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Random Acts of Modeling: This phone is... BANANAS! And so was last night's America's Next Top Model, don't you think!?
Watch the episode here:

Dress: Catherine Malandrino
Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti Design
Bracelets: PRB PR
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More like this morning's.. Get the facts right! Oh and first comment!!!
Joe F
Call me Tyra, banana or not....... ;0)
For me I think if the country is a series of films not to be missed
Ah I CEST not. Who you talk to me but if CEST vraimt its'm happy
Judy and Shravan -
Thank you so much...I didn't know the compliment was for me...
I think Laura's gonna win America's Next Top Model
Yeah the banana is crazy but your sure as hell not and that dress is looking awfully damn good on you I love those hips and thighs damn nice. That long slim waist and those beautiful curves or yours are the best not to mention those drop dead good looks and that gorgeous hair. Sure wish I was that banana. lol
I dnt get random acts of modeling can somebody explain it 
"We lose more women to marriage than war, famine, and disease." - Cruella De Vil
That phone looks more like plantains to me. :)
bananas r wierd, and wierd. but tyra, ur soooooo pretty!!!
is that a banana
gurl are y reaching out and touching someone lol....
random acts of modeling do it all the time in school. people think i'm weird
Now, that dress is nice..
hahah love this picture!  >.<
Mad; ripe colors and, the Plantain phone sell off .   
Im your #1fan from Oahu Hawaii I love you with a banana string bikini Would love to have a picture of you in one mahalo Tyra god bless and aloha
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