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A small update to my last design adding calendar functionality. 

Dots at top of screen represent calendar events. The colours correspond to the colour of the calendar the event is on.

Dark side represents 12AM - 12PM

Light side represents 12PM - 12AM

Feedback really is appreciated!

Version 1 -
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+Tyler Allicock not sure what the yellow-yellow-red means but dots on android usually look better just plain white, plus it would fit in much better
+Gianflavio Gordillo They correspond to the colour of the calendar that particular event is on. The colours they are at the moment are just as an example. 
Actually, I'm not a fan of the dots either - I think they make it just a bit to busy and its not obvious at a glance what they are about.  
Im really surprised your other watchface was selected over this one.... This one is much more innovative and playful, and would have a been more appealing in the 10-top voting
I would like to know if you can but one like this too.
It's just a concept, doesn't actually exist and I've got no plans for development of it. 
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