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“U can turn any moment into a photo shoot. Mine is on an airplane. Just find the light & show me ur glow, fam.”
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i luv u tyra u r such a role model if the show is still around i am going 2 tryout for America's next top model
that's cool...I have to take like a 100 photo shots before i can at least get one decent one ...hmmm....
Luz E
Hello, Tyra Banks I saw Americas Next Top Model I like it and you are beautiful model
Very nice shot Tyra! you looks beautiful.
1D Af
1D Af
i wnt to do tht! it seems awesome!
hey tyra im on my mommy page and i wanted to know u could make me famous so i can be on tv i would love to show off my talent i can sing very well and remember im only 12 years old if u can plz write me back and ill give u my number so we can get the party and beauti and talent stuff started lol u heard
yes she is beautiful and she has so much style thats why i want her to hook me up lol
mabe it will im only 12 on my mothers page omg girl
hey tyra, in da words of Keith Sweat (let's chill) sorry wrong
Hahah!I always sit on my bed by my window and take good pics of myself haha!I glow!:Plolz
wow Tyra you are so beautiful
i live in vietnam you can visit me next
Shame on you.
She has more dignity than to be talked to in that way.
I hope you have more respect for girls that are actually in your league, else you'll be lonely for the rest of your life.
Maybe then you'll understand that you need to respect women.
thats a really cool picture, completely describes what photography means which is to paint with light. but i have a question why are there pluss size models and zero size models but no inbetween?
Please make nice photo of your's this one is not the best of your's..
Hi Tyra! Thank you for making beautiful patterns change in the world, make curvy women feel beautiful and not fat, for teaching that is not enough to be cute, but you have to be women of character, enterprising and powerful ...
I love the lighting, and I agree 100% you can make any moment a photo moment. My best photos that were taken when not done professionally, but in a spur of the moment type situation. They have much more character I think. You are still the most beautiful lady, inside and out.
bitch is that why you got a donkey as a photo? ur ugly for saying that hag
it looks like you;re blind or something like that.
The beg's very nice
Thats so pretty i want to do that!!!!!!!!!!
I want to try that too!!!!
You outshine us all, gorgeous shot of you I don't think I've ever seen a bad shot of you at all. But that's what I would expect from the
Qeen of Super Models.
Beautiful!!! Ur my idol!!
Amazing! Such a radiant natural look! You captured the GLOW all of us lady's need!
Imagine the awesomeness of God's creativity. Just look at the glowing face there, no wonder the word of God says let your light so shine. What a wonderful world we live in.
omg tyra I LOVE YOUR SHOW!!!!
hi trye i'l lov 2 meet or c u 1 day bcoz i really need yo help gal.
....let me know where to send ur custom made
I watch the re-runs of Americas Next Top Model all the time.... it is sooo good!!!
True that fan u tyra
thats sooo pretty!!(((: i wish i could be like you!!
hi Tyra... You are really beautiful I am from Guatemala and I want to be a model... I hope can make my DREAM come true :) you are awesome!!
Jo R
OMG....LOve U Tyra U are my 1 and only MODEL IDOL .. BTW i love the way ur fotos are like always so natual
trya i watch every single show of americas next top model i hope one day i can finnally meet u on the show
Beauty comes from within... But some people need to work for beauty... Tyra has it naturally love ya Tyra you are so cool
So what you see the background she imagine it. LOL!!!!
Its you and real you. For those who cant see they better look forward and put on lens
love how the lights make you look so different. Really shows a ton of natural beauty!!!!
hi tyra was to tell you you're my favorite model. fierce and you're super super super love from Venezuela have followed all your career to learning English to tell you how much I admire you. I have seen all the seasons of americans next top model, I have seen all the public appearances you've done, your program, your aparicones in magazines and I'm resivir your book (which I bought by amazon) was just to tell you I adore from Venezuela and you have great fans in Venezuela
ATT: Edward Lamb (Eduardo Cordero in Spanish) age: 14 years. country: Venezuela esrado: Guarico, Township: Valley of the Passover
always will worship you
plane, wow i am scare to death of planes. 9-11 is my birthday and ever since then i don't like planes at all
True.Over exposure can turn a photograph into a nice picture you can hang on the wall.good tip
Спасибо вам за то что вы есть ! Побольше бы было таких людей как вы и мир стал бы намного лучше...
Check this fam!I can't show no photo like that.A whats up with captain america(Will Smith).A" I'm black!
Listen I'm young to see my glow I got to find it, to make moments a"keep inspiring replys you will make all the difference in the world.Did he notice yet?Gorgeous!
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