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...and so is she, my Harvard Biz School BFF. We were having HBS withdrawals and went to Boston for a refresher. Who out here wants to be an entrepreneur, too? TyTy knows you can DO it!
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Let da white girl go
Oh Pick me. I'm just a poor little guy. Thanks Tyra :-)
I'm working on it, though no degree or time/money for classes, but after 12+ years of owning my current business, I guess I've learned a few things :)
Tyra please if u can see my text, let's me here so that we can tak more becouse I vave someting that I like itfrom you so I hav to beg u, I said please let's meet at, or hamisug@facebook or please thanks to you tyra

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You look awesome go get some georgeous, much love....
Me Be
Beautiful picture.
Okay business school it is! Uhhh probably won't be a Harvard.
Beautiful women think about me give you self a through for being happy with you beautiful body and mind and spirit you are a very wonderful happy through person and smart enough to go and get what you need any time you want it I Love you so very much beautiful woman and your body is beautiful no man know what I know about you your soul is beautiful you like to help people and it feels good to work with God es please i love you beautiful woman no matter what you do away care for you in love so i want to make Love to you and rub you down with hot oil touching you softly sucking and touching on your body and chest and make ing you come and cream and screaming and cry ing for mercy say yes yes yes yes baby again and again and tasting on your pussey softly sucking and touching and cream and screaming and cry ing for mercy dain and eat ing your pussey softly sucking and touching on your pussey until YOU cream and screaming for mercy comes down your legs in to my mouth marketing you feel good and happy smile on your face PS love away from your daddy Rodney Armstrong
Love you, Tyra! :-)
I married at 15 my husband was 16 had baby 3 weeks after we were married, never had time to try for school. Had all 3 of my kids before I was 24. We have been married for 41 up and down years. I would love to have more but I am happy!
Tyra can my magazine one west magazine get a interview cover story
I'm an entrepreneur :) At least I think of myself as one LOL
Tyra ,i want to marry u with your fine ,u kno u got that good though .. Stay lookin pretty hot and tempting .. Sexy est 
I am an entrepreneur! I've got 2 businesses (one with a hot makeup line) and I am so very happy to be my own boss!
i love tyra  this pic is alsome . she an entrepreneur i know that's right
Ohhh my gosh,...I juuust glanced at her shirt and swore it said I'm pregnant... :-) woopsie!! 
I do and I have some ideas that I want to pursue that could be revolutionary...maybe. But I'd really, really like to entrepreneur you. lol  
I luv tyra I've been wathing her scence I was 5
that I must say is a natural photo and a fine specimen you are.
I want to b A young, white, entrepreneur, capitalism can b hard t come by, in our demography. Can a gal from Hawvaard, show me the way?
YES!! I've got the same shirt! 💕💋👣
+Rodney Armstrong What the hell does any of that have to do with the subject at hand. Dip stick. You on a whole, unnecessary page. Take a cold shower and think it over. Don't hurt yourself while u at it. Dinggy.
Entrepreneurial Sista over here....
Tyra!!! Do I have to be in Boston? I believe you can make happen whatever you like. For a Single full time Dad living here in Pittsburgh with no job, living on not much after bills, so I started a business with a Company so I believe I have Entrepreneur mindset. Can you do me HUGE FAVOR! Have your management staff take a look at it just to see if it can Make Tyra More Money, Save more money at son and i really love you Tyra. Have a Blessed 2014. pps...if i would b so lucky to b considered, i'd love to an entrepreneur with your endorsement, tks a mil.
am doing sales nd marketing buh am also doing entrepreneur az a unit...nd its fun being n an entrepreneur class...LOL mixx banks
You are a role model even to young ladies in Africa like me :)
sill trying to be a noted artist......maybe someday....because rokinronda art ROKS!
I love your post. Thank you
I need that shirt!!!! Entrepreneur in the making! AHoleyMoleyLyfe
<3LOVE THE T-SHIRT ! so kool....... i must hv it.....
Asum Ts
i love the shirt too !!!!!!!
Don't believe hearsay, she said he said, and who did what in bed. You'll misconceive ones that were born and who is dead.
nevermind,  I only have NEGATIVITY when I see this pictcure!  
I do . I wrote out my scope yesterday. I want a Grant Writing /Business Proposal business. I want to write for government hospitals, small non profit orgs. and etc.. For Starters. Thus when Leverage come I want  franchises of HAnds and Stones and  outlets etc... etc I have two masters degree but It challenging looking for  a job. Everyone seem to  want to reinact SLAVERY.. go Figure!
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