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This pic reminds me of The Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
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i love the splash of gold that you have on your neck!!1 it makes you look awesome
The golden rule is not intended as a means of revenging a negative act. I recommend that you go for the rule which states you should love others as yourself - forgiving others and forgetting about the deed. And most important is that, you need to thank God that you are still alive. Several others that have experienced a similar treatment as yours are no more alive today. There is hope for you!
Reminds me of Diwali as today is the Indian holiday. Diwali's literal meaning is "festival of lights," but more importantly the spiritual meaning is "the awareness of the inner light." Perfect timing! ;)
Hey there it's great to see you here haven't seen you in quite awhile and I hope everything is okay with you. I assume so because I see you on Twitter and FB from time to time but it's really great to see you here again. Been missing you, I understand the positive and negative sides of that saying but how does it relate to the photo? It's an amazingly beautiful shot of you just absolutely gorgeous eyes and lips and that hair is fantastic on you. It looks like gold leaf around your neck and below,beautiful pattern and really compliments you too. I'm wondering if your doing unto us as we have done unto you is that what your referring to? Well you've certainly treated us with some amazing and gorgeous photos of you and I know I've certainly tried to treat you as well as you've treated me and everyone else. If that's what your getting at then I, for one, very much appreciate the gesture. But you have given me far more than I have ever given you and wish I could give as well as I got from someone as drop dead gorgeous as you and with that perfect figure. Your just too damn good for words.
Reminds me of delicious chocolate truffles and punk rock music mixed together.
A train wreck? I'm glad it wasn't mine! The things I did for mankind weren't all divine. And a heart of gold, still I try to find.
Reminds me more of the Mitas Touch.
Gorgeous! Are you a Christian, Tyra???
Love the photos Tyra! :) I wish you well on the rest of your years in your amazing career :) - Jaiee Lovee
Matthew 22: 37-39
And he said to him, "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the great and foremost commandment. The second is like it. You shall love your neighbour as yourself." LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ty, i just have mistaken u from rihanna...
Lovely.... Great!!!
This picture gave me a start until I got a closer look. Someone slap me...
Very dark but with your beauty.....
wow brilliant ., i really like this 
Eny sexy ladies fancy a chat
Sexy n beautiful Goddess if you were in Africa I'd call you African Debra
Joe Ang
You're forever young:)
Tu me plait. Quand fait t'on L'amour et ou 
"I like goooooollld" Gold member 
Hi Tyra I love your pic I think you are the most beautiful woman in the world

excellent in shape and spirit...I love it
Beautiful picture - an amazing visual for a great rule. <3
i love the photos and i love the golden rule !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love golden rules love photos u are looking cute today
Hi Miss Banks she is so Beautiful love her so much
please add me my mom and i watch 'tyra' whenever we can
you go girl you're still as beautiful as ever and u have a good heart 
She;s ok for a super model,lol Usually they a way to skinny,  I'd hang with her! lol!
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* ty ty   let me do unto you   ;-)~~~<  sugar britches
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tyra is the best ;;best look, tyra rocks
Its very beautiful it becomes you 
Great pic ! U should go short more often. :-)
عند موتك لا تقلق

لا تقلق ولا تهتم بجسدك البالي فالمسلمون سيقومون باللازم:


من ملابسك



ويخرجونك من بيتك إلى حفرتك (قبرك)

وسيأتي الكثيرون لتشييع جنازتك بل سيلغي الكثير منهم أعماله لأجل دفنك وقد يكون الكثير منهم لم يفكر في نصيحتك يوما..

اغراضك سيتم التخلص منها

 مفاتيحك

📚كتبك شنطك

👞 احذيتك ملابسك

👪وان كان اهلك موفقين فسوف يتصدقون بها لتنفعك💸

وتأكد بأن:

الدنيا لن تحزن عليك!


💵 والإقتصاد سيستمر!💸

عملك سيأتي غيرك ليقوم به!

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👬 الناس الذين يعرفونك سطحيا سيقولون مسكين!

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أهلك إسبوع إسبوعين شهر ومن ثم سيضعونك في الأرشيف◾

"إنتهت قصتك بين الناس"
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وبدأت قصتك مع الآخرة😇

والسؤال المطروح

ماذا أعددت لقبرك وآخرتك

هذه حقيقة تحتاج الى تأمل
​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​ ​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​
​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​ ​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​ ​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏​​‏
‏​‏​‏​‏​إذا وجدت غباراً على مصحفك
ف إبكي على نَفسك 
فمن ترك قراءة القرآن ♡
ثلاثة أيام منْ غير عذر
- سُميّ هاجراً ! *

ملاحظة : لا أجبرك على إرسالها .
ولكن امتثالا لقول الله تعالى " وذكّر فإن الذكرى تنفعُ المؤمنين"

اللهم اجعلها صدقه جاريه عني وعن والدي وعن امي وعن المسلمين والمسلمات وكل شخص يقوم بنشرها
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