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Tyler Stauss
Online marketer, aspiring web developer
Online marketer, aspiring web developer

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GoPromoCodes is organizing a new giveaway and is looking for bloggers to join. We are giving away a Google Nexus 7. Sign up by Aug 9 for a free link in the giveaway widget.

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My site needs your help! Please click the little +1 near the top of the site. I would really really appreciate it.

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I'm looking for bloggers to participate in an iPad Giveaway! It's a free event and you get 1 free link.

+GoPromoCodes is approaching 1400 facebook fans, pretty exciting! Now only if we could get those +1s up!

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I wrote a blog post about the Miami Heat and how good they are - you can read it here.

Feel free to debate in the comments!

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+GoPromoCodes is participating in a new giveaway. Check it out here! 

Does anyone know how to make it so the posts from the G+ page I manage ( automatically get added to my personal G+ profile? Is this possible?

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Check out the new blog at!

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Any bloggers out there, this should be pretty cool/good!
Hey guys, I created this community, "For the Love of Blogging," for bloggers to share ideas, tips, posts, etc. Would love to have you guys join! It's bare bones right now, but I'll be adding more info soon. Feel free to add other bloggers.

Its a cold monday morning, perfect day for working on the website!
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