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My friend's dog Libby has FLAWSOME (flaws & awesome) ears - they're permanently like this!

What's one thing that makes YOU #Flawsome?
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Freckles, tiny ears, my arms and legs won't grow hair.  I don't think being overweight counts cause I could just fix that with determination.
That's riDOGulous! What a cute pooper ;-)

My disability to keep blabbering when i should not is pretty #flawsome  
Hey +Tyra Banks my flawsome =
My hair : ) some curls , some waves , it does not cooperate , it prefers to be a barometer of wind and fog. ....what about yours ? 
Flawsome .................okay is dat an English word in the dictionary hahahahahahahahaa lol Libby hmmm
Hello there ms TYRA. this is Jerry and i believe that there is one particular thing that makes me flawesome.i can sing in diffrent languages and speak it but not understand some times what the words could be saying,, but it sounds fierce!!!oh and i love your being and how you have the bright aura that is helping with the healing!! thanks for your helping hand to the worlds backed up everflow of good energy.
I've forgotten my flaws because I've learned to love the parts of me I used to despise.
I'm #flawsome because I know how to have a good time
I may not be as cute is that dog but I shave this morning :)
It might be his eyes which makes his ears flawsome... :))))
My bottom teeth! Totally a little crooked down the middle but I love them.
Looks like the RCA dog from last century. So cute!So loveable!
I cannot good speak English my brother !!!!
yes, please to know about !!!! we are family !!!! heheheh
Flawsome or not, i think he is soooooo cute..
yeachh, I know but !! I will to become your friend
tanks,,,,, if u will can speak indonesia, call me okey !!!! heheheh
tanks,,,, please see my video,,,, U will smile !!! ahahhaahaha
my eyes one is bigger than the other in all of my pictures :)
Abandonment and complicated grief issues (flaws) but I'm using it to reach out and help others with similar issues connect through my organization (awesome...I hope) Ps: That doggie is just adorable :-)
Awwwwwwwwwhhh... now i want this puppy =(
Aww! that dog is so cute! can i take it home? jk
Like pic ok look Is cool if it was look like that
Poor pup, probably orphaned as a child and then adopted by a caring parent. I still don't have a dog. But I do have a teen age son which is more trouble than a pack of pit bulls. Click on my name to see the kid on my profile.
What makes me flawsome is knowing someone as beautifully flawed and awesomely beautiful as you.
my tallness prettyness and smartness ps im leaving out a bunch of others lol
Awwwww I loves the doggie!
my dog was cute he was a puppy 2 yeras olod but i just got in  novmber  one week he die
One thing that makes me #Flawsome is that I have a birthmark in some kind of cool shape!
why a gal loves a dog rather than a boy.....
my teeth cause it's slightly apart. i have braces on though ;)
Thats so cute it look like he or she will be confused all the time:)

Omg cutest dog in the world can have@him pretty please
Ummm.... my lips... they look a bit weird sometimes, but at other times, they balance my face perfectly.. :)
This doggie reminds me of my own Samson... ;'(
mas que coisinha linda !! eu amo cachorros !!
is this ur dog its really cute i wrote a poem about dogs
Nothing is flawsome bout me... I'm ugly and no body likes me anymore 😖😖😢😭
And Jennifer maybe it's cuz u work on the set of the hunger games so duuuh
My puppy is the same way with his little ears to
i taught that was spider webs lol
how adorable i have a puppy that's name is sasha and i absolutely love her with all my heart :)  
Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
One thing that makes me flawsome is my laugh. If I laugh too hard for too long, I start to squeak. Literally. I also call myself a silent laugher because when I start to laugh, no sound comes out. When I start laughing, there is no stopping me!!!!!! That is my flawsome trait.
super cute 
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