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Social Housing
#debtline People are struggling to make ends meet even in the cheapest form for housing. The Citizen's Advice bureau has stated that there has been a 16% rise in rent arrears within social housing sector and a 26% rise in threats of repossession within this...

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One pay cheque away from losing your home
Shelter has warned that almost 4 million people are just one pay cheque away from losing their home.   The charity has warned that 44% of working families only has enough money to make one months payment towards their rent or mortgage if they lost their job...

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The Bank of Gran and Grandad
Have you asked your family to lend you money. More than one in three over-65s have helped pay off debts of more than £2,000 for children or teenage grandchildren, the research from MetLife shows. As many as 17 per cent of the over-45s have helped out their ...

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County Court Forms Fee Exemption
#debtline #debtdebate Have you received a county court claim which you are late responding to so its no longer free? Or do you need to have claim set aside but cannot afford the court fee. You can fill out a a fee exemption form called and EX160. Please fin...

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Payday Loans
#Debtline #debtdebate blog: Do you have Payday loan? Are you one of the many that has been treated unfairly after explaining that you are facing financial difficulty. Citizens advice bureau has been running a survey and in the first 12 month 83% of responde...

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PPI - Claims Management
#Debtline #Debtdebate blog: Twinpier doesn't provide claims management but we note with interest the following situation regarding Lloyds PPI payouts. For many years now the OFT & FSA (and various consumer groups) warned consumers not to use claims manageme...

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Gas and Electric Debts
#debtline #debtdebate (blog)  has reported; " Couple’s shock as British Gas breaks into home, replaces meter ... and changes
the locks. A new low for customer service?   This was a shock as they had been paying their bills,  Unbeknown to t...

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A budget for savers
#debtline, #debtdebate (Blog) BUDGET 12:36:   "Support for savers is at the centre of this Budget," says the chancellor. Are you one of the many millions that has no savings and are struggling to pay debt need support and advice contact  Twinpier  

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#Debtline #Debtdebate blog: One in five people admit to having no savings (Scottish Widows Savings Report).  For those who are managing to save, the average amount they hold is £10,200. However, more than half of those surveyed said they were saving less th...

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#debtline advice on secured loans and vehicals
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