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Tyler Crumpton
Amateur photographer, computer programmer, hacker, code-cracker, jump-off-of-things-er.
Amateur photographer, computer programmer, hacker, code-cracker, jump-off-of-things-er.

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Everything at is 15% off starting tonight at midnight PST. Sale runs Nov 23-30!


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Trying out the fit of my S.T.O.W. boards in a couple of laptops! (
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Baking some Particle Photon->Synapse SM220 bridges!

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Printed out the case I designed for +Hunter Fuller's Arduino/USB-regulator combination (dubbed the Arduregulator)! 

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Building SNAP-controlled combat robots during our hackathon at +Synapse Wireless!
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Heads up: tomorrow the Printrbot Crawlbot table router and the Printrbot CNC router go on sale for the first time in their final form!

Check for more details tomorrow morning. They will go on sale sometime tomorrow afternoon.

Printrbot is about to make machines, not just 3D printers. And we are stoked to take this final step.

I probably won't have time to personally answer questions, so I'll defer to the website.

I do know we are shooting for an initial ship date of two weeks out but it will grow to three weeks, maybe more. I have no idea of what the demand will be. We are ramping up production (right here in California) and are aiming at making hundreds for the holidays. This will be a USA only product for this first wave- sorry about that, they are quite heavy. They are routers, but the smaller Cnc can do aluminum projects and has 4" of very rigid z travel, but it's not a mill, so keep your expectations down to earth. The Cnc will do 3D carving but the Crawlbot isn't really intended for that. The Crawlbot hopes to be a game changer for those wanting to do 2d cutting for wood furniture, signs and such projects from a 4x8 piece of material.

Excited to start the fun!
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+Kirstin DeRosa​ made me an awesome computer mouse carrying bag! It looks amazing!
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Lasercut Mini-Bartop arcade out of 1/2" MDF! Have a screen coming in soon, so we just need to build the control panel!

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+Chris Bero might be interested in this!
Free Printr parts for kids.

One of the unfortunate side effects of designing dozens of printers, constantly upgrading them and iterating wildly is I am left with a huge pile of retired parts I can not sell.

Solution: give them away to kids who are short on finds but long on design skills and passion.

Problem: finding them.
Second problem: getting them to realize free means no support ;)

If this sounds like you and you are ok to work away at a crazy design without official customer support... Except for untold thousands of forum posts, documentation and community help... Then respond here.

Even teachers who want teach Design and 3d printing can respond.

I have no idea how I will check to see if you are for real, so be kind ;)

After getting about 100 pounds of retired parts together (for free) for a polite student that has convinced his teacher to let the whole class build 3d printers, I am inspired to arm more students or classes.

The bots that emerge will definitely be frankenbots, but the bones are all there. I have many more parts just taking up space and would love to give them a new home. I have old working versions of printrboards, used but working ceramic hotends, 12mm bars and bearing blocks, 12mm z blocks... Wires of odd lengths... The whole shebang.

If designing to order using my dumpster dives sounds fun- apply here. Not for the faint of heart, but I bet you will learn something.

I don't promise everything you need will be there, but everything you lack is out there. Somewhere.

I mentioned this to my customer support guy who almost fainted, but I'm doing it anyway. More 3d printer companies should do this! Bre Pettis once sent me a few hundred hotend parts from the retired cupcake to pass on to students.. That's the spirit!

So who is in?

All I ask is you publish the open source plans you come up with... Make it a RepRap... And post your results.

Crossing fingers... Holding breath...
Brook Drumm
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