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Stay Fresh, Stay True, Stay YOU!
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Stay you? So that's why you use the photoshop right? Makes sence.
She's not what she looks like in the true sense...just a flare for make ups!
Tyra you could be the new model for Barbie!
Looks nice Tyra... You like Jazz? Stop by and check me out the #1 Jazz Artist on ReverbNation for Washington, DC :). Please join my circle! Have a blessed day baby doll...
You are very very beautiful & I want to sex with you.

I respect you so much!! Glad to have found you here!! :-) 
ok ? fico linda vc e uma gata bjs te amo
wow is that a doll of you tyra its very pretty for a doll if it is
┗┛╰━━┛┗┛╰━┛┗━┛& |H|♥T
Now don't change a thing and don't listen to the haters. Haters hate, losers loser and the Lovers and Winner are always on top! :)
that is too two to cute!!!!!!!!!!! YOU GO GIRL!!
ur figure shows out perfectly.............u sure luk great Tyra..........
Why do fat men crave skinny woman, and can we get a padded cell for them and/or sell them by the pound?
your awsome!!! Tyra you show them who you are!! i love your shows
i love you because you are very sexy ,hihi
Tyra, You don't have to be afraid To put your dream in action You'll never gonna fade You'll be the main attraction Not a fantasy...
Nice and cute photos.
I wish more runway models had much more attitude like Tyra. She didn't just strut. She put on a show. It was epic.
Dear Tyra,
Do u have a modeling industry? If so i would like to join. u r a role model to me1
YOUR FAN!!! <3 :D
i got it this lady and her gay friend are just nuts. she is like 55 thats sad
Hey tyra....I need help.I have low self a steem. I sound like a man I have chicken legs n speech difficulties.I'm always getting drilled.I'm young n I feel old n a Christian I don't wanna feel like this.I pray to God that he may change the way I think n feel.please help. ...stay bless 
i like the undergarment color,its very hot
okay tyra girl...this pic is ms.america type!
come on seriously? look like a you know ..
says the woman who's career makes millions of girls anorexic, bulimic, and entirely unhappy about their appearance. ignorance is bliss i guess.
my cousin Amber Lawrence Graham was in New Zealand next top model
She says to "be yourself"... yet her pictures are airbrushed up the wazoo? Hmm...
Tyra, i love you. You look really sexy and fierce here as always. You are amazing.
If her hips and thighs were just a little slimmer, she'd look like a Barbie doll. If that's what you're into...
Tyra's a barb. Love it.
No harsh comment will ever make her stop being tyra and famous,so,save it peeps. Don't judge her
My gosh...there truely are no limits to the human mind...Just so amazing..
that is one cuuute photo....can i get an autographed one..please please
Thanks Tyra, I had a Wonderful time with everyone there. Fantastic Dinner, can hardly wait for the next invite. Perhaps you can invite me over for Dinner and view one of my Films next time. Take care. Later, RICH
thank u look very nice are u a fan of harajukulovers
Zabi D.
She's not keeping it fresh, not staying true, not being herself..why?

Every picture of her is heavily photoshopped to look good.
you look like a barbie doll
u Looooook sooooooooooooooooooooooooo fab and cute!!!!!!!
gorgeous tyra,im a fan im always watching American Top model. :)
Dats wot am going to do today.....
Bon Chu
Woww sexy....
is that really u Ty?! Beautiful picture ♡ it!
NOWADAYS I'M WORKING IN DUBAI AS FASHION PHOTOGRAPHER .........................tyra in future may b i reach u.........any option for me......
looking very funny and beautyful tooooooooooo.
I love that new "Shake it up" you were in last night
Kevin R
love the red pants Tyra
qué muñeca mas bonita !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ooh, this pic is fantastic. I would luv to do a fantasy shoot, although I'm not a model, but everytime I mention this, my children and friends laugh. You see, I'm 48 years old but I am still very young at heart. Next on my "bucket list" is to do a tandem skydive!. Watch this space.......
ايول داري
wow oh ho
I Get it lol your like a Barbie doll so u don't want to be plastic or fake but true to yourself and others! Cool way to get ur point across ;)
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gurl you look like your trying out for rupaul,s next drag superstar lol
Hope big dreams as size of the world you always acompish your goal looking stunning.
That is the only way to be, stay true to yourself!!!
You look so sexy if I was a girl I would fuck you
There is something about your look I would not mind to waking up to see every morning
Nobody bet not ever say anything about my ass,sexy ass, bad ass BANK$ :)
Stay ageless - how do you do it?!
that's so not real!!!
stay photoshop!
Your right. But still go Tyra Banks!!!
"I love the uniqueness of this outfit...It is definitely saying: Fresh, True, and You (Being yourself is so important)" I like it.
u look like one of those Bratz dolls....i never liked those much
Do u check these yourself? And do u ever write back in person?
I use to be size 0 now I'm size 20 how do I get back any advice?
Fresh and FIERCE!!!! 🔥🔥🔥
Eleni P
Tyra, r u excited to be on Shake it UP? STAY fierce that picture is drekitude just kidding ure definetly smizing
OMG Tyra, I thought this was a doll....was looking to buy it!! AMAZING photo!!
معقول الحلاوة دى ربنا يحفظك
hey sister, you don't send me christmas cards anymore
She look's soooooooooooooooooooo much like a Barbie doll!!!!!!!!!! Gooooooooooooooo TTTTTTTTTTYYYYYYYYYYYYYYRAAA!!!
this look like a young version of you Tyra. reminds me of WONDER WOMAN.
i wish i have bdy like tyra
a man of good courage always want the very best of him self nd for hisself so gada stay on on low key prof stay my way the very best way i cld nd how i can search the whole world for kind off...........tyra
Tyra, this is such a lovely pic of you....:)
I Like the way u do the things u do !
You are a beautiful woman and have aged a day since 21. Keep on going on.
One day my pic would be exlcusive like yours!
Tyra do a show of women 50 and older, might be interesting.
hahhahaa.nice( užas <3 bolja sam pička od tebe.cmok-cmok)
Cj San
stay flashy
What That backyard look like...
Tyra, how to you stay so slim! I need to loose atleast 30 lbs. Whats your secret?
from the mind to the eyes a shot that can last a life time,taken with so much poise and grace,eyes that highlite the face,from behind hair that stands in place. miami poet terry newton
In every single way! Words can't bring you down! Can't bring you down todaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
Daaammmn - I'm gonna find those boots!
Dear Tyra,
My name is Elissa Wallace. I'm 11 years old and I love you. You have been my role model since I watched my first episode of Americas next Top model. I go to Jenks East Inermetiet. I also live in Oklahoma. I think that I have smizing down!=) Mrs.Banks it would mean the WORLD to me if I ever got to meet you in person! Well like I said my name is Elissa Wallace, please send me a resonts back! <3
you are a true insperation to me b4 i saw top model i always had body issues being thin in my country is'nt hott thick with big ass is now i'v learened to accept myself and all my bones lol
i cant wat for you to take pics of me one day
yes she is the next top model she is every good yay yay yay f shannonx
hi tyra grl whn u cumin 2 south africa loved u shw n ur nxt topmodel 
wow kya panty hai this your comfetable
whot did you put not you tyra banks the persen that put a coment befor you whot does that mean???? f shannonx
Quelle jolie divino-angelique creature! Dios mio, Que bonita...!
i like her with lot of kisssssss.
This picture posted after my birthday... I love the way you look:) perfect xx
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