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Give me a splash of yellow and my day is golden! What is your fave color to wear, fam?
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My fave color ???? HOT PINK!!!!!!! LUV U TYRA!!!!!!!!!!!
Green is my all time fav. Lol @ ur gangster pose
Tessa K
green! i love green! it´s my fav.
Tough question. Yellow's a cheery color yet I also have an affinity for orange too. I guess almost any color since I dress in dark conservative wear a lot of the time.
Why ladies so much fascinated about purple ???
Any color suit what you feel suit your day! but black always make my day.
Oh wow! :) Beautiful picture! I love all colors! :D
Blue for me. Ita a very dominant color to me.
hello how are you it suits you well mine is yellow green
blue because it reminds me of water i love water
Sarah F
are you really tyra banks cuz if you are i really would like there to be more seasons of americas next top modle becuz i want to be on it when im older
Sarah F
i really loooove purple
search the love u................!
for me its purple,but it seems m falling love with Torqoise. 
soo niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiCce
well my fav color to wear is definatly not yellow! only a few people can rock yellow. And tyra is can for sure rock yellow in every way!
My fave color is yellow...rock on Tyra
what ever feels good that day!
White....always looks good..any day!
white and every shiny color like pink or purple
Baby blue + Yellow cause yellow is a bright pretty color!
add me ofcouse on google+ not facebook
BLUE- it looks good with my blue/grey eyes
red orange and blue.. but i wear lots of blue and gray
Сочетание желтого и фиолетового гармонично!
Translate reminds me of the beauty of nature and it goes good with my skin tone...Tyra i love you!! and ur show Americas Next Top Model..i watch EVERY episode:)!!
Purple because thats my fave color! Any kind of purple
yea purple all the way one of my fave too
looking through the peep hole of the box around me i can see flowers and trees and the world around would be my color to wear like springtime there is a renewing every thing turns green
pink or red i dont know why but it seems to cheer me up
I don't have a favorite color to wear but yellow does mean spring and this is a good thing.
white and black looks best on me...
but i luv blue and purple
You know I don't care what color you wear, I'll still love you Tyra
I hav a hard figuring that out but I say I rock orange! Hope to be on Americas next top model when I come of age! 
Tyra, I love the yellow. Been trying to find some yellow to my style of liking, but nothing yet. My favorite colors are Pink, Orange, and Red.
Anything saturated, but blues and pinks especially.
Hey sexy Good to find u here too...!
M.T luv..
Black and Gold, not necessarily together but perforably Prada or DG
Earth tones are my fav's!,esspessially outback red!.
And to me yellow is a real good color for myself also,and its considered earth tone,well the color of yellow I love is!.
red ut stands out in a croud of blaacks and other dark shades!!
Bright...Bright!!! I'll wear just about anything, have to roc the colors rite
black, or blue! gotta love my blue eyes! haha
Offcourssseee she looks really pretty!!
It dnt matter how ur Teeth look just smile with your eyes!;)
lol. i remember: SMIZE! lmao. my fave color to wear is kelly green, or any blue. :) I also look good in yellow.
NICE!!! i love yellow, red and grey/black
Lily L
i do not know. When is the next season of A.N.T.M?
Alex Cr
id say orange
hi trya my fav color to wear is black,pink, n blue
I love dark blue or black with lots of silver jewelery.
Colors: black, blue, purple, gold..... And a splash of green and red to become the awkward one^^
~Socially Awkward and loving every moment of it.!
i like alot of different colors so idk
Looking so damn fine girl, I don't what color your in your perfect in any color. I don't have any real fashion colors I like in particular, I like black and gold but I never thought of that for clothes? How are you doing anyway? Are you getting over Mr. Bozo who left you yet? I hope things are getting better for you and I know they will as long as you work on it, that guy was such a jerk leaving someone as gorgeous as you. You have so much to offer a guy that I can't imagine a guy leaving you for anyone else, your not only gorgeous but you got that perfect figure that compliments your looks perfectly. Your damn smart and I really like that in a woman like you, your talented, insightful and gutsy and a guy who would walk away from a package like that has his head in the sand, and other less pleasant places. It'll get better for you as long as you heal a little bit every day, you take good care of yourself okay? Because I don't want anything bad to happen to someone as beautiful as you.
Red all day girl dnt get much fresher than that
This color is gorgeous on you. Mine is pink, blue, and black.
silver and blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
if only tyra was a color....
ben siyah beyaz üstünde kuğu gibi dans ettiğim ve abartılmış olduğuna inanmazsam tablo diye üstüme oturuyor...
purple. it was love at first sight for me since i was a child! i feel so royal init, esp when its a deep one like heather
depends on the season... i love colours but the shades depend on if i am looking spring/summer healthy or deepest winter zombie
me? i love to wear light colours.. like the one you're wearing..
What a cool pic :-) White, black and pink ;-)
Mine has to be burnt orange. It's gorgeous 
you are amazing in yellow, you glitter all over
Blue And piNk R My ColOuRs, I FeEl ThEy MaKe Me GloW:)

My favorite colors are blue and purple.
have a great day. Shenika Garcia
keep up the good work your doing
me too, red is my fav color, but I wear a lot of black too.
LOL . . . how are you going to be gangster in yellow? #easterinthehood
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Tyra, you are my inspration! I watch all of the ANTMs. You're awesome!!!!!!!!!!
I luv th way u think "Mahaganee Foster" , just add sneakers to th swagg and you ready to go !!!!
J Crut
love that yellow...
Well, I look good in all colours. Since I have a similar skin colour as you and a very similar body shape, I like to wear yellow because it shows the golden highlights in my skin. PS I like yo pants. :)
Bay M.
pink and black
Yellow & Purple, maybe a little bright orange for my shorts! It's becoming the new seasons fashion!!!!
jus' likin' yellow on u fav'
ewwww mot yellow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO WIT THE LAVENDER
u look awesome in yellow...
if this was a oil for ur show though they would kick u off this isn't the best model pose but ur show is like my have show
Black Or Purple.....Any Shade Of Purple :)
Mindz is baby blue its ma fav I just love it (go blue!!!)
i love you tyra! and its blue or white:)
I love pink but i have 2 admit that i look more fierce in black
i love the color green i like the way nice grass look trees and most of all the green paper with numbers on them and we all need it.
Omg Tyra You are my IDOL!! I love you!!
A Morning is a Wonderful Blessing,
Either Cloudy or Sunny.
It stands for Hope,
giving us another start of what we call Life.
Have a Good Morning & Day!
visit me at my
-Your very beautiful Tyra :))
hmm never really thought about that! I guess i would say RED looks nice on me:}
red n n chic wink
pink but if the sky is blue and the sun is shining out I'm going for colorful the color maybe orange
I love wearing yellow also my mom always said I look nice in yellow& red:-)
But purple & green are my favorite colors <3
My favorite color is blue all day every day. I dislike yellow.
Very Nice i Luv this color so flashy so cool
same here I love this colour but give me purple any day
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Hey tyra, im rahul 4rm india, as usal ur looking vryyyyyyyyyy "BEAUTIFUL" take care
TYRA,i love pink it totatlly makes me feel pretty & happy
1D Af
mines is hot pink it makes me feel like a princess
Totally loving the yellow as well as living life like its favorite color is green
Pink pink pink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) or any color you would put me in Tyra!!!!!!!!
i like blue pink and purple but rainbow is cool too
you're like a mother to me, I feel happy when I see, I learn a lot from you, speaks phrases that you can change many lives of your fans, you are very special to everyone and always will be, love you
Omg ur the only 1 ik that can RLY pull off all yellow. I look terrible in yellow!! Grr. I love ya, tyra! :) <3
Love the yellow, ive been sad maybe it will help me feel better! :)
am so into purple....your show rocks lols
this pic looks like Whitney Houston lol
god bless you! you r looking so beautiful. kiss u there yeaa on lipss only
Mine is black for clothes. Different colors for other things and items. You look good in yellow and specially in black.
blue and burgundy! yellow looks very Adequate on you.:)
my fave color is black !! <3
Ha ha lol looking like the sun and shit
For it's definitely purple. Actually to be more specific it's called deep orchid purple
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