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Hi all,
Jim Walker with http://TVC.Net here.

Good news!
Yet another benefit of hosting with TVCNet.
If you are currently hosted with TVCNet, SSL has been enabled for FREE on all of your website domains!

Yes, that means no cost SSL and no future SSL renewal fees.

+ No really Jim, what does this mean for my website?
Well, it means we have enabled SSL on your server for your website. Though please keep in mind that "web pages" can't be set up automatically.

You or your web designer must manually update your website to httpS:// in order to gain the security advantages of an encrypted website connection.

If your website is running WordPress, I wrote this article for you, at https://goo.gl/3H5wB7

* We can likewise roll up our sleeves and assist you or your clients in updating the website links on your website to httpS:// for a one-time fee of $79.

+ What about Google search and my website?
Google believes in the importance of SSL so strongly that they've now begun to mark some not encrypted websites as insecure, while giving those with SSL certificates installed a boost in search engine rankings.

Websites with a URL like http://your-domain.com are not encrypted.
Websites with a URL like http://httpS://your-domain.com are encrypted.
"S" stands for secure.

+ What can a web hosting company do for me SSL-wise?
A web host can either give you a free SSL certificate (like TVCNet has done), or you may purchase an SSL certificate from your host.

+ Why would I still wish to purchase an SSL certificate?
Free SSL certificates use the the shared IP address of the server for all domains. While technically there is nothing at all wrong with this approach, a purchased SSL certificate does include a dedicated IP address.

And if you are a business and would like to present how important security is to your client customers, a paid EV SSL Certificate like the one shown at https://tvcnet.com will change the web browser's location bar to a distinctive shade of $$$ green.

The highlighted in green location bar may help to better differentiate your site from the competition and show your customers that you guarantee the security of your website.


More technical stuff about SSL:

+ Google SEO and SSL certificates - What should I know?
First, be sure "all" of your pages show the padlock closed in your browser's location bar (not just your contact form), then double check your robots.txt files to ensure none of your links are blocking Google search, and check your XML sitemaps as well.

All links within your sitemaps must be updated to httpS:// respectively.

And last but not least, once all is set within your website SSL-wise, be sure to add the HTTPS property to your Google Search Console (GSC).

The GSC treats HTTP and HTTPS separately. So start by ensuring all (4) variants of your URLs are added in your GSC account:

Once done, be sure to set a 301 redirect in your website hosting account to your preferred httpS:// URL.

For more details, see https://goo.gl/3H5wB7

+ Recommended reading:

1. Google. "HTTPS as a ranking signal"
2. Google. "Overview: Site moves with URL changes"
3. Google. "Set your preferred domain (www or non-www)"
4. About the "Your website is Not Secure" warning
5. "TVC.Net is now offering unlimited free SSL..."

+ Anything else?
I hope my explanations above have covered the basics of SSL and Google search enough for you to take advantage of your new free SSL certificate with TVCNet.

If not and you do have any further questions please feel free to contact me and I'll do my best to further clarify our free SSL program.

Best Regards,
Jim Walker

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