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Happy Mother's Day to all the Mamas out there!

My Mom is my rock and my inspiration. Make sure to tell yours what she means to you!

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Happy Mother's Day Tyra !!!!!
Happy Mother's Day Tyra

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Dear Tyra! Now I understand why you are so beautiful. You have inherited from her mother all her best qualities.
lovely you no a think and you and your mother is so pretty together
Happy mother's Day!
In Korea was Parent's Day a cupl of Day' a go!
Thank you" Happy Mother's Day!! 2 your lovely mom 2 have a wonderful Day sweetie :)
Jen S
Nice pic of you and your mother
Very nice ,,,,, Happy mother day for your beautiful and wonderful MOM and many thanks for her being the person behind your amazing character....
U and ur mom are so nice tougher and u both r very pretty
tyra you still look amazing........... cum to FIJI .... You rock Tyra
1 cover you mouth with your hand
2 whisper a wish into your hand
3 post this on three other coments
4 look at your hand
you and your mom are so pretty tell her one of your fans said that pls
seriously she looks alot like me.... hhhhhooooooottttttttttt!!!!!!!
What's with this Thomas guy? Sounds to me that he's three or four bricks short of full load.
Very right,Tyra. that's why the lord said. 'respect your parents so that everything may go well with you'...
Zabi D.
I thought the apple didn't fall far from the tree, why is she not fat:p... Happy mothers day peeps xD
You've got a lot to be proud of there in your Mom and it's not hard to see where you got your looks from too, I wish your Mom a happy Mothers Day too. Looking gorgeous girl, damn your looking so damn fine.
That's a marvelous pic of your mother and you.
That is such a cute pic. I love you Tyra. Tell your mon she raised you right
My mom said thank you 
My mother has been there every step of the way with me now that i learned that she is sick and has to go into kimmo infusions i always try to tell her know that I luv her with all my heart So I hope that everyone family is healthy and to all the mothers outthere happy mothers day
Moms are the gateway to heaven! Cherish and enjoy their company!
she a mother and hats off for all mothers in this world
J Crut
it's cool to be a mother especially when she has somethin beautiful and proud one like dt,i envy u mama
you and your mom are beautiful! my mom is my LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy tyra
Flew down to spend time with mine this past weekend. A mother is irreplaceable. My sons feel the same about me and even wrote me a song. Priceless.
your mom is a very lucky to have a very beautiful lady like you,she is one beautiful too.
the 2 women that meant the most 2 me, we were the 3 amigos because i did the driving. i miss them.
good message our mothers mean the world to us
beautyfull to lady........!
Que linda y que joven su mamá, amiga, que bonitas las dos en esa foto. FELICITACIONES, de Luz de Costa Rica. BESITOS A LAS DOS.
Who was born to shine, always have the brightness of its light stamped in your smile, all the best dear God bless .....
Yah same here you go Tyra banks one day I want to be like you inspiring people twenty four seven I'm ten almost eleven my name is lama zaabab and you my friend are my inspiration 
tyra i think you are so cool i'm 39 and i have the looks of a 27 year old
both of you luking so cool............
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Thanks Tyra, I lost my mother in Nov. 2009. We know it may happen if we don't go first, but when it happens, it change your prospective of life. Be sure to be with her as much as possible. Lv u both.
You're lucky your mother still with you, enjoy each other well.Happy mothers day.
Damn I'm glad Tyra did not turn out like her mom dukes she is fat and not with a PH well at least tyra got the fat tits that was a good thing!!
God bless your moms.A blessing cuz she had you!beautiful
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