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Help my friend out!

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Provo River Falls in Utah

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Here's my beef with him (evleaks) +Derek Ross.

This is why we can't support evleaks. This was from his personal twitter account direct messaged to a follower.

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For those that are NEW to Google+ and/or custom ROM community....

The first thing you should do to avoid "angry devs" and your ass being chewed the fuck out is to read the About this community section.

This section usually has all the rules, information and links that you're most likely looking for if you're one of those lurker types

The second thing you should do is read the pinned post that most custom ROM communities have now days

This is just a post outlining simple DO's and DON'T's and usually answers FAQs (Frequently asked questions) that either the moderators or every day members of that community are just tired of answering

The third and last thing you should do is TRY to search for the answer to your question(s)

Chances are that someone JUST LIKE YOU has asked this very same question and the devs/moderators have answered it about 200 times in the past week

Anyways, hope this helps some poor soul that's tired of "getting their ass chewed out" or just some random FNG (fucking new guy)

+Dave Kessler +Cameron Rickle +Davor Bertovic +Sean hoyt +John Brewer and other custom ROM guys, feel free to reshare this within your community if you want to :-)

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Thanks for all the birthday wishs today! 

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Ok guys about this new cm stuff we merged in. We kind of had to merge this stuff in as a ton of other stuff depends on this stuff. Mainly a lot of telephony stuff.

You ask why can't we move away from CM? Well if we did say goodbye to almost all the devices we support besides Nexus's. Almost every rom depends on CM for device stuff. It would become a pain to have to maintain all these separate repos when we could just track them from CM and get the latest device fixes right away. We would probably miss commits and stuff would start breaking.

Kernels devs just need to add a tiny bit of code to there ramdisks to fix the fc issues. If a custom kernel uses anykernel then that kernel should work just fine.

I know it kind of sucks that we can't revert these commits but maybe when 4.4 arrives we will reevaluate on how much cm to depend on.

Ok a simple poll.

CM/Slim tiles or AOKP Tiles?

If you could include a reason why that would be great also.
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