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Great Job!!
My ten year old son drew this.  He's got some skills.  +Link Adams would probably love this.   #link   #zelda   #nintendo  

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Happy Father's Day to the World's Greatest Dad +anthony feliciano

I wish I could reverse time...

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Look close. Re-Share when you see it.

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This scared the heck outta me!
Take a close look. Re-Share when you find it.

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Check this out!
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So Valentines Day is coming up and I had an idea after talking to my true love +Stacy Frazer

+Carter Gibson did Secret Santa and it was a smash hit..

How about if we did Covert Cupid for Valentines day?

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On expecting artists to work for free:

I am regularly receiving notifications from people who are asking for free work. Either they want a portrait doodle, or an art lesson in a hangout, and they expect me to do these things for free.

Often it is for a good cause, someone in need, and while I have accepted to do so for these situations once or twice, it only releases a slew of other demands, and then people that are angry at me, because I am not drawing a free portrait of so and so, who has "been through so much and really deserves it."

While these stories do pull on my heartstrings, I wonder, why supporting the arts does not pull on the heartstrings of the person asking for my work?

I do not pressure people in to buying my work, but honestly, I find an attitude on the internet towards artists, and lack of recognition of their work's value, that saddens me.

Please stop pinging me with notifications that ask me to do something for free. If you like what I do, thank you. If you don't, that is fine as well. If you want to own a piece, or have a portrait, or an art lesson, a private message asking about the cost will do fine.

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Good Morning Everyone.
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