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Cotton "Man"dy
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164 comments costume for next years haloween right there....
those eyes ;)
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha soooooo sweeet darlinggggg
You probably don'tu remember meeting me in 2000 
Tyra, I know your extremly busy...forgive me for hoggin up any of you time. But if you will, please look Junita Byrd, Honey D Gibson and Lanee Prettybrown Monique. The first is my sister and the other two are associates of mine.  I really think they deserve a chance to meet you and possibly persue a position with your organization. The young ladies should be sending you head shots shortly, but for a more extented version of them, they all have large photo albums posted on facebook. Thank you so nice. Love, peace, and blessings to you and your family.
Tyra what are you doing? You just having fun ? 
What was you costume for halloween? It looks like you have a mustache
Shes is beautiful lady all I ask if was having fun
Yes, the pure sugar diet. Day after Halloween I already had Mars bars for breakfast, Snickers for lunck, Nestle Crackles for dinner and now you're pushing cotton candy. Bad girl Tyra!
Is that great I love that cotton candy mustache and you look great in it and the rest of the photo too. Have you any plans for the weekend? Are you still in NY? How is that working out for you? Sure hope it doesn't hurt your plans for the weekend what ever your doing for the weekend I hope you have a great time and have lots of fun too.
umm u look scary tiara but funny and btw Danny Harms u spelt moustache wrong on 1 of ur comments.
but" tyra did u save some cotton candy for me? ur day good job..keep it coming..
Wow that's not normal plus its cute hahaha
Tyra can I get more info on the new cycle please???? I want to sign up soooo bad!!! (: thank u!!!! 
ja.. vaya que sabe como. mostrar su personalidad
teu olha e ceu sorijo medeicha tom feliz a gradece a tua mae de coloca um diamente tao
+Tyra Banks  you are my idol, i kno alot of people send things like this, It would mean the world to me if you responded. I love Americas Next Top Model. I love all of your clothes and everything! I would love to meet you somehow :) But it probably wont happen :P
looks like you have cum on your face :))
I love u u make my heart melt just like dat candy gurl
Hi trya how can you always be just so perfect you actually look so cute 
haha tyra u r AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
vip see
enfin ! c est la fete !!! Cool...
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