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Now Taking Registrations for the Final Classes Instructed by Lee and Sherry live!!! Secure your spot NOW!

Common MisConceptions of The Coaching Certification:

I have to wait for classes to begin in the summer or fall or spring or winter:
NOPE, We will start you in class within about 10 days of your registering if we have to start you in class all by yourself :)
I really want to be instructed by Lee and Sherry personally, but I hear they are not doing it anymore .

Right Now we are still instructing, but we are in the process of digitizing the program, still have a few more weeks :) You will then have an option once that is finished to be in a live (online) class with a certified instructor or take the online automated classes (recorded)

I cant get to the United States to be in class:

You don’t have to ! We do these classes, Live all online using a program called zoom, This Program is Worldwide. Your Time Zone is honored!

My schedule is just crazy and I may not be able to make every class so I am not sure I should make the investment.

Good News: The classes are recorded so you can view them at your leisure and the homework is automatically sent to you if you are registered in that class, so you are not left out, watch the video, send your homework and you are caught up !
Well I know Lee and Sherry (founders) are Twin Flames, I do not know anything about that nor am I interested in Coaching in any type of Spiritual forum:

Well even better news! Our Program is not Twin Flame Based, We actually Certify Life, Relationship and or Spiritual Coaches and while you can utilize our Program for Twin Flame Coaching, Life Coaching can mean just about anything. We have Marriage Coaches, Pre Marital Coaches, Divorce Coaches, Mediation Coaches, Addiction Coaches, Singles Coaching, Child Coaching, Career Coaches, Financial Coaches, Business Coaches, Dietary Coaches, Fitness Coaches, I could go on forever, but whatever you feel you can effectively Coach in we will support you and help you develop those Coaching Skills.
I want to begin Coaching soon, I don't have 7 months to change Careers
You don't have to, You are officially Certified in approx 14-16 weeks, after the 2nd Module, We then move you on to teach you how to instruct Root Camp , then Masters Certification !

I don’t seem to understand the Pricing Scale:
Price for the entire Program is $4,800
However if you pay for all 4 modules in Advance you get a $500 discount bringing the Total to $4,300
You can also Pay by Module :)
ACC is $950
PCC is $1,100
RCC is $1,250
MCC is $1,500
Also if you have already been through Root Camp, you get an extra discount (comes off MCC)
We have Coaches actively Coaching and Making a living Coaching ! This is YOUR Coaching Business, not ours! You get out of it what you put into it! You can make a Career out of it or Make a hobby out of it! Its up to you!

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Check out the podcast at the end,,, very valuable information !

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Chicago Illinois...

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