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Smize of the Week: Judy Blume looking classic and glam in a retro pic from before she made it big as an author!

Ms. Blume's fab legacy is proof that great stories are always in fashion. Happy 40th Birthday to her book, Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing!

My faves were Are you there God? It's Me, Margaret & Forever. What's your fave Judy Blume book?
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Deenie was always my favorite....i must have read that book 15 times!
My favorite was "Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret".
i love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i also love you tyra!!!
LOVE this! I couldn't have made it through adolescence without Judy Blume! I think Tiger Eyes might be my favorite.
she is oldies pretty... if you know what i mean
a tale of a fourth grade nothing is definatley my favorite i have read every boo of every series se has ever written!!!!!!!1111 :) <3
Just heard about u letting go the only 3 reasons why i still continue watching antm... sad really sad
i love her books
i have read almost all of them
Hi Tyra , can you tell me about when the next contestants will be chosen for the Cycle 19 ANTM? Mt daughter auditioned
Hey Tyra! Me and my mom love your show! Can we be your friend? Or can you make a birthday song for my mom? She is your biggest fan!
Yeah she sure is nice and she's a good looking woman but you do it so much better then she can, while I don't know what her figure is like it's very unlikely she has a better figure than you. I haven't heard of her before so I haven't seen her books but those are some intriguing titles.
nice picture..........................................
Thats true extra lovely and beautiful
oh you and your smizing XD love it though. she's pretty
she isn't even smizing....
I love judy blume my favorite was are you there god its me margaret
I Loved "Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing" and "Forever" ....
I like Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret too. It was a good book. And she looks so stunning in this pic. I would never think a women this beautiful would be so funny!
Are you there God?its me marget. I just read that the other day its good
Are you there...& Tales of fourth grade! I remember sneaking to read the books at a very early age because I thought it was too grownup. LOL!
my favorite is are you there god its me margret
Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing- Ms. Norris class when I was in Fourth Grade at Celest Scott Christian School
"Deenie" and "Are You There God, It's Me Margret" are my faves.
i like those 1s 2 Caroline..! i also like ''just as long as we're together''
Forever was my favorite book as a teen!! She also wrote some great adult books that were quite steamy!!
are you there god its me Margret & as long as were together AND the fudge series
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