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Facing the world fiercely in a +Rodarte dress (in my fave color). How will YOU fiercely face the world today? 

Photographed by Mark Liddell for Amica Magazine
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me encanta las Sandalias y el vestido! =D 
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Love the're beautiful as always!!! 
an awesome always look fierce!!!!
with my head high and with positive attitude 
I will face the world standing tall!  Hoping to set a good example for others to follow! Showing them all how they will one day take the lead!
show them your a force to be reckoned with
Hot! I would be fierce in that dress too but today I'll have to settle for being fierce in my Miss Me jeans and hot pink sweater n Aldo heels also in hot day Tyra.....
I love the dress :)
you look beatuiful yet feirce and stunning
I had an idea
maby you could make a pre ANTM
meaning its for pre teens from10-15
no posing nude
I made it happen today in a big way! Fierce is not only about the rags!
I dunno but I can sure face it a lot better after seeing you in that photo damn girl are you looking incredible. Wicked, wicked eyes girl and that dress really suits you too, damn that's an excellent shot of you one of many, many excellent shots of you. Your the best girl, the very best.
Ha Ngo
impressive :)
Cruella De Vil: My only true love, darling. I live for furs. I worship furs! After all, is there a woman in all this wretched world who doesn't?
With my freshly shaven head :) Why do women get the reaction of, "Aw...I wonder if she's sick?" and men are just considered hot when they shave? Double-standards :/ It's 1/4 inch long...not shaved to the scalp.
u look d tallest lady but what is yr height
Yes I love Tyra.. but I don't like the dress..
your dress is hottttt....
happy to chat with you,it's good to share something with someone
Hi Lady Love  I do love you  and you look marvelous in Sunshine Yellow  and Shoes   See Ya   My Goddess Tyra Love   Love Your BB
so beautiful, so fierce. i love the smize.
Tyra i love uuu am a big fans from nigeria
I love the position tht ur standing in. But i also love ur face it takes me to another and tht door way ur standing just gave me an idea for one of my dance solos thank u so much.........
Hey Angel  Are You readily To Rock N Roll with Me   I am  and On Fire  Loving you our family and our sacred America   Love, Your Will Always 
Hello Tyra Banks, I'm Ani 19 years old. I study "Fashion Designer" and I just wanted to say that you are my favorite model! I love you so much and I wish you would follow me on twetter (@anivard) or add me on Facebook ( Ani Vardevaryan ) to advise me something or estimate my potential! Much Love Bye :)
ја би volela da imam takvu haljinu savrsena je
She don't know Serbian :D
Talk on English :)
Tyra you so beauty girl -
wow where can i get the dress..even though im to small to be able to try it on but it still looks perfect on look great in yellow!!!!
Tyra I love your smize in this photo, keep it up gurrrl!
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Omg too beautiful for words!! Wow!! :D
hey I really think you are VERY HOT ....!)
So Koon
Love the dress! Where can I find it!
dress and shoes are amazing !!!
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