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I voted 4 the man I believe will run our country best 4 my future children.
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Not that you have to tell us
Romney right because Obama is Muslim and is clearly not the right choice okay yeah I agree!!! Nuff said I rest my case!!!!
I did too!

Thank everyone for voting!

It was a bit inconvenient. But i think no matter who you voted for?

It was worth your vote!
I"m excited for all of you >> Can't wait to see the results
But I wasn't running though... :)
Rach T
Lookin good Tyra! Get that Vote in.
Keep it to yourself. As long as you voted your beliefs and values. (Which I believe we will all be held into account one day.)
President's come and go your beliefs and values will be what remain.  If those values are good and true your life, your culture, your society will thrive.  If not well.... we may all suffer the consequences.
Hi Tyra. VOTE for the Democratic Candidate OBAMA coz Under the Republican George Bush, They MESSED UP the USA n the WORLD's Economy and Brought MISERY to LOTS of People. Sad to say, Poor Obama Had to CLEAN UP the MESS !. It Will take a Longer time for Obama to Clean Up the Mess ! Give him THAT CHANCE to DO SO ! Imagine if you were OBAMA ? Can you DO IT OVERNITE ? Din 
I hope u voted for romney
Well said.......................................Peace
RiRi E.
+Roxane R-D
............U R A VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY SMART GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RiRi E.
haha ur welcome. 

but it's true stuff. 
Emily J
thats not verry nice kamran memmedov
Who cares if he's Muslim or not!! (Obama)
It wouldn't matter at all, people should be happy for who they are!!
Were having our little convo
indeed. who else is praying that obama wins, out of curiosity? So nervous, it's insane.
I didn't know that Rosanne Barr was a male... lol... I'm not concerned about who you voted for, but am proud and happy that you voted... Every Vote counts and it is the poll that really matters..
RiRi E.
+Roxane R-D I'm 11. But don't get me not someone who will just go with what anyone says. If i dont like what they said , or i dont agree w/ gonna say something....and some times, i might go a little overboard. :(   but   :) sometimes
Obama us going to win 
There is a 90-92% chance of me being incurably happy after the election a.k.a. a 90-92% chance of Obama winning. :)
+Anna Warnock first of all, he's not Muslim, second of all why would it matter? Would you not vote for him because of his religion? I think you need to think over what a good president should have.
RiRi E.
she said MAN............. it must be Obama!!!! 
<3 ya tyra! future children? tehehehehehe! democrat or republican?
Good men have died for you to be as free as you are in America! Your're a good girl and deserve the very best. Picked my 15 year old up at school and took him to the dentist, voted earlier thismorning. Good check up, that's a relief. Now lets watch elections!
Yeap she talking about Obama................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No I didn't vote for Romney I voted for the man who will get this country back where it once was before you know who fucked it up...(sorry for the bad language) but its true..
As a very proud the the voting public in the States..................Yeah............................................Peace
Congrats to President Barack Obama on his reelection
Good election Tyra....good morning and have a nice day....
we would have been better  if Mickey mouse had won.
who's mickey mouse mitt romney. mmm..... if it is than so not true my opinion
If the election affects the whole world, should not everyone have the right to vote.....  Just a just a thought.
+Martin Emilsson , Imagine how many wars it would take to get the entire world on the same page as America... Just a thought
congrats dear...... obama is the right choice.
Not only did I vote put my $ where my mouth is
me too. But my money went to my family to keep us a float instead of advertise a campain
U have done thing gul viva obama viva
I voted for Obama, and proud of it!
I did too and his name is obama my presidents black 
I love how everyone is focused on the presidential circus, instead of zooming in on the key point of Tyra's share: "my future children." Hey Tyra, you want any help w/ that project? ;-)
 Тайра! Я Вами восхищаюсь, Вы потрясающая женщина!

Respect!!! )
My Dads friend is Valente u are my favorite 
nice thinking for country and family
Jade vb
thnks for voting obama
You go Tyra I love your show I watch it all day till you pick the winning 
Tyra Banks you are a very talented lady. I admire the way you return back your talent, knowledge, and kindness towards the society through your different shows. You are not just a model you are a role model for lot. You have my heartfelt of blessing.
i love u so so much God will bless u for helping people achieve their dreams i wish i can see u , ur so talented i dont miss any episode of ur American next top model
Tyra, you are beautiful..I'm an Italian girl..and I watched America's next top model from 1 to 17 cycle.. I want to see the 18 and then te 19:D you're fantastic!
tyra i think you are amazing we are just alike i watch you on next top model collage and you are funny and have a great sense of style i hope you are reading this because i am a huge fan i and you are my idol, i bet alot of people say the SAME THING but if you met me i you could see im diffrent, thaNKS FOR BEING SO beautifly amazing :)
you're mitic.. you're my example..and you are so wow! sorry for the bad english!
Love the shot!!! one of your top model photo shoots should be an american flag theme...i think your fans would love it!
Does Tyra Banks have kids? Sorry to ask but i have never heard of them

Amma warncok dat ogayma or was he called Obama is not Muslim so get ur facts rite an wot was dat bought u rest ur case well for da record ur case was wrong ogayma is not a MUSLIM. NAW I REST MY CASE.LOL
Every VOTE counts and the polls showed so. God bless America.
love u trya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TEAM OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111
WELLLLLLLL...............your children, Tyra, will have to pay the debt that Obama is making. My children will have to pay as well. And our grandchildren and our great-grandchildren will all have to pay. Do you really, honestly, think that it was the right choice to vote for Obama? I mean, he's a nice GUY. But he's not doing the job right. We are his employers so we can fire him. He is attempting to make the Capitalistic America that was founded in the 1700's into a Socialistic mess. What will happen to the economy? I know that no one is perfect but why would you willingly choose to vote for someone (Obama) who has lied to the American people, has promised things that have never come to pass, AND who is willing to cover up his actions? On top of that he openly supports abortion which is murder. You may say "You're just a kid. You don't know what you're talking about." Yes. It is true. I'm only 15 years old. However, I know how to spot a hypocrite, and, my dear friend, Obama is a hypocrite. I am very sorry that he was re-elected. I cannot yet fully comprehend what this will mean for my future. But one thing is for certain: Barack Obama does not deserve to have the position of the President of the United States of America. But in the meantime, we should turn our gaze to Israel and pray fervently for their enemies. We should be praying for their enemies because they are going to pay the penalty for attacking Israel. Trust me. They will pay dearly.
Barack for Obama! Barack means support so goes to prove he's meant for the job right now!! Otherwise he wouldn't b prez! In Obama! Plus best lookin man since Kennedy!yes it's about looks not policy! Not? Hehe
I would love to be your partner in creation, I have good strong genes, and  am a gentle , kind soul.
Is the child already on it's way. If so congrats.

Who DID you vote for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
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