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I'd like to create a task that intercepts that annoying "Connected to:" notification that pops up every time you connect to a wifi access point and cancel it. I got the interceptor hooked up, and I also got the cancellation setup in the task using %anid %anpackage and %antag. However, it never triggers... Instead it keeps telling me to turn on interception in security. Interception IS on though!

Same thing with AutoInput... It wants accessibility service enabled... it IS enabled! I've tried re-enabling it multiple times to no effect :/

Maybe a lollipop incompatibility? 5.0.2 HTC One M8 (stock, no root)

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Lots of lives!

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Looks like Smurfs are getting a little more active... The EMC portals are by far the most contested this past week!

Looks like tension between factions is on the rise heading into July 4th weekend!

What's this craze of Resistance changing their names to various combinations of i's and L's ?? (iillll iiillll etc)

DivaLatina, VatoGordo, GMonee, and Trololololol have all gone to it... 

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Copy... It's like Dropbox, but you get 20GB for free instead of 2 :D

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I know, I know... Dead horse... Beating... etc... But I'm genuinely interested in what sort of behavior people think is or isn't ethical.

I'll try not to be biased... I've listed many enlightened submitted portals as examples.

There seems to be four classes of portals:

Class 1: Portals that have consensus of being good portals (Water Fountain @ Temple Square, Mountain Biker @ Scheels)

Class 2: Portals that have disputed reputation/relevance. (ROB, Herriman Stargate, Frenze Bridal)

Class 3: Portals that, while technically accurate, have consensus of being non-reputable (Harvest Hills Cool Piping, Red Ball @ Target)

Class 4: Portals that don't actually exist. These were submitted using photos with doctored EXIF GPS data. (Statue of Knowledge, If you know of an enlightened submitted portal that fits this criterion, please post it below so I can list it.)

There are also 4 though patterns for what constitutes a "legit" portal.

Ethic Group 1: Portals that fall into any class are legit. Niantic approves them, and if they make mistakes it's their fault and the submitter should not be held accountable.

Ethic Group 2: Portals that fall into Class 3 or lower are legit. Niantic approves them, and if stupid portals get through, it's their fault. Submitters of Class 4 portals should be punished.

Ethic Group 3: Portals that fall into Class 2 or lower are legit. Submitters of Class 3 or higher portals are cheaters. Even though your picture and description is accurate, by "common sense" you know the portal is a bad one. Submitters of portals Class 3 or higher should be punished..

Ethic Group 4: Only Class 1 portals are legit. Niantic, though moderator of portals, should never be held accountable for portal quality. Portal quality responibility rests solely with the players. Regardless of any Niantic approval process, if I subjectivly think your submitted portal is stupid, you should be punished.

Vote here... I'm interested to see where everyone lies:

So you may belong in group 4 and think Frenze and the ROB are portals worthy of punishment... But others will disagree because they think differently about where the responsibility for vetting portals lies.

Realize that in the end, you can only report and let Niantic act as judge and jury.

Personally, I fall into Ethics group 2. As long as the photo and description are accurate, it's up to Niantic to make a ruling.

Two more thoughts...

You may exist outside these ethical definitions... Though, how you could justify a Class 4 portal but be against a Class 2 will be incomprehensible to me.

If you ascribe to Ethical Group 3 and use the fact that Class 3 portals are being accepted by Niantic as justification for the legitimacy Class 4 portals, you are not being true to yourself.

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Here's an updated stats list. It's not hosted on a website, it's just a chrome extension I wrote to suck up the data the intel map provides.

The source is available here:

The packaged chrome extension is a little out of date compared to the source code, if you want the latest and greatest you'll have to download the source, enable chrome developer mode, and load the extension from the directory.

There's some other chrome flags you need to turn on in order to use it as well. They are explained in the readme.

I've been slowly porting it back to a website... But I haven't had a lot of free time to work on it recently.

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Let's clear some stuff up ok?

There are no hard and fast rules to portal submissions. If you read the portal submission guidelines, they use very vague terminology. They give examples of high quality portals and examples of portals that may not (but sometimes will be) accepted.

There is no rule that says "THOU SHALT NOT" when it comes to portal submission... I believe this is on purpose. It is well known this data is being used to seed Google's Field Trip app... So they know better than anyone what qualifies. They also want all the submissions they can get.

So if you want to blame someone for what you consider "bad" or "stupid" portals. Blame Google... They are the gatekeeper and approval. They are the end of the line.

A portal submission of a water main, that has a picture of a water main... That might be considered by some to be stupid. But by the letter of Niantic's Law... It's a valid submission and up to them to vet. They accepted it.

A portal submission containing a photo of something that doesn't exist at that physical location WITH INTENT TO DECEIVE in order to gain approval... is something I would consider unethical. BUT STILL A VALID SUBMISSION.

Sometimes people are idiots and accidentally do something wrong and that's ok as long as they are made aware and correct their behavior in the future.

Intent is a VERY important part of our legal system. It's the difference between murder and self-defense. Stealing juice from Walmart to save yourself from low blood sugar as a diabetic is completely acceptable. I have diabetic friends who have done this. They usually pay Walmart back immediately... But that doesn't make it right for just anyone to adopt a "Use now pay later" attitude. Speeding to take someone with a fatal injury to a hospital is also law breaking I consider ok. You CANNOT code for EVERY SINGLE situation in any law... And doing so is WRONG. There is always an exceptional case.

Shades of grey is also a very important part of our legal system. It's why judges and police officers are allowed some leeway in the punishment they dole out. This is extremely important because INTENT plays such an important role in our ethical system. Sometimes killing IS justified AND legal. Sometimes speeding is. Sometimes sub par portal submissions are. Sometimes deceit is also justified.

In this case, it's no one's position to flame the portal creator for being a liar or cheat or anything. If you feel it was in error, report the portal and let Niantic judge... Since in this case they are the law makers. You don't know the portal creator's thoughts, so you cannot judge intent with 100% certainty. It looks very much like someone at that office building submitted that portal with intent to deceive Niantic into approving it... But they may have had innocuous intentions or submitted it as a joke hoping Niantic would catch the error.

So lay off each other.

This is an internet forum. You cannot tell intonation or intent behind words. All we get are words. I'm sure you're all stand up individuals. But if you say things in a joking or sarcastic manner... Just realize that no one can tell and that you're probably sounding like a jerk to a lot of people who are misinterpreting your attitude. In turn, they react in a similar manner, or take your words at face value and react poorly and things escalate. You have to be twice as civil and three times less sarcastic and joking on the internet to maintain civil discourse.

Please submit all portals. Your phone cord is fine Jason Gallo... And kevin wade, please submit those stones on your driveway...

Who knows? Maybe someone WILL find them interesting.

More portals means more play... And that can ONLY be a good thing.

You don't know how much fun the ROB portal has brought when E's have it 8'd, linked, and shielded out... And then smurfs virus it and we can't take it back with 5 of them recharging it.

More portals is ALWAYS a good thing even if they are retarded... Let Niantic sort out what they want in their data set.

And FINALLY... If you're still reading... I realize that your ethical system may not align with mine... Perhaps you view guidelines as rules... I hear some pirates feel the same way about the pirate's code. Please continue believing whatever you want. If there is law breaking going on, the courts have the last word. If there's TOS breaking going on, Niantic will have the last say. Flaming people and engaging in reductio ad absurdum and other ridiculous fallacies just makes you look bad.

See you all out in the field... I'm sure you all won't sound nearly as crazy inflammatory in person as you do on here. And I hope I won't either.

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