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Smilin’ ear-to-ear on the Harvard Business School campus with my diploma! Tnx to my fab photographer mama for the pic!
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conrats 4 achieving one of the key of ur lock of life....!
felicidades guapa !!
wow tyra wow i would love to go there
that sweet Tyra, congrats on another positive step in your life
Congratulations! You earned & deserve it,
much Love & Respect!!
OMG that's wonderful.... congratulations girl
Lily L
Sincere congratulations! And nice photography skills, Mama Banks!
Congrad's .... Enjoy and pat yourself on the back cause YOU DID IT!!!
Happy Happy.... friend ronny
Congrats Tyra! I received my degree at 39 years old. I was very happy, and I do know how you feel. You are truly an inspiration to everyone who wants to go back to school and earn a degree of their choice. It is never too late to achieve our goals. Much love to you!
Congratulations! You're truly wonderful, gorgeous, smart... the kind that every young woman should look up to! You'll always be one of the best people who never fail to inspire me. God bless!
Tyra your so pretty when i get old enough i want to try out for americas next top model!
Your achievement should remind many kids that education is still important. Young girls should admire you and NOT the Kardashians, & Paris Hilton.
Я восхищаюсь Вашими фото, это наверное круто быть учеником Гарворда, мне об этом только мечтать:)
Fantastic and much Congrats! What's next?
Yes! I remember Michael Jackson's mom said that she wished her kids had all gone to college. Their success in music made them neglect college & Mrs. Jackson realized that education would have helped them to make better life decisions. She said this during Michael's court trial.
Hairflix is looking for a smart Savvy Female business partner like you!
i am Happy for you, congratulations too !!
nedecen sen? gülümsedin mi adamın aklını alırsın fazla zekayla soygunculuk yapacaksan karışmam..
congratulations Tyra ... head up for more
У вас диплом даёт возможности на престижную работу, а наш диплом даёт возможность подробатыват:(
beauty, preety, famous, and business lady.
gelinlik yakışır mı sana? yakışırsa benimle yalancıktan da olsa evlenmene müsaade ederim senden iyisini mi bulacam...
Congratulations I wish u soo much more success
Wow not just a Top Model Tyra you are also an AmaZzing role model
Dear Tyra. Congratulations on receiving your diploma! You have excelled yourself with this new achievement. I truly admire you. Love.
Congrats .... I would love for you to come on my show "Current Events with Patrick Cook" on Sunday to talk about it. Show starts at 4:00 p.m. Central. Let me know.
you suck balls!!!!!!!!
from your mom
Awesome accomplishment, a positive role model to all!
Congrats on your accomplishment!!! :)
Muchas felicidades por su programa de top models me encanta verlo
That's awesome Tyra love to see black women doing great it inspires me to be better!
AW!!! So proud of you!!! Supersmart supermodel!
You Go Girl!!! Not only beautiful but BRAINS too...AWESOME!!!
so happy 4 u :) congrats & in arabic we say مبروك !
Congrats! The whole world lies before your feet now... ;-)
Congratulations! Not just on your degree, but also on being an inspiration to others
My mom is a photographer and. Firefighter and used to be a model

Congratulations Congratulations
She continues to mystify me...

Why do I NOT care so much that I would share this you ask?

As a warning...Do NOT let her in your circles.

She will titillate you with these silly portraits, you laugh, she does it laugh again.

That is until you realize that have a can't not stop following her.

Don't Be Like Me!
Congratulations! Well done.
Congrats I'm so happy for you!!!!:)
Brian P
Congrats,,,,Very nice.
im so happy for you and love your show substantialy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Congratulations. What a great example to other young women. I'm very proud of my degree as well.
Congrats on the degree. It's an accomplishment that no one can ever take away from you.
nice way to go!! :)
So lovely and beautiful! U go girl!
Congrats Tyra!! Thank you for being such a positive role model for my daughter. She says that you show her how to be beautiful both inside and out and that it is definitely okay to be smart, have an oppinion and know what you are talking about. Here in Oklahoma, there is still a "good ol boy" system and I know I have run into several men who try to "put me in my place". Thankfully Emeline knows not to take that and to stand up for who she is. You are definitely one of the reasons for her great attitude!!
Congratulations Tyra....I love your show.your a great example to a fan so happy for you :)
i soo wanna go to that school i have straght A+s so far
ya congratulations at least i know how to spell jk
Beauty and Brains - wicked combination. Congrats!
Congratulations. You are an amazing young lady.
Congrarts; I'm studying for Masters Opticians license.
wow, you can't take a bad picture even if you try and by the way, congratulations!!!!!<3
how does someone who spells thanks tnx get a diploma from harvard?
Obviously too much time on your hands. Try to find a hobby. Sheesh!
hello my mom used to be a model and now she is a photographer and firefighter
cool! she is a firefighter! can u thank her 4 her service 4 me pls!
hay TYRA nice pitcure you look so beautiful will you plese add me as your friend on here its by the way i love ur show
Clay S.
you fools, she didnt really get her full degree, its one of those extra programs on the side for harvard to make money. congrats on buying a $33k sheet of paper. EDIT: AND ITS NOT BUSINESS SCHOOL, its "Harvard University’s Executive Education Owner/President Manager Program"
Congrats beautiful... I wish you much more success.. God Bless
Cool Tyra! I have a couple years until I'll be in college, I am only in the sixth grade!! I'm trying to enjoy the young years while I can. They go by so fast!
Zabi D.
I think they didn't give her hard time, with all things she is doing, she will never have enough time to learn and pass for all exams, it's publicity stunt or something.

No hater, (I'm on university my self)
Hello How are you!! I've noticed it's wonderful
Are you married??
That you're not married we will be having an affair
I love you .... bye.
Good going, Tyra! Now go out there and do something REALLY GREAT for the world! Love, Truth, Peace & Trust ... Donna
I don't know why you're in my stream but hey congratulations!
Congratulations, +Tyra Banks . Nothing beats brains and beauty. Best of luck to you in the future.
So now that you got your diploma.... "watcha gonna do, watcha gonna do with the diploma that's new"
Trya, so proud of you and your accomplishments. It's like people like yourself, that have inspired me to go back to school. Thank you
That is so cool! Are you guys going to do another season of ANTM? I think you should! I`m a BIG fan! I want to be a modle when I`m older! At my house,I have gotten everyone hooked on it! LOL!!
I'm going to go ahead and assume it's honorary
congrats by the way i am a big fan and my friends say i am weird that i like you and i am still 8 years old as in a child not an adult
congrats!!!!! you go girl!!!!!! lol
Well, looks like money can buy happiness.
My dear well done. You have the capacity to learn. To have discovered this is a marvellous start to a life of discovery and for each mistake made a lesson well learnt. Enjoy life.
love it!! much congrats!! keep doing what your doing :-)
great example to young adults like me sister God bless you and keep up the good work.
Good job.... I was hoping you would've wore the fat suit.... still Congrats!
That's probably the best reason to show that radiant smile of yours. Congratulations Tyra Banks. ;)
go tyra under all that beautiful the is a genius we all knew it show us what you working with
Inspiring Tyra.... Can't wait to work with u in ANTM! Also can't wait for the next season!! XXRR 
Congratulations! Fabulous achievement!
CONGRATS TYRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She took a 3 week course! That's nice but not worth bragging about.
Congratulations on passing? I'm assuming that's the diploma for graduation is it? I've never gone to college or university so I don't know exactly what the deal is. When did you go to Vietnam? I guess that was on a weekend was it, that's an awful long ways to go for a weekend unless the photo was taken previously. Looking so damn good girl, just a real beautiful shot of you, never get tired of that classic beauty of yours. Your ex is such a damn fool, I hope your getting over that fool because he isn't worth a dime of your grief your priceless and he couldn't see that? IDIOT. Hang in there girl it'll get better as long as you keep working to make it better.
congrats ! this is why you are a role model for so many of us ! 
Congratulations, you are now a Crimson Girl
You look looking stunning as ever Tyra might i add.I hope your well my dear.Floyd x
Way to be a great role model Tyra! You are educated, independent, and a hard working woman! Thats what I call a real triple threat! I hope you keep doing bigger and better things! Congratulations! 
Congratulations ms. Lady, your still the best in the biz.
Congratulations Tyra :)) And thanks for going to VietNam for Vietnam Next Top Model :D
way 2 go my Queen! im so proud of you and all the good you do, and great things you accomplish! May God continue to richly bless you, guide you and keep you always you beautiful, gorgeous, etc.etc. sistagirl of mine! holla atcha boy n dont be stranger! tim
Congratulations, Tyra! I feel one of the significant thing here is the positive message this sends about good education and it doesn't matter whether this is a full degree or what not.
I salute you for that!
look at u getting an award diploma
congratulations...truly beauty and brains....
Congratulations on such a great achievment!
congrats im so proud of you and mom for the great pic
cool now I think you could break into modeling I think you got it
I might be wrong but yeah
congratulation for this , very nice pic
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I'm just starting my college career at 50!
looking awesom dear....
congrats..and the pic is very lovely.
OMG tyra i watch America's Next Top Model nd u r fabulous girlfriend!!
I thought this was a scene from higher learning. Lol
And Harvard meets their quota.
Congratulations -- an achievement to be proud of indeed!!
Congratulations great future ahead:-)
is there going to be a Dr. Banks after this?
i had been missin ur antm show...tsk tsk
Not just pretty but smart too what a combination hope you get the best in life congratulations............Ruben
You've got the best of both worlds.:)
hi dear please a work our stunger .
D Paul
Well done!
good for you .... don't stop
I am only going to ask this once...put down the diploma and ring the bell
My boobs look delicious...btw, congrats TyTY
Can you find the real Southern Belle in this picture?
You are my idol! You are one of my inspiration! I am proud of you! =)
Setting goals early in life, staying focused to achieve them in even, balanced unwavering steps, that's the path to happiness. Well deserved Kudos to a real American girl!
U need that Diploma, because u R in business.
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