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#TwinsTakes on Acquiring Players - Trust the Process - Part 2

Acquiring Players is the #LifeBlood of any team. They need to do it well & often!

There are 4 Major Tools teams use to acquire players. Some are better than others in how they work but trusting the process includes being patient with the players they've acquired. Other tools may work quicker but the risk is higher as they're either spending a lot of money or prospects to attempt to speed up their timetable of winning now.

That might work but it also might set them back and instead of winning sooner, they'll end up winning later.

Please read and share! Let us know #YourTakes on Trusting the Process of player acquisition. It's difficult to be patient, especially if players and/or managers & coaches are struggling or look to be struggling. The easiest thing to do is throw in the towel.

After being swept by the New York Yankees in New York, the negativity about the Minnesota Twins in this town has risen once again. Don't Stop Believin' in this team! There are still 10 games left and they are still 1.5 games up in the race for the 2nd Wild Card Playoff spot.

With a 4-game series starting tonight in Detroit against the #Tigers, these #Twins can take a big step towards securing that playoff spot! Will they be the #ResilienTwins who've responded to adversity all season long? Don't count them out just yet, especially when they are still in!

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