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Happy Halloween! What crazy costume are you workin' today?
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Tyra your look it´s so cool, how a beuthy could be horrible?, never, it´s a picture of a gehisa after getting a great sextime bed.
looks like jose <3 u, im a vamp, im being forst
Hi   Angel  I do love you  You My Goddess Of Love  Tyra , Mother of all Living    Love Your Will
show....mas não quero ir na sua casa hoje estou muito ocupada ...
You are beautiful. My mo and i watch your shows all the time
cool. isn't it funny thatwe watch her show and we have the same last name
IM A KILLER DOLL aka female version of chucky 
Makhlqk God or To be Mndhar a commodity and sold objects to God
God Aataki this beauty for you Mastourah and look beauty to your spouse
 Invited me longing to draw you Panel
I sat as a monk Mix nicely and I immerse Recati touch white to brighten your smile
Examined in nicely simulates the color of your eyes .. I did not find
And between Recati innovates to touch your cheek .. I did not find
Ali papers are in a touch of smoothness .. I did not find
In the books Art Mayalmna art smile did not find
Declared all my tools that do not mimic your picture
Hader times .. The hours passed .. But crying to me from your photo
Sat Asmk .. And still Asmk .. So far not yet finished your picture
Yer a pumpkin and a sweetheart, love ya like my own. People call me "Parps" (the nickname given to me by my son) 
Happy Halloween gorgeous I love your costume (?) looking drop dead gorgeous you'll make the Fort Knox in getting candies when your looking that damned gorgeous. My costume would be to go out looking like...are you ready for this...Tyra Banks. lol That sure is a damn fine photo of you, love it.
Is this really a costume
Happy Halloween sister love you shaymaa from Tanzania
On l'y me myself, i guess it will be awfull enough..hahahaha. happy Halloween anyway. Greetings from Luxembourg , central Europe :-)))
i hope we can celebrate this in south africa
hello tyra are one of the biggest fan! I never missed one of your fantastic episodes of america's next top model! I love you and I always listened to all the advice you gave to the competitors, I grow up I want to make or the model or the stylist! I adore You're the only most beautiful model <3
u look so pretty i whish i looked that pretty
pink skirt highliter color tank with hot pink shirt. I guess u could call it a rainbow lol
i didn't have halloween because of hurricane sandy
Alexa B
I'm sorry to hear that E.E M
Alexa B
Tyra? Did you take of your eyebrows and pencil them in for this photograph? Or is it just the makeup or something?
Alexa B
It looks awesome!
Crazy pic
Tyra you're such an inspiration to all women. I love Next Top Model. I also loved you on Fresh Prince
of Bel Air.
I watch your reality show here in Puerto Rico.
i like those swagg ur havin......
Oh my you still look so gorgeous. Huggs!!!
muy lindo y creativo el maquillaje desde chile¡¡¡
wow i love the way you put the lipstick or lipgloss in the looks  fierce
Jade vb
love it i was a vampire
Hi Tyra, welcome to my Google+ page, thank you so much for being my friend.  You're such a wonderful person, and such a great role model.  I hope you are having a great day, talk to you later.
im like so late. sry. i havent like checked my email in centries, but i was a zombie! :)
You have a Ciara meets Diana Ross look going for you
Look like a crazy woman dat decided to go out @ da last min ;) luv ya tho!
Tyra looks like cry cry baby !!!1
Enyone wanna HAV fun with me
I'm in love with these pictures. It seems a little scary, but beautiful heart
Not a good look Tyra! We've seen you a lot  
better! You are to beautiful to sport this look!
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