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Tyler Ingram
Freelance Hobbyist Photographer, Up and Coming Software Engineer
Freelance Hobbyist Photographer, Up and Coming Software Engineer

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I've only played with the MD3 once since I received it. I haven't had too much time but I'm a little down at the quality of the camera and now a bit more disappointed in the fact that the gimbal design has changed and is so delayed.

Now the design of the gimbal is part of the camera? Does that mean we all get new cameras with the built in 2-axis gimbal?

I've had the same issues as most other people in regards to the batteries too. The pins on the body of the MD3 bend too easily and require me to get something small and pointy to gently push them back into place. Even then, the battery doesn't always slide on nicely. It makes it hard to want to fly when it takes such effort to even get a battery connected to it.

The whole module design thing though I like. I like you can just pop on the camera (if you dont attach the wire of course) but I don't know how much I'm really going to fly mine.

The whole experience of watching MD3 grow though has been quite interesting. 

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Finally had a bit of time to unbox my MD3.0. Here is my first Wi-fi based footage (I don't have a spare MicroSD card handy)

Also.. I haven't flown in a while! lol

So... I received my micro drone a while ago.. but it's been sitting on my desk at work since. It's all still in the original packaging! Am I the only one who sort of... hasn't taken it all out to play with yet?

Granted, my home life it quite busy with a 3yr old and a 6 month old. I guess I also feel a bit disappointed in the camera quality that everyone has been reporting. It's funny how I'm more in to the camera quality than anything at this point.

I really need to get it out of the box and into the air!

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If you enter your name for a chance to win $4,000 in Camera Gear they will also plant a tree in your very own name! 

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Received my #MD3 today. I backed it July 04th 2015, it was shipped April 04th 2016 and I received it today April 11th 2016.

#MicroDrone3.0 #Quadcopter #Indiegogo

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Have a Tree Planted in your Name and a chance to win $4,000 worth of camera gear!

This subject is one of the best I have received lately ;)

Your items for Micro Drone 3.0: Flight in the Palm of Your Hand have shipped!

I backed July 04, 2015 so it has "shipped" April 07, 2016. I'll update this post when I actually get my hands on it. Glad I have it shipped to my office.

I don't care what people have said, I can't wait to try it out even if I will probably crash it lol

So have any Canadians received theirs yet or do I still have to be envious of those who have theirs? Backerkit just says Ready to Ship :)

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+thinktankproduction is playing Santa Claus and giving away some awesome gear!
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