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A friend of mine is in transit to Seattle.

He will be signing copies of Ingress: Origins there.

Please take care of him and make sure he stays safe. 

There are dangerous forces at work in the world around us.

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When I was working on Ingress: Origins, I remember having a bunch of trouble with the onboarding interviews.

In my visions, there was always this flash... of a chamber.

I couldn't explain it at the time. I though I was seeing some kind of noise --  an error, so I never drew it into the novel, because it didn't make sense.

I knew that time had passed during these onboarding interviews, 20 minutes in a flash, and things seemed strange, ominous and different, but I couldn't explain why.

Now, I'm beginning to understand.

I'm also beginning to see the onboarding interviews in a whole new light.

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I want to thank my friends for helping to get this project live.

Come to Emerald Knights in Burbank, CA this Thursday night to get your copy signed.
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Another frame I've been working on for #IngressOrigins. Much of the events revolve around the individual pictured on the left, as one might expect...

Here's the pre-order link in case you need it...

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Slow and steady.

I love watching the pieces come together. Inhabiting the working minds of the many different artists I have known and admired.

If you haven't already, you can preorder #IngressOrigins by visiting your local comic shop. Details on that are here:

Sleepless nights, these days. Worth every minute.

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A scene I'm working on for #IngressOrigins. Bowles introducing PAC to ADA...

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When I see stuff, it's always the now. I never see the future or the past. It's the present, just at different moments in time. And I can't really control it. We never really figured out what the Portals do to us. And we never really answered the question about where inspiration comes from. My stuff is, I guess, a kind of inspiration too. Except it shows moments in time. Details. Secrets. I think they're all true. So far, my score's pretty solid but hey, I'm human.

I saw some of the moments when ADA was first being created. Bowles and the man who would become P. A. Chapeau seeing... what? Possibilities? Threats? The future. You'll get to learn that story  and some others too in Ingress: Origins.

I'll tell you what they probably never saw. And I never saw it either. The way she died.

That's the weird thing about having this gift/curse/whatever. The world still has the power to surprise me with how things unfold.

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Been seeing a lot of folks talking about #IngressOrigins.

I've been keeping my head low, but yeah, I'll confirm the rumors.

Are they visions like last time? Look, even when I was handing out the posters at #Comiccon  2012, I had no way to guarantee that what I'd seen was true, for the past, the present or the future. I had a feeling, and I guess it turned out I was right.

Maybe it'll be the same this time.

As for those of you who think I'm working with the NIA, and this is all some kind of propaganda. Think again. I'm having to watch my back everywhere I go.

When you see what I've seen, when you finally read these pages, you'll know why I'm paranoid about what they're capable of.

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Two years ago, I appeared at Comic-Con and made a bizarre outburst at a panel.  I am quite happy with the success my comic has had on Google Play ( and Amazon (  They even translated it into German (Play:, Amazon:  But there is something I want to say to the government people who have been harassing me.  It was all a publicity stunt. I do not believe in portals or an “Ingression”.  Please stop following me and monitoring me.  It is just a work of art.

What do I have to do to convince you?  And I know you have been monitoring me.  Stop.  

The Ingression is a  product of my imagination.  I will be drawing more. But it is just fiction.  

+Ingress is just a game.  
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