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I'm working to make sure my mission to expand the definition of beauty lives on after I'm Walt Disney's company.

I'm always motivated by his quote! "Either you see stop signs, or opportunities... I don't have time for stop signs."
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If your always motivated that means success is in your hands and don't wait for that time to come cause you still have time go for it.
I admire your determination to bring about change. In a positive sense. Kudos on your legacy.,
Gonna post that quote on my Facebook with a great video.. <3 some people need to wake up to something like that.. oh yeah!! btw, U look so pretty on that pic.. XO from Paraguay
Its totally nnice and beautiful coz if you wait for that time to come nothing will be done.
i love that quote, ps u look awesome in that pic! :)
yup its so true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You're such a powerful role model. I think that you have influenced every girl that beauty isn't about being perfect, and you can be whatever you want to be.... thank you. :)
Disney..................Sends subliminal messages. WATCH OUT!!!!!!!!!!
I cant whate in tall i see her tonight on shake it up. and i always wanted to be a bf said i would be good for won! but i want to be a vet.
STIILL lukin BEAUTIFUL AS ALWAYS ily tyra.. :)
lol tru dat.. haha ILY TYRA... im yo biggest fan... :)
I love America's Next Top Model
hi im will is thAT u
When your intentions are pure, and you work hard towards your goals, you will live forever. Its inevitable.
i can"t wait to see you on shake it up
It's hard to do so with your personal brand, because we are finite. Even "The Walt Disney Company" has become "Disney." It's easier to coalesce around a brand that you create, even if that brand is your name, like a religion named after the founders. I pray that redefining beauty is an ongoing success! We need to look deeper, and see that you are right.
I the picture look great young lady
You did a great job starring on "Shake It Up"!! Shhush we're talking bout love!
hey Tyra, I have a question. I am a Teenager and i want to know how i can make my hair grow faster and longer.
you are so pretty i could just fang right now i am so amazed how gorgeous you are i am surprised and are you gonna be on disney channel????????????????
Buy some weave at the hair store, voila!,long hair within a day. No hassle,no stress.
i mean i could just fant right now not fang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am 9 yrs. old
I hope I don't meet you at an intersexion.
You are a role model to woman of all ages keep up the good work.stay blessed
you are very pretty tyra! :}
tyra i love ur show watchin the reruns plz make new epiodes of america's next top model!!
Great Quote... I agree. Stop signs are only dead ends. Be Blessed...: )
much agreed but alot of people call opportunists d end of the world
Cool, Tyra! I like that! Great photo too! You rock!
Tyra people think cause im skinny and tall and i can kinda smize i should be a model. but i love to sing wat do u think ?
you are soo dashing lady.........
Thank you for being a positive force in the world
What about RR signs, or Yields, Slippery When Wet, and No Right Turn on Red? Do you see those too?
As a caricature artist, I really wish people would stop being so self-conscious about the very attributes that make them more interesting and separate them from the pack.
Ellen T
you were mean to my cousin when she say you on her 16th birthday...
I wonder if you get a lot of traffic tickets ???...just saying...
Yes it really is that simple, I will always appreciate my naysayers the most. I've been able make amazing things happen in my life, not because of encouragement, but because someone was always telling me I couldn't.
You got it, Tyra! Nothing more to say!
Alternatively you can never be gone, like Disney. Rumor is he's frozen and stored under Disneyland. I should know -- I used to work there. The question is, where do you want to be stored after being frozen. Next to Disney?
Tyra you are one of the worlds greatest people.
Have fun tapeing Shake It Up!! Can't wait for it to come out.
That is such a Pretty photo, I love you Tyra banks!!!!!!
I love your talk show better than your modeling, I am your biggest fan. I am so impressed with you, if you are every in phoenix please let me met you.Please send me tickets. I am poor but I can possibly come up for the ticket money to see one of your shows, Sincerely, Dino Moschovitis Facebook.
i really need some support right i have one eye it can be saved but no insurance to pay for it please more to this story Tyra
Great Quote. Am your fan and admirer. Much respect!!!
You are like my role model, girl! I love you!
OMG she is so PRETTY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wow i never thought i would see such beauty but here u are and my crush on you grows each and everyday
Why not enjoy doing all u enjoy....
good for you TYRA .we do that cat walk so well. lol.
I am 39 and I feel like I am loosing my confudens.
hey my little daughter was wondered how your time was on shake it up chicago
Great Quote Tyra. Will take it with me throughout life. I will even share it with my students: "Either you see stop signs, or opportunities... I don't have time for stop signs." No STOP SIGNS. Be bless
Seriously? Quoting Disney? One of the most mysoginistic, racist, hateful, far right nazi sympathizers ever to have lived? Nice work Tyra.
You must be a favorite of the traffic cops, then!
Yu give me so much to live life thank yu for being a strong black women.
We are all put here to help each other you are like mirror to everyone showing what's what or not!
Ken L
thats is a really really bad quote to live by
trya beauty is inside not out your intelliget think about it. Your deeds tell your beauty not your looks. Your looks are what pays the bills, but yours pays far more than that.. take some your beauty & get some homeless people back on their feet spread the love..
To look as beautiful as you, is an amazing feat, but I am sure you work your ass off to make it look the way it does. Keep up the shows and remember, you have a fan in me.
you have already expanded the definition of beauty by just being yourself! add to that your attitude and you've got a big plus, a BONUS! CONGRATS FOR BEING SO GREAT!
i luvvv u and ur songs
And what are you doing to assist the disadvantaged who have no acess to health care water etc
you look good and i am a girl but u r pretty
Pretty as Ever!
I watch America's Next Top Model it is great
That's what's up the no time for stop signs!!! Keep up the good work, stay blessed!!
Hoooola soy d ecuador mis hijas y yo te admiramos muuuuucho....felicidades
B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L ♥♥♥ Thats All I Got To Say .. ^_^
Wat a gr8 quote by walt :)
ikr Mackinzi! I cant wait 2 watch that episode!!
You are such an inspiration Tyra and you are a very beautiful woman as well. Wish you all the best with your next missions!!!
Scott L
I like, "Either you see Stop signs or you see hospital ceilings"
WTF Demetri P., Did you copy Chapter 1 to Google+¿ Dude, say you like her then get the f on with your projects.
You are an inspiration to many and are so very beautiful. Age defies you. Keep up the great work you are doing!! Love always,
Wanda Anderson, running stop signs are dead ends.
Tyra, you don't have time for stop signs, is "the wrong way" signs opportunity?
Tara, stunning you are so beautiful. I can only hope your mission to expand the definition of beauty truly includes your inner being. Which will complete the process...Much Love & as always stay safe
ur gonna be on disney channel BIG fan Ur SOOOOOO funny ! : )
I am always motivated by what jesus christ said in the bible and what is the father ,(GOD),said in his word ."4 god so loved the world ,that he gave his only begotten son,that whosoever shall belieth,shall have everlasting life .That is the true meaning of beauty and love .
good luck with the show shake it up
you were very good on shake it up. you are my idol.
Always look hot girl!
nice I luv your fashion I think you are amazing
Great quote, but if not for the stop signs there wouldn't be a journey.
I guess the mouse has a lot of speeding tickets. Jk
A great photo of you and such a beautiful smile and that top looks so good too, I understand the spirit your talking about and I agree up to a point. Stop signs along the way happen and you have to recognize the legit ones from the ones that aren't, it's important along the way to stop and re-evaluate what is happening to you and understand how to do things better or change direction and try something different to achieve your goals. But stop signs are not permanent things which is what I assume your acknowledging.
so beautiful....^__^
Aaaahh.. woooow.. I hot you.. I love you.. kiss kiss kiss..
You are opening a beauty theme park!
I'm always motivated by his quote but then I took an arrow to the knee.
good quote, that's how it should for every individual on this planet with more optimistic attitude rather pessimistic attitude.
"I don't have time for stop signs"?

I'm sure that's going to go over well with the traffic police.
I Don't think you have to worry about that!!
Yeah because americas next top model is really expanding the definition of beauty...
i luv ur show Americas Next Top Model u look so prettty in that show
she's awesome!!!!! and gorgeous... u should be americas next top model, instead of any other people
Shes cooler and awesomer than you could ever be!
you should have americas next top models for celebrities only!!!!! that would be awesome!!!!!
stop with the cyber bullying people please!!!! really some people get so affended that sometimes they commit sueside please stop...for everyones sake!
Stop signs serve a very good purpose in context. I have time for them as is appropriate

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that is a great mission !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thx but I'm just standing up for whats right!!
Thats the truth. Cant afford to stop when opportunities are ahead of me.
thank u for ur responses i hope everybody can agree with this... to everybody who agrees, u r all good people
thx everybody who agrees to this statement...i hope everybody can agree with this, and to those who do agree, u r good people
keep on going-beauty is appreciated in the moment.
send in "i agree
' if u want to hav cyber bullying stop this was happening earlier and i am trying to stop it
bet you pay alot of tickets :)
mostley indian are social they don't seen like this that tho comment are dirty ....
Lookin Fine gurl let me know where u be cuz imma take care of you in the right ways ya know!! alllllriighht..
but sometimes running stop signs can cause crashes...
That attitude makes for an interesting drive home...
No kiddin, what do you think those red signs are for, color?
very beautiful i am very keen to meet you...
Well definition of Beauty I think varies person to person..... But are beauty in my eyes....
u look beautiful. and i dond see stop signs either just opportunities
But people who ignore stop signs kill people. What a stupid, ignorant quote.
have you seen her when shes got fat? hilarious!
Hi, for me definition of beauty is "Be Natural, Be You" !
Hope u dont get a boost from all the comments. Ur plain crazy. Seen it!!!
Jo R
You are sooooo BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!
Sweetheart, If you threw a phone at me I'd say thank you!
so sexy.....!!!!!
Beauty was born when you were born and it will die when you die.
OMG girlfriend u look so flipin pretty in this pic
you are a powerful black women with the world in your hands
Love Walt Disney!! And Tyra!! (and the quote :)
AMEN to that inspirational quote. I love it and feel encouraged by it.
I don't see the stop signs.... Please follow me on twitter @carleworld and on fAcebook Carla madden Ziegler.... My book is ready for pre-order NOW! It's a memoir to help teens and young adults! Please help get the word out! 
moments of an angel so pure,the look that is made for a book,a smile that lites up the moment. turn off the lites and use tyra smile watch,it glow in the poet terry newton
Couldn't agree more, Tyra
Love yhu tyra, ur the best..<3.. #1 fan
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