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Random Acts of Modeling: Handing the mic to my fam cause I wanna know: Did you watch the season finale of America's Next Top Model? And do you think the winner deserves to be on top?

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I wish I could randomly pose like Tyra... need much practice... nice!
I wish Leila won because she kept on goin when she fell and she is like sooo high fashion.
I WATCHED IT! I think the she deserved it cause she worked rlly hard.
24k Jay
u look nice friend me
tyra? yeah she looks model-like gorgeous idk....but im not much of a fan of it but shes amazing
why you people silent about isreel's bruielty............why why why why why....:(
i watch america's next top model!!!!!!!! it is on the program STYLE
omg tyra your so beautiful when i turn 18 i hope you will still be doing Americas Next Top Model i love the show and with i could be in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh ya i think laura was great and really pretty but she didnt know her angles as well as some of the other girls i was sad nastasia went home but i dont think she was strong enough i think kiara knew her angles well and could be great and i think she needed the money more and im sure some other agency would have picked laura up... wasn't her mom a model?
Yea, I was rooting for either Kiara or Laura :P Hopefully Kiara can still make a career out of modeling too
leila was by far the best out of the three. i hope she signs with nylon :)
yah um i dont lyk dat foto nah juss jhks kiara should ov hd 1
I cannot understand you!!!!!!!!!!!! SPEAK SOME ENGLISH! USE GOOGLE TRANSLATE!!!
Wow...!!! Lookin xo cute en lovely tyra..i lov u more
i watched, leila should have won, but laura was good too
I have't seen the last show yet but I can only say you ran a really good show and did an exceptional job with all the young women. Looking forward to seeing the last show this Thursday. Looking damn good in that photo girl, damn good.
However Trinity, she will become,étranger and wiser.
No, I would not have picked Laura. Kiara was a better model and would have appreciated the opportunity more. I hope Kiara can make runner-up work for her.  
+Chris Hamel why did you even say anything? Why'd you stop à this post if you don't like her, ya know? If you don't have anything nice to say, just don't say anything... IJS! 
My neme naime Is clove cato MADISON! SORRY I CANNOT SPELL TODAY. :3
+Graciana Leija Hell, the phone automatically spells countries, states, etc... LMAO! ... Let me stop : ) I'm just having funnnn! 
luv ur dress girl luv it looks amazin on u
+Tyra Banks, you always look beautiful in every way... about the ANTM finale, it made me cry.... but i still wanted Kiara to win... don't like Laura.
I sure did it should have been Laura because she is what the industry is now 
I watched the finale, but I do wish Kiara is the winner. In my opinion, Laura is not as mature as Kiara. And Kiara's catwalk is far better than Laura's. She won 4 challenges. She's hardworking, and she's made great progress! I can understand that Laura's fan's vote might a little higher than Kiara, which makes her the winner. But, I will consider Kiara the winner in bottom of my heart. XO Ty~
Laura does deserve what she gets to some extend, but the fact that she did badly at the last few shots and still win confuses me.. she has been de-proving and suddenly she's up again, whereas for 2 other girls, they have always been rising and getting better (i esp. notice kiara). leila is bad at her runway walk, which is understandable why she didnt win (remember alison?) even though she's my favorite. I thought Kiara deserve to win more than Laura in this case (not saying that laura did not deserve to, just kiara deserve slightly more), but what's done is done! Looking forward to cycle 20!
+Pauline Zhang you're right Kiara catwalk is better than Laura and she's really hardworking.... she really deserves to win
if an individual strive to be place on top than yes
yes i watched it but i didn't think that laura deserved it. I was really hoping that Kiara would win
Can't say I disapprove, but was VERY surprised. They all did very well! That fashion show was KILLER!!!! 
Nice straight legs, and look at my son David. My how fifteen years just flies right by!
I was really hoping Kiara would win. Her walk was way better than Laura's, and I think their photographs as a whole were pretty comparable. It's the first time a "commercial" model has won ANTM, I think. Overall, I miss having a runway coach as a regular part of the show. I also think the new judging method did not produce as strong models as in previous seasons. I preferred the professionals' deliberations, although I suppose the social media score is more in keeping with the times. However, I wonder if social media is so important in the modeling industry.
I think Leila deserves to win
not happy. as much as i like Leila, i think Kiara deserved to win more than her because Laura actually could afford it eventhough she keeps mentioning about her rich parents and how she don't wanna be successful because of her parents but because she worked for it. but then no, Kiara works hard more than her. i did root for her in the beginning of the show, but then again, she's a bitch everytime she met Kristin? so tell me about being beautiful inside out as Tyra / Lisa D'amato claimed her to be? Catwalk can be polished and those who were losing surely can be train to walk so why not give Leila a chance too? --" overall, i think this season sucks. if next season will be based on fan votes / social media again, i am not going to watch it anymore. 

p/s: the show sucks even more without Nigel, Miss J & Mr. Jay.
Well.....Laura did'nt need the show as she comes from a very well off background,But Kiara needed to be successful all because of her hard work not her parents money,but all in all Laura is fierce and gorgeous well done Tyra for creating the show you are 4ever my idol
You said "on top". Huh, huh, huh, huh, huh
Fei Yao
love kiara,she is fierce and worked so hard for that
I am so happy Laura won, she had best overall in photos, personality, and professionalism. Congrats Laura :)
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yes i think so she did very well she deserve it congrats to you.!  ;)
she did awsome i dont even think i can do that well but ill try!!
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