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I have no idea what they did to that iPhone.... I'm pretty sure #schemer  was behind it all... :)   #cm10   #androidminis   #android   #androidproject  
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I would like a cadre of desk pals like that.
I wanna know where you can buy those driod dolls
No iPhone 4 kick ass wait 5th then we see 
To bad you all cheap ass can not afford iPhone 4 or 4s 
I'm definitely going to get one of those android figurines!
Bow to king of all phones (iphone4) 
You may be waiting a while for iPhone 5 their to busy suing instead of
+Jaime Fernandez Yes, well these IPhone Lovers Love being the submissive people, that dont like the freedom of customizing their own phones.
I'll start posting picks of the rest when I start getting them in. :)
My non has an android and it's really war between us since I've got an iPhone!! She even has many pics for her screen saver of androids beating apple 😖 I can't believe it maybe androids will run apple out
Love it, Gotta get some of those figurines
Does anyone know where the funeral will be held at and I what time
Too bad the little guys didn't have a function, like little Femtocells, or storage. I mean IDK...Where'd you get em? I would like a jelly bean one.  
samer works for donald thump,wait excuse me.. i mean he says names when he play with his ipeepee' bwahahaha
i think my iphone saw me smile when I read this!
+Daniel Foo Check out all these Android toys!! We must find where they are sold in Singapore!
woohoo! :P love em colourful droids! +Wilfrid Wong I have an earlier post about some online shop selling in Malaysia.. hmm. I wanna decorate a Singapore Droid for the National Day. \<*-*>/
what the heck are they doing  to the iphone
Don't mind the little guys, they're just taking out the trash.
iphone should be rename to ( i microwave)..please everyone save ur anger,iphone will be making hot-dog-stand very soon so in the mean time go down to ur android store and be part of our family..peace love and defly no iphone.
aldrin whrere are you from
IPhone 4s. The 4s means for stupid people.
remember waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the days when those little mp3 player was called ipod? i though i taw a puddy iphone
Cyanogen mod ftw. Gnex pwns yer bases.
I prefer the iPhone personally. But this is quite funny! I'm not a Android hater. People use whichever OS works best for them. No need to constantly be dissing other devices, unless it's a Microsoft product of course. ;~P JK
+Jared Byers I agree, there are some people out there that want a simplistic OS. i Personally would prefer to be able to customize my own OS.

I have no problems with the IPhone itself, its just the company i do not like.
Lol @ iPhone fanboys getting bent. Lmao @ " can't afford an iPhone" umadbro?
stopped collecting toys when i was four grow up!\
All of you are too funny and hysterical for words to express alol 
Android is hungry and wants sum Apple to eat!!!!
They didn't do anything to that iPhone, iPhone is just dead now! They can't battle Android, so they are dead!
+Samer Dawod You realize the #GalaxyNexus costs just as much as the #iShit right? Not cheap, we just want to be associated with a company that doesn't spy on you, report private matters to the government, litigates more than inovates, and doesn't give you any control of your OWN device. We're not cheaper than you, we're simply smarter than you. :-)
I do not like marvel..
Capcom or DC is better.......
Its an iphone massacre! Good job Andrews!
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
i think this is really what happend to steve jobs
hi rules an will always rule hahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Androids are weird..
It is I-pad
I-touch kids.....
Fits in right?
I don't think the iPhone is finished yet nevertheless this is one humorous way of showing the apple vs google thing.
Great photo. As for Apple and its fan boys just give it time and it to shall pass. Trendy fools.
But nothing is better den iPhone.!
Hey, where are they taking that paperweight?
Screw u android lovers!!!!!!!
;( he is in heaven motherboard now.
Rob Go
If you look closely in the corner you can just see the masturbation tissues and lotion of whoever created this scene.
They are going to throw it from Impire Tower :)
Android is so much better then the iphone! andriod has so many different varieties while the iphone has one simple phone that everybody in the world has. And for those who want to compare iphone with andriod based on the cost andriod has a few phones that cost about the same range as the iphone.
If u nothing to do please send ur phn charaty shope. ....laugh
That picture is fairly accurate.  In fact, I would predict that Apple will not exist in 25 years.
Rob Go
My hope is that grammar exactly what it deserve.
You know what! Screw it!! all hail blackberry!! muahahahaha ;)
I want the Halloween one! LoL
It's funny that even if you were to bury an android post anywhere on the Net; an Apple fanboy will still find it and troll.
Don't hate, android is coming on strong, numbers don't lie. Iphone 5 no problem, meet jellybean 4.1and 4.2.
Got galaxy s3, blows the doors off the iphone 4s. Iphone 5 no problem s3 with jelly bean 4.1 4.2 even the scales and even greaters the scales.
I got the yettie but i had to give to to my girlfriend. She liked the smile.
They cast a zombie voodoo upon it and are now going to jailbreak it and install Android.
two phones enter, one phone leaves....two phones enter, one phone leaves..
Lol that's adorably funny. I'm new to the android platform and haven't quiet figured out how to install CM. Jailbreak my iPhone was way easier and more fun..but I'm giving android it's fair chance ;) just for all you Droid lovers out there. Any tips or tricks I Should know? Email it I would appreciate it.
over here speak english and really are i phones affordable and how much is the cpu storage hold with the newest model.
Twoo thumbs up for Iphone....the most expensive chinese smartpnone
Apple needs to stop suing and start inventing, but i like android alot better
This time its just the iphones funeral... whenz the apples funeral?
Lmfao... there's a barbeque going on in the background..!!! Where's the cooler.. ?? I need an ICE CREAM SANDWICH please, not the fat bloated one either, and also a bag or few of JellyBeans please.. STAT!!
Android vs Apple: It's like, go with Apple, wear a shirt and pretend to be smart or go with Android, where people and phones have a unique personality. I like being free and open sourced, what about you? Also, I don't like CarrierIQ
If they ever make another Toy Story movie, an Android toy has to be in it!
(bloated) Androids with 25000 malware and counting. This number is rising faster only..... 😉
Ken Sim
At the WWDC Conference, they so call claimed that iPhone 5 with iOS 6 is the 'World's Most Advanced Mobile Operating System' but what features they are gonna have in iOS 6 already exist on Android OS way back on Froyo... 4.1 Jelly Bean just pulled light years ahead of  iOS 6 when it comes to the technologies on Android OS. Talk about Siri yawn, Google Now will rape Siri, talk about social intergration and abilities to share photos face palm, that has been on the Android since Froyo. Talk about Face Time, Google Talk and Google + video conferencing is 10 times better then that. Talk about 3D maps and point to point Navigation... Well you guys had use Google Maps & Earth and hands down they are the un-disputed in mapping software now... So There's really nothing exicting about iOS6, it's gonna be the same old boring yesterday's tech with just a few cosmetic surgery and trying to look brand new after that... Apple has ran out of ideas ...........

Check out this link
Cupertino... the morning after. (A shameless plug refering to "Jonestown, the morning After").
Apple: noun, and anti-innovation company set out to destroy, via suing, competition to unfairly get their way
They look like they r carrying away the iPhone afta it lost its life in a battle against an android phone and they are hoisting it away. While android stands victorious.
I've seen that frowning faced iPod logo on my 1st generation long long time ago....right before it burned in hell. Haven't bought an iPod since...
Brian B
gotta love Andrew Bell for comming up with this Android figure :) cant wait for series # 3 to drop soon!
Notice the monster in thee backround! There probably drunk
Death by Android!
IPhone era is over.
May d motherfuka...shit rest in pieces.....
Iphone 5 is not even gonna be a match. Crapple should use the $$$ for innovation instead of suing, apple is like porche, they have the laziest designers, both never really change much.
Wonder how thaey screwed the iphone
Awww!!!! Rest in peace Iphone...after all you know, you will never beat'em!!!
the three laws don't apply to those droids...
I just ordered two of these little guys. I'd imagine that there are certain things that you could do to make them more useful. There's probably a small harddrive you could fit in, or you could add weights to their feet so that they can function as phone docks.
+Samer Dawod that's a weird life choice, you should probably stick to relations with people.
Hell with them people Paul :) 
Yeah! Droids burn that crappy phone! Team Droid!
Samer r u a dumb fuck? Iphones r cheap, people with brains get real phones, problem is u Iphone users can't afford a good phone like the Nexus or Galaxy.
Plsss dont do nething to my iphone n no one can beat iphone as i hv 4s
What's up guys? We gotta party going on here? Can I join?

Sent from my iPhone
Jimi get your head out of your ass !! It's only phone dumb ass 
I have a broken iPhone 4, I like android better because of the things u could do, but I miss my iPhone because it never froze or lagged on me.
they will rebuild the Apple to make some Galaxy S :p
(look for design)
Probably the funniest thing I've seen since I saw android stick it inside the apple logo American Pie style.
the screen looks like it had a sticker put on it
I phone is king that's why droid take it on shoulder like slaves No comparison of I phone till now
From the mouth out Steve Wozniak, The iphone is for users who are afraid to use a real computer. Don't remember the exact quote and probably taken out of context, as all quotes seem to be. However, interpreted to meet my point. Besides, if some of you hate android so much, why are you on Google+?
To the dungeon with it ( says creepy guy u can't see)
(minions chanting) Dungeon! Dungeon!
If u not getting I phone till that "Angoor khatte hai"
+Samer Dawod man, dont come on to an android google plus post talking about iphones. I personally think youre stupid. And not because youre a bad person, but just because you use an iphone. The stupid proof phone.
is this the android army...
looking forward to getting my Nexus 7
I love this picture, out with the old in with the new. Android has taken over. Jelly Bean
I gave the iphone 4 away for free...just happy to be rid of it :-) android rules and that picture is exactly metaphoring what is going on on the market :-)
iPhone suck androids dick's, stick that in your pipe and smoke it Apple!
I'm slowly collecting them all.  They are bit hard to find.
Iphone 5 is on deck soon.....cheers..
Android rules this is why so many iPhone users are switching
Iphone=idiot phone just for the people who like slavery and $abuse ...My G S 2 (nonrooted) beats any Iphone easy!
Apple has a habit of copying other people's technology and lying and saying they invented it themselves than going around suing people for it.Such a sad pathetic company, I'm glad the Samsung Galaxy S3 is killing it.
Bit of a Communication Arts thing going on there. They are a good series of books if you're into US advertising.
They represent that iphone dies
Nice BBQ going on in the background :) 
yup u people are to cheep to buy a good phone so u get the second best android. it's just sad
they lool like robocop bring's good
funny! looks like they are actually carrying it like a casket at a funeral
sorry they look like not they lool like..
nice but i need more information help me????
Maybe they made him the oumpah-loumpah king?
Are the Androids performing the last ritual of death?!!!
i have and i like both of them.. iOS is good and Android is good too.
Watch out, that you don't get sued by Apple for using their "unique and ground breaking design" in that picture!
I'm pretty sure that the power-button and the unhappy phone picture, are protected by copyrights.
 I have run into problem... I know this is not forum nor right place to ask "problem"...i have posted on forum already... while flashing from Axiom Engage v1 to v2...I can not do nand back up...error is "sd card can't be mounted"...what are my options? Do I go to factory reset without "unrooting" or I have to unroot and then start from scratch? ...any one
+Brett Taskinen I am sorry , forget to mention I have Galaxy Nexus running Axiom Engage v1 Jelly Bean but this phone does not have SD card build is actually internal storage. I am able to see every thing on that when I connect to Win7 pc. but I can't do back up or flash newer ROM
#Samer Dawod, atleast Android users can type without sounding like total fucking morons.. lol. Damn.
I have an iphone and an android my android broke and my iphone not yet but here is the thing i had my android for a week my iphone 2 months 
Apply fanbois are hilarious. My HTC handset is superior to the iPhone 4S and the power of freedom I get with Android, they can only dream about it.
The best part is the picture is the google chrome "he's dead Jim" for when the page won't load.
I understand that it is lot of work, but - what about stop motion video from this scene? :D
I feel bad for people who buy an iPhone. "My phone is better, it has Siri!" Well, well, well, where's your NFC? 1.5 GHz dual core processors? And didn't you guys use OUR Google Maps? PSH, someone said it earlier, "iPhones have 40% Samsung products." What a sad, sad, community.
Well I enjoyed the photo whole day :D
IPhone people be scared very scared dtoid is taking over!
hello I am deaf in Philippines. thanks you can accept add friend.....
идиоты те кто говорит что нельзя позволить себе айфон,новые андройды куда дароже этого айфона
Someone should make a Cid action figure.
Where can I find a hi res version of this image for my desktop background?? ;)
I guess I can make one. What's your dt reso?
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