It's alive! Cell motion is here. Cells are allowed to move 3 times before the game of life rules kick in and kill off/breed new cells. Right now cell movement looks pretty random, but don't be fooled! That is actually the behavior of a completely untrained neural network which has genetically-calculated connection weights between each cell's visible range (19 neighboring squares) and the possible movements (up,right,down,left). That's a 76 connection single-layer perception for those who are counting! There are 152 unique, 4-base pair codons, since each network connection has both an upper codon and a downer codon. I've got a nice diagram and I'd like to do a write-up on the wiki soon, but right now there doesn't seem to be anyone looking anyway.

The catch: it's slow. Much to slow to actually get any clever cell strains going. This video is made using short DNA strands which probably can't even code enough information for really clever movement; performance drops even more as the DNA strings increase in length. 

tl;dr: Look, movement! Onwards to optimization!
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