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Love this quote from Dr. Seuss! "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."
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Hair and teeth r contrasting but it hides from reality
That is one of my favorite quotes :)
Encrivèlmente belissima ! ...São as variaveis forma da beleza humana. São a extraordinaria e eficiênte formula da natureza ! ... Descubra a beleza que hà em voce, E não se esqueça de dizer, obrigado para vida !!! ...
Thank you Tyra! Perfect!
hi tyra my sister loves you and your show she knows all the lyrics to the cycle 17 songs and is consently watching antm clips on youtube. i know your really busy but can you just write a quick message to her. her name is Flora and i know she would really love it. thanks a million
queri see that beautiful woman she personally
nossa que morena linderrima........
eres muy linda yo me llamo edwin soy de colombia pero vivo en ecuador soy chef internacional megustaria tener una bontia amistad
tyra .... ur hair is so beautifull n smile too
I think You're very attractive have an addictive smile; one i could get hooked on looking at!
Para mim a mulher bela é a que eu posso tocar, que está no meu mundo, nas minhas rodas e não em um mundo do qual não faço parte e nunca farei. Para mim o que faz bem aos olhos é o que posso tocar, tirando é claro, o mundo da Arte...
it's looking beautiful snap. I like it.
linda !!!!!
colirio para os olhos !!!!
Jo R
Thanks for sharing these words it would help one realise what and who is importAnt to us
Em portugues seria mais recumendado para o melhor entendimento.
woo...........what a nice smile baby.
nice but also "Be who you are-human, and say what you feel-humanity,because those who does not matter like it and those who matter also like it.We r social careful
that is an amazing quote....I feel like a lot of people in the world could learn from that
Simplesmente linda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tradus ai MARCIO BRITO,kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. depois vc me fala...
traduus aiii MARCIIO BRITOOO kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. depoiiss noiis see falla maiis...
Aww sweet quote! Love the straight hair, it's fab :D
you are amazing tyra! i watch americas next top madel, wonderful
u r my idol!
Hey Tyra we are having a hangout here tomorrow at 5pm Talking Health Tune In!
Sigh. I do love your face ....
Linda linda linda ...........maravilhoras mulher D+++++++++++++
you and most baeutiful of all movies that you do and very cool congratulations from brazil hildemar the maranhao love you kisses
be what you are. do be what you can't be
that's awesome and so true.
Love the quote too! It's so inspirational
my mom loves you and she always wanted to meet you
How would I submit my music for fashion show and runway project. I hope all is well and your business is going well. I am living in Europe at the moment.
do you still do the show called Americas next top model
want you my easter, bunny beautiful I WANT TO ADD THEIR FRIENDSHIP KISSESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS....rsrsrsrsrsrs.
vou por ela na lista !!! em breve chegara sua vez, tenha paciencia! rsrs
It's a good quote and I like it too, but I do have a problem with it to a certain degree and that is the part where it says say what you feel. For almost every situation that is the best thing to do but there are times where that would not be productive, tell the Nazis what you feel about them when your in Germany wouldn't be a good idea. There are times and situations where it is morally correct to tell a lie than the truth. Great photo of you, looking so damn beautiful, great smile and great eyes and that dumb ass ex of yours doesn't see it? The guy was such a fool. It's too bad your site doesn't have a message box because I'd like to be able to send you a message every once in awhile rather than posting on your comments.
But what do you do when those who matter do mind?
Tyra?, I am in high school right now but I would like to start my own clothing store. Do you have any advice on where to start?
linda foto ty me encanta tu bello rostro
sweeet smile.........
i like ittttttttttt
hi Tyra looking beautiful specially your eyes not eyes eye balls
So let me say what I feel now, YOU'R A SWEETHEART DARLING <3
Peace V
oi tudo bem com voce linda [sem comentário ]
Is that what u really feel?
I think ur amazing! Btw I love America's Next Top Model!
I love what you did with your hair. Happy Easter!!
quero ser chupado por essa vampiraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
she came to my country,and everyone will love her! (Viet Nam)
your face lures me to make your portrait.......
ela ta linda!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥
luv this photo anything about modelland ???/
Luv that Tyra!!! Wish everyone really,really,understands that.
Now that is a classic location of a beauty spot....
and those eyes....
i like it 2 Dr. seuss is a good writer for every age
Tyra you're so beautiful and're my role model
So true, I love that saying. I tell that to my kids, it feels like everyday.
I love how you acted in shake it up in disney channel you were amazing and crazy hair style but i love it a lot and the blue eye shawdow was crazy too but anything you do or try you will always be beautiful and amazing.
Well my baby. Some words and sentences that Ansanvvadar I think a little about them. Beautiful
Allow phonetic typing

Marshmallow breathtaking volcano will be musk. Universe's other young will be old)(Hafiz)
I think that is very disterbing quate, because we r living in a society where we can not say any thing we feel like. The society needs respect so thas our children.
Dear Tyra ,
My Grandmother loves you.
Hi Tyra, like your show. Do you really get these messages?

Kisses. You're beautiful. I am Brazilian and I have good taste
Ok Tyra I would like to send to me a very interesting picture. I'm posting here for you my friend Brazilian
tu est merveilleuse !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
u are such a good role model Tyra!! :))))
i love that quote too! it's my friend's signature on gmail! and +Igor Sazonov don't be mean she looks pretty
maybe you teach the kardashians a thing or to ms good role model lol
I love your straight hair. Totally classic and a dash of modern.
looking soooooooo beautiful .............
That's a very good qoute. Here's one that I like: "Don't go through life trying to prove yourself to others, instead, just go through life trying to improve yourself".
Such a Beautiful Woman. Greetings babe!
I totally agree!!!!!!
i'm confused, don't really know what that means. but i like horton hears a who. dr seuss made that movie right?
after all..think and feel what you have said
You know it is what it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lLoL....
i like you relay like you and now i want do something with you can u ............
Yes! good quote me too love it but think of this: wherever you go,whatever you do, live & do it by your own style!
you look good and that a wonderful quote....
I wish I was as beautiful as u r! Go tyra!!
Good quote tyra 5 thumbs up.No 1 fan behind u 100.
Such good food for thought...
hi sweet hert where r from can we meet
and so is say "You are beautiful"
i mater n i dn mynd, lol. lukin rily georgeous
hey you seeing let more on this so please need to be ....... Guess
What a great quote! It really helps me where I am emotionally right now... :) Thx! /Tess
that is a very true quote..he is one of my favorite authors..and yes i still read him, lol
Nice hair jelous...LOVE IT SMILE
avant hier jolie bebe, hier mignonne, aujourdhui charmante dame demain tres belle femme ...
Arjen D
Your smile....
veryyyyyyy beautiful tyra....i love you
Rene W
Well.. The second part of the quote I do not quite understand. But I Iike this quote.
I love the hair color you picked for that photo.
Your look say many greats things like a pretty smile and send nice messages.
and this is on a good day.......!
You R Saxy Grals You Buteyfull
li ku
normal hihi
Hoping someday I can have that confident smile as yours
GO SEXY TYRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
uyen le
xinh vãi lồn
You favor Naomi on this one, really.
why would u say that? soo rude! argh, men like u r hypocrites!
i am not surprised... u r so typical. Tyra, u r beautiful, and this guy does not matter. ( the comment above me).
When the curtains are drawn, the lights go out on the stage,and you go to bed,all of a sudden every one is gone,you are alone,then suddenly all the glamour,fame,money and beauty don't count cos you feel empty inside.Tyra you are Pretty, Stunning. Gorgeous.No doubt about it. But beauty comes from within.your better half is the only one who can testify how truly beautiful you lies in the eyes of the beholder.He knows your inner most feeling.your pain,your sorrow your laughter your anguish your happiness etc.We can only guess.Cos come that day someone don't agree with you on some issue or some negative media stuff, they would call you a bitch. But after interviewing a lot of women I came to the conclusion that most of the women we see as very beautiful don't see themselves as beautiful (or else they won't put on makeup in the first place), simply because of their modesty and are able to be themselves.And they don't even know that. As you rightly indicated in the quote above.for example.I have heard you call a a few young women beautiful but could not make it in the competition.Just because inwardly they felt they were not good enough for themselves so they cannot be themselves etc etc etc. So Tyra if your feel really fulfilled, which I have reason to believe you do, then you are an epitome of beauty.for your girls in the house you must be a paragon of beauty and of the fashion industry.Which I do agree. However my contribution here is that you and I know it is the personality behind that pretty face in the picture is the real beauty behind the "mask". True or false ? Thank God for your life and stay blessed.
uma foto muito linda os cabelos com uma linda cor.
Really pretty. I hate that I can't do a big bright smile like that in my photos, I can only try to smize and hope I look fierce.

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