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Tyler E (BrokeCollegeSolutions)
Just a little bit about me:)
Just a little bit about me:)


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SELLING MY SITE: 400+ Monthly visitors (organic) | Multiple page 1 rankings | Targetted audience | Versatile niche.

I'm selling my niche site, although I'm sad to see it go I simply just don't have the time for it.

With the recent launch of my online store and it growing at the rate, it is I just don't see the ROI on it for me anymore.

I have it listed on Flippa (here's the link to the listing to see more info. or make an offer):

I thought this would be a great opportunity for those of you who are just starting out who are struggling to find a niche or want to avoid all the hassle of getting some site authority and building the site out.


I've had multiple offers on the listing and haven't accepted any just yet, the buy now price is $150 (to lock the site down as yours) or you have the option to make an offer.

Don't worry all the analytics info is there with the site verified through Flippa to show it's traffic and stats so you can have a good understanding of the site.

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Corny, but worked didn't it;)

I've been doing this little experiment with Fiverr lately where I'm documenting my journey up to at least $1k in monthly revenue using their platform and I decided to help my fellow sellers along the way.

So if you're an Amazon seller (just starting out or veteran) we all know ranking is HUGE!

But we also know it can take HOURS to do and cost us $100's and even $1,000's in software and monthly subscriptions to automate the process.

Well, over the years I have this down to a science and I'm looking to spread the love with this GIG.

All you have to do is send me the list of keywords (within respect to how much you order) and your listing ASIN or URL and I'll send you a spreadsheet showing you where you stand in the rankings all the way up to spot 300.

Click the link if you're interested and maybe check out or share with someone you think would love to get some help.

Until next time guys and gals,

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How's it going guys and gals? So....I got some news for you.

If you're an Affiliate Marketer or Amazon Seller (beginner or advanced) and you've been struggling with finding keywords for your niche I can help you out.

I've built multiple online businesses and have sold one and am currently scaling two, but still want to make use of my spare time and what better way then helping you fine people.

I've always loved Fiverr and have used them for quite some time and now I'm flipping the script and becoming a seller in my free time.

I'll be auditing and helping business owners with keyword research and optimization utilizing the tools and knowledge I've accumulated over the years.

The Gig's are still in the making but will be available really soon so if you're interested in getting some one on one help from someone who's done it already feel free to message me at- and tell my you're interested.

Just send YES if that's all you have time for and I'll shoot you a link to work with me one on one the second it drops.

Thanks again and stay awesome!

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If you're not a follower already, you're missing out;)

Check out the team page below for some fun, creative content we know you will enjoy!
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Quality doesn't always have to mean expensive.

Don't be fooled by the "big brand" faced, get your money's worth!

Got a friend/daugter/son/cousin/dog/godfish you think should see this feel free to share:)

Until next time guys and gals,

Some online guy that spends way to much time at his computer.
Quality doesn't alway have to mean expensive.

Check out our list of AFFORDABLE headphones for the everday college student on a budget.

Don't worry too;)

We made the list catering to all types of audio heads and uses from fitness to bass boosted, and comfort, we got you covered:)

-The Broke College Solutions Team
(Just a group of students who love to help:)
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See A Millionaires Methods To Selling On Amazon

You’re about to see the honest truth…

Opportunities, rankings, suppliers, reviews, FBA…

I bet you’re wondering how all of that REALLY works.

You’re about to find out.

These Amazon MILLIONAIRES are doing a demo live to show you some REAL product opportunities that have been PROVEN SUCCESSES on Amazon right now.

The first step to building a successful business is having a great product.

And all of these products being revealed are fresh from Amazon just a few days ago and are REAL, hot product opportunities that you could build a successful business with.

Each one is going to be dissected to show you EXACTLY what makes a good – and a bad – opportunity, along with packaging tricks, list-building hacks, and more.

P.S. We can't keep this info. available for long! The webinar and all the material will be pulled today (April 24) at 11:59PM CT. So get it while it while you still can!

To Your Success,
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It’s finally here!

If you're an entrepreneur at heart looking for some guidance, this is for you...

Now is the time to change your life forever. At 12:00PM CT TODAY, the completely updated Amazing Selling Machine program is going to be revealed!

For over a year and a half, top Amazon Sellers have been testing the program and its strategies to make sure it’s absolutely perfect to help even more people achieve their business dreams.

These Sellers have made millions using this program, and now it’s been updated and improved by incorporating the BEST strategies and tactics that are working RIGHT NOW on the $135 billion platform.

The doors to take advantage of this life-changing course will be closing soon and who knows when the doors will open again?

It could be another year and a half, or even two years, or maybe never…

Become your own boss and get the financial freedom to do whatever you want with this course that’s helped thousands of people around the world create their own REAL, profitable, and sustainable businesses.

At 12pm central, when the final video goes live, the doors officially open and the countdown begins!

To Your Success,

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Looking to make a business selling on Amazon but too afraid of the "Big Guys"???

Well, they have no idea what they’re doing…

By now, you’ve hopefully checked out the first two mind-blowing videos about grabbing your piece of the $135 BILLION per year on Amazon that Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback have released…

(If not you can find the previous two postings in my profile below:)

And, I know, I get it. You’re likely wondering, “But how do I compete with big name brands on Amazon?”

This physical product thing seems complicated at first, but then once you understand just a few things, this whole new world opens up to you.

You see, Matt and Jason have found that big brands have NO CLUE how Amazon really works.

But after YOU watch this third video, you will be armed with a step-by-step system to take a brand new product to the TOP of Amazon (even for the most competitive search terms): >> Check it out by clicking the link below! <<

In this new video, they reveal the brand new, cutting-edge Amazon ranking system they’ve developed called the Listing Launch Formula 4.0.

It’s crazy how simple grabbing top spots are on Amazon is when you see this…
>> Trust me, you don't want to miss this, find it all below! <<

See you there!
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Hear an Amazon millionaire’s secret to product sourcing

He sells millions on Amazon (and has never been to China)

Hey there, guys and gals!

What if I told you that you could sell any product you want with just your laptop?

Cell phone cases, workout gear, kitchen products, literally anything.

This is your chance: just click the link below to check it out and feel free to share with any friends or family, this is something you or they don't wanna miss!

In fact, in this new video, you’ll hear from a regular guy who sells millions of dollars worth of products on Amazon and sources nearly everything from China.

BUT, here’s the crazy part – he’s never stepped foot in China.

He runs the entire business right from his home.

See how he does it now: Just click the link below.

You may not know this yet, but there’s a massive opportunity on Amazon right now. I want you to be the FIRST to know what’s changed and why right now is such an amazing time to get started building a business on this platform.

Discover how to source any product from anywhere in the world AND how to automate nearly the ENTIRE business leveraging Amazon’s own resources:



P.S. Oh yeah, one more thing...the Amazon millionaire I mentioned is actually showing you inside his REAL, LIVE Amazon Seller account in this video. Unbelievable!
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Get 100 Redhot Opportunities To Sell On Amazon!

The program you’ve been waiting for is back.

This exact program that got me up and running with my first physical products business is opening their doors again.

After 18 months in the trenches, it’s time to show you exactly what’s working right now…

For the last 18 months, these two Amazon experts have been working with Amazon Sellers who make over $10 MILLION in sales in a single year to bring you the best program in the market.

They did all the research.

They tested every tactic and strategy they could find.

And they’re sharing what they learned with you. Right here.

Amazon makes $135 BILLION per year in online sales, and they’re just beginning to scratch the surface.

With the information they share, you have the opportunity to build a REAL and profitable business that’s completely yours.

Everything you think you know about Amazon is about to get turned upside down.

>> Click the link below to learn the NEW way to choose RED HOT products to sell on Amazon right now… <<

Plus: To show you how many crazy opportunities there are right now, they’re even giving you 100 hand-picked product opportunities for FREE.

To Your Success,


P.S.- Keep an eye on my profile over these next few days as I'm going to be keeping you up to date as this rolls out, plus some amazing strategies to get you up and running with your first REAL online business.
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