girl you look beautiful
u are the prettiest woman in the world
Tyra that dress is pretty u r too!
Hello dear friend Tyra .
I come to invite you on my channel.
Please listen to the beautiful melody sax in my performance.
Regards and I wish a lot of fun and Health.
limpieza con elegancia¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ ja ja ja¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
Maike S
Ob das, das richtige Outfit zum putzen ist?!
Even when you are cleaning you are beautifull
cleaning while posing. funny combination
a broom: y
earrings:cant really see:(
"If room service can't do it, I might as well show you how it is done". Is that the concept? or "I need some privacy,no maids in the morning,Thank. Love Tyyrra !". Which concept is the correct one ?
if that is my floor sweeper i might marry her soon
Wow... Nice beautiful sexy
might as well look good while cleaning
OK! so U do janitorial work also! U R lvely!
ooooh.....i absolutly LOVE Forever 21
All forever 21 clothes are made in sweat shops. Don't support it.
hi you look ugly on there hehe cant get me booohoo biouch
you can clean all day at my crib babe
cinderella better hide your wicked sisters r behind u lol midnight is near
Hi tra this is itzel please follow me we will be good friends
like we dont give a...
i dontdwpodoiropq
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